Bugatti EB110 SS Is An Unjustly Overlooked, Yet Very Exciting, Old-School Supercar

Long before the Veyron and Chiron, a reborn Bugatti had the EB110 to cater to those on the lookout for an exotic model.

Unveiled in 1991, it was named in celebration of Ettore Bugatti’s 110th birthday and featured a quad-turbo 3.5-liter V12 with 552 horsepower.

Styled by Marcello Gandini and Giampalo Bendini, the EB110 was succeeded by the Super Sport (SS) version the year after. The SS came with a 150 kg (331 lbs) weight reduction, at 1,400 kg (3,086 lbs), and 610 horsepower achieved with larger injectors, a new ECU and a less restrictive exhaust system.

Limited to only 30 examples, the EB110 SS is rarer than the McLaren F1. It’s also capable of very similar performance: naught to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) takes only 3.2 seconds and top speed is a whopping 355 km/h (220 mph).

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Right now, an EB110 SS is up for grabs.

Said to have been delivered to Germany in 1994, it features a silver-grey exterior over a black interior. Throughout its life, it went to Japan and was then taken to Switzerland. Yet despite traveling the world, it has only 916 km (569 miles) on the odo since new.

Offered at the RMSothebys auction in Paris, France, on February 6, the classic supercar has been properly serviced and comes with complete documentation, including road test reports and original books.

The auction house didn’t divulge the estimated selling price, but these cars tend to sell for more than $1 million, depending on their condition. This seems like a steal compared to the exorbitant price of a McLaren F1 these days, so it might be just the thing for a wealthy collector to ad to his garage.

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  • Bo Hanan

    I think it was completely underrated for its time. 4 turbos, AWD and a 8300 rpm redline in 1990 was very impressive. And it didn’t look like anything else on the road.

    • Cheaper than XJ220 and McLaren F1 too.(When it was new)

  • Blade t

    Interesting rare car, I’ve read these are pretty unreliable. Hard to tune a quad turbo engine in 1991. They didn’t have the ecu’s like today. I wonder if any actually hit the top speed they claim.

    • They did hold the record for fastest production car before XJ220 comes.

  • Six_Tymes

    ill be surprised if it doesn’t reach 4 million easily

  • Bash

    I grown up loving and admiring this!


    • Salih Ahzem

      Ditto, pic #11 shows the rear spring having rust all over it. Sad.

      • annon

        so you see orange and immediately it’s “rust all over”..that’s weird, would’nt the rotors also show signs of rust too?

  • Shaun Lamont

    Unjustly Overlooked……only to Carscoops it is

  • eb110americana

    Not only does this have 12 individual throttle bodies, but it has 5 valves per cylinder, for an insane 60 valves!

  • That is very low mileage, I personally love the GT version, I’ve been sit in one and it feels like Mercedes in terms of quality.


    Mispelled ‘Add’Might want to edit that!

  • That VIN plate is printed so roughly…

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