Consumer Reports Thinks Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Is Eclipsed In Many Ways

Say the word ‘Eclipse’ to a Mitsubishi fan and they will automatically think about the sporty compact model that was discontinued in 2011.

Well, the Eclipse moniker is back. Only now it’s used on a compact crossover and adds the Cross suffix to highlight its high-driving design. Despite being in production since 2017, the Eclipse Cross has only recently landed in Consumer Reports’ yard – and they weren’t really satisfied with it.

Among its weak points are the cheap interior, hard-to-read infotainment screen, front seats that are not so comfortable on long journeys, body lean in hard cornering, light steering and CVT that tries a bit too much to emulate a regular auto gearbox, which results in a jolting ride.

So, the interior has ergonomic issues, the ride and handling aren’t going to win you over, and the boot is small. Also, if you’re looking for AWD, you must upgrade from the base models, and for a well-equipped SE grade, like the test car, you’re going to pay over $28,000. That’s not even the range-topping model, yet it costs about the same as a mid-spec Outlander.

However, the new Eclipse Sport must have some strong points, right? Well, the chrome trim and standard climate control are said to be a nice touch to the interior, and the rear seat that slides forward and backward can either free up some rear legroom or extra boot space. The rest of the reviewer’s observations can be seen in the video below.


  • Dennis Scipio

    Consumer Reports always criticizes Mitsubishi vehicles as of recent, this is no exception.

    • Bo Hanan

      I had an endeavor rental car and could not believe how cheaply it was made.

    • EM1

      I drove the last gen RAV4 for a month which CR seemed to love and found the cheap and with crappy traction.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Not surprising, it is a terrible vehicle. No one in their right mind would buy one of these over a CX-5 or CR-V.

    They’re not kidding about the infotainment, it feels like you’re using a device circa-2008. It looks ancient, it feels ancient. Come on Mitsu, these things are important to customers, focus on what matters.

  • Paul

    Mitsubishi is living up to it’s reputation I guess.

  • Andrew Ngo

    I don’t even have the urge to test drive it.

  • Benjamin Smith

    I own this vehicle and a CX-5. I love them both equally. Different but both great rides. This is another hit piece from an organization that used to share facts. I love the infotainment control pad and the ability to use the screen as well as steering wheel. I find the eclipse crosses interior to be sharp and though the back seats are not super comfortable the front seats are a dream and have been great on long drives. It has excellent pick up and handles highway passing and our mountains and hills effortlessly. Steering is light which is something I enjoy. It has adequate storage for the size of the vehicle and the mpg for awd is around 26 which is fine with me. I’m so sick of the shape of vehicles today …would never get a Toyota or crv and Subaru just ugh. I love this vehicle and it has a great warranty. I drove it and then I bought it. The rear lights at night are super sharp looking. I’m a real consumer and I love it 8 k miles in 4 months .

    • EM1

      CR has gone the way of the blue elephant.

  • erly5

    Looks awkward and has a stupid name.

    • EM1

      Same with the tester with the goofy blue clown glasses.

  • TennJoe

    Nissan needs to help them make major upgrades. They have their work cut out for them.

  • Socarboy

    If Mitsubishi were smart they should ditch their current business model and adapt a very similar one to Subaru’s and have an Evolution high performance variant as a “halo car” otherwise if the continue as they are going they will become irrelevant and fade away

  • Trackhacker

    I hate CUVs, but I find this Mitsubishi and the Nissan Kicker to be pretty cool looking.

  • StrangerGP

    Eclipse would’ve been an interesting pick if it was about 30% cheaper and a competitor to cars like the new Vitara. You can get a much better looking and a much modern car for the price they’re asking.

  • pngrant54

    CR is not the only publication that has complained about the cars handling and ride. However they were more critical than other publications on the interior. Most of the others have had positive things to say about the interior. For a heavier SUV 150 horses is a bit on the low side for climbing hills . I think Mitsubishi should work on improving the ride/handling and give it about 25 to 30 extra HP. personally I like the looks and the interior is no worse than any lower priced Hyundai like the Kona. But at least make it handle and ride like a Kona and give it the power. Then it would become more worthy of the price on the SE and SEL.

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