Jay Leno Discovers Why The Bugatti EB110 Is An Unjustly Overlooked Legend

The Veyron was the car that pushed the performance envelope to new heights and made the historic French automaker a household name. However, there is an equally-impressive supercar from Bugatti that arrived almost 15 years earlier: the EB110.

The EB110 was introduced in 1991, at a similar time as the McLaren F1 and Jaguar XJ220. While those two battled for supremacy to become the world’s fastest production car, the Bugatti somewhat slipped under the radar. That’s not to say it wasn’t remarkable in its own right.

Powering the EB110 is a V12 featuring no fewer than four turbochargers. Like the Veyron, power is transmitted to all four wheels, but unlike its eventual successor, a six-speed manual transmission was the only option. In standard guise, the EB110 pumped out 552 hp at 8000 rpm. A later version, the Super Sport, had 592 hp at 8250 rpm and 470 lb-ft (637 Nm) of torque at 4000 rpm.

Despite the vehicle’s significance within the supercar world as well as Bugatti’s history, used examples rarely fetch more than $1 million and can occasionally be found for little more than $500,000. Which, given their provenance, is kind of a bargain in the classic supercar world.

To remind us of just how special the EB110 is, Jay Leno recently had the opportunity to take a look at a glorious blue example before jumping into the driver’s seat for a spin in Los Angeles.


  • Giannis Antypas

    The only common is the emblem in this car and the current Bugatti’s .
    At least the current Bugatti’s are being built in France just like the original Bugatti’s.


  • Six_Tymes

    way ahead of its time. And still amazing today. Although an S model is my favorite

  • Bash

    Always loved it. still amazing today.

  • john1168

    I never liked the look of this car but there’s no denying it’s performance and technology for the time.

    • john1168

      I didn’t realize this car had an active aero rear spoiler. Not many cars had that back then.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Looked “unfinished” at that time….still better than newer bugattis to me

  • TheBelltower

    Very few people knew how amazing this car was underneath the surface. Most people thought it was a kit car.

  • Marty

    I must have overlooked the fact that this car was overlooked. I remember it as quite a buzz when this car revived Bugatti.

  • Giannis Antypas

    Bugatti as a brand and enterprise entitiy was French and its otigin and historic roots were in Molsheim.
    The Bugatti brand – established in France into a french business environment- never ever had any manufacturing site in Italy, it was only made in Alsace France.
    Ettore Bugatti himself was an immigrant in France and his son Jean was raised as a French man like many other French citizens with italian origin.

    What Romano Artioli created after Bugatti, was a monster, a fake Bugatti disrespecting the brand’s heritage.
    At least VW group did the opposite and was prudent enough to revive the brand in its legendary site.
    And VW group was clever enough to pay hommage to Alsace, which happens to be a regon of symbolism for the collaboration of France and Germany.
    Romano Artioli didn;t even care about the brand’s heritage.

  • Ben

    Nipping it in the bud before someone mentions it, yes, we know it looks similar to a Nissan 300ZX. That’ll do.

  • Giannis Antypas

    Artioli’s experiment didn’t add value to the brand of Bugatti, on the contrary Bugatti;s heritage itself did.

    Neither did the legend of Bugatti need any failure to resurrect, on the contrary Artioli undermined Bugatti’s legend.

    VW group had to increase efforts in order to restore the value of the brand, something Artioli neither even try nor did he succeed.

    So yes, VW group had the resources and the will to reestablish Bugatti into its original roots and preserve its value.

  • SteersUright

    stunning machine. Always loved this car.

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