New Opel Zafira Life Is The Minivan Version Of The Next PSA-Based Vivaro

A selection of images have surfaced online (thanks to James for the tip!) that depict a new minivan dubbed the Opel Zafira Life. Very little is known about the vehicle but we have a few inclinations as to what we are looking at.

Our first (and most likely) theory is that the vehicle we’re looking at appears to be a new minivan based around the next generation Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro which itself will be based on the Peugeot Expert and Citroen Jump commercial vans.

If this is the case, the Zafira Life is a more consumer-oriented vehicle with a greater focus on comfort and luxury than hauling huge amounts of goods and being used for commercial purposes.

According to reports, Opel/Vauxhall has been developing an all-new Vivaro van after the PSA Group acquired the car manufacturer from General Motors. It is thought that this model is being prepared for a launch in 2020 and will ditch the Renault/Fiat underpinnings of the current van in favor of a PSA platform. Interestingly, this PSA-based Vivaro model will also be offered with an all-electric powertrain as part of the car manufacturer’s push to increase its range of zero emission commercial vehicles.

If this is the case, the Opel Zafira Life could be based around this new, yet-to-be-released, Vivaro but due to the nature of the front fascia, it doesn’t seem to be the electric version.

It is unusual for a major manufacturer like Opel to keep the development of a new vehicle like this under wraps up until the inevitable moment where images leak online, but the company can’t keep hiding its new minivan for much longer.

Stay tuned for more details about the Opel Zafira Life as they emerge.

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  • Matthijs

    This is based on the already existing Citroën Spacetourer, Peugeot Traveller en Toyota Proace

  • Ilbirs

    Seems to me that PSA wanted to make something in a hurry to replace the Vivaro (a rebadged Renault Trafic available in both passenger and cargo variants). As Peugeot has the Traveller and Citroën, the Spacetourer, it made sense to create the so called Zafira Life, taking advantage from a well stablished moniker from the Rüsselheim’s brand and extending it to something bigger than the Zafira itself.
    It also follows the pattern of how PSA is releasing its LCVs: the first to come are the passenger versions, with the cargo and combined ones coming after. In Peugeot there was first the Traveller, then the Expert and in Citroën, the Spacetourer and the Jumpy, respectively. One segment below, there was first the Peugeot Rifter and then the Partner, the same happening to Berlingo/Berlingo Van and Combo Life/Combo Cargo.

    The difference here is the extension of the Zafira nameplate. Maybe Opel’s new owners want to associate this designation to passenger vans instead of having dedicated nameplates. We must remember that the bigger LCVs from PSA are very close to a car-like ride, as their rear suspensions are independent, and car-like interiors, meaning that the current incarnations were also competent enough to succeed dedicated bigger minivans like the C8/807. Maybe associate this quality of vehicle to the Zafira and add a “Life” submoniker was seen like the thing to do.
    What can be expected to the Zafira Life? Nothing more than what was already shown in the Peugeot and Citroën.

    • PSA is using single names for people carriers. Or trying too. And they always present the passenger version first, because the press talks about it. You don’t see journalist test driving commercial vans. It’s pretty smart. And that way, they look less like just cmmercial vans with added seats like they used to be. To their credit, they do try to make them livable.

  • sportvan

    If this is the route PSA are going to send Vauxhall, the Vivaro will die overnight. PSA need to increase the size of the Dispatch/Expert or compete with the next Trafic, which will no doubt now be co-developed with Mercedes-Benz.

    • Opel under PSA will have a PSA-FCA van… Why on earth would they continue to Use rebadge Renaults?


    opels are dead since psa takeover

    • Miknik

      Not more or less dead as before under the GM umbrella;

    • Aırwʌve

      Because? Nothing has changed, unless one thing. Opel still is a corporational brand which mixes own constructions with rebadged shit, but now at least is profitable. PSA < General Shitmotors.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    You can’t spell “hopeless” without “Opel.”

    That said, this is a nice Peugeot.

    • TheHake

      A winner because it has all the good from Peugeot without the silly, small, in-your-lap steering wheel.

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