2019 Honda HR-V Should Be On Your List If You’re Looking For A Small SUV

The subcompact crossover segment is crowded, with pretty much all major automakers having at least one in their lineup. Honda wants to be at the top, so they updated the HR-V for the 2019MY.

It has a refreshed exterior design, new equipment inside, ditches the 6-speed manual gearbox and adds two new trim levels, Sport and Touring. And it starts from $20,520, excluding the $995 destination charge.

Kelley Blue Book took out a 2019 HR-V and discovered that it’s a very decent car. It’s spacious, practical, offers a comfortable ride, light and responsive steering, a decent view out and is easy to park.

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Other aspects that will entice buyers are the decent plastics inside, improved sound deadening and active noise cancelling system available on all grades except for the entry-level one. The 7-inch touchscreen is easy to use and comes with a much appreciated volume knob. It also has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone integration.

Clients living in cold climates can get an all-wheel drive system, which is a $1,400 option. However, regardless of the spec, all US-spec 2019 HR-Vs come with a 141 horsepower 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a CVT transmission. The unit does what it’s supposed to do fairly decent, and the continuously variable transmission won’t disappoint either.

So, what about the drawbacks? You can learn about them, as well as the reviewer’s verdict, by watching the review on the video right below.


  • FordMopar

    F that laughable joke of a car! For a small car, I’d wait for the awesome 2020 Kia Soul. Load it up in bright red!


    • Dude

      I’d rather have that too (Or a Kona, Niro, CX3) but I understand if someone just wants a basic, ultra bulletproof SUV.

    • Perry F. Bruns

      If you’re willing to forego the fuel economy and superior cargo space of the HR-V for the Kia xB, then go for it.

      • FordMopar

        Wanna tell the world that you’re a boring person and playing it safe with boring cute ute?? Go for it!

  • NoMan2015

    …so why does this story use a pic of the pre-facelifted version?

  • Adam

    Let’s be honest, it’s not an SUV, it’s a lifted hatchback. I know they call it an SUV but that shape is not an SUV at all. So many design horrors on this car too; the slash up
    the side, that ‘smile’ shape on the rear. It’s just a horrendous mess. Honda used to make some great designs and now it seems they just can’t be bothered. So if Honda can’t be bothered then I won’t be bothered buying one.

    • Perry F. Bruns

      It’s a Millennium Falcon: It doesn’t look like much, but it’s got it where it counts.

      That said, one might as well save a few thou and just buy the Fit.

      • Adam

        The only area it’s good at is interior packaging. If that’s all it has going for it then that’s woeful.

        • Perry F. Bruns

          Again, I’ll reiterate: fuel economy. Also, Honda’s reliability record eclipses Kia’s

          • Adam

            I didn’t mention Kia. Read my original comment. There’s not going to be much difference in fuel economy between this and other small SUVs. Also, it’s not 1995 anymore and Honda’s reliability isn’t what it used to be. So again, I’ll reiterate, if interior packaging is all it has going for it then that’s woeful.

      • joss

        Fit is NOT aesthetically handsome.

        So, nope.

        • Perry F. Bruns

          Neither’s the HR-V. That’s my whole point.

    • Loquacious Borborygmus

      What is the shape of a SUV?

      • Adam

        The shape of an SUV is not what this thing is. Generally SUVs look like lifted wagons, not hatchbacks. Think Honda CRV, Honda Pilot etc.

        • Loquacious Borborygmus

          Ah! You’re inured to what North American buyers perceive a SUV looks like.
          In Europe all kinds of shite are dressed up as SUVs and many are just like this, a hatchback on stilts.

          • Adam

            I’m from Australia actually and we get the HRV here, unfortunately. But yes, my idea is more along the lines of larger offerings and not just raised hatchbacks.

          • Loquacious Borborygmus

            No offence intended! I just meant that to only see the big trucks as SUVs (which is probably as it should be) isn’t the whole picture according to a lot of manufacturers.

          • Adam

            My reply wasn’t meant to come across that I was offended. I wasn’t at all. Sorry if it sounded that way… though being called an American these days, especially with their current president, IS possibly offensive LOL. So, yes I wasn’t offended. I suppose it’s difficult to express oneself on the internet when words can be misconstrued. Thank you for clarifying your position though.

          • joss

            WHY would our POTUS “OFFEND” you?

            We are “offended” that Aussie- land off-loaded 1K illegals to the US.

            Please KEEP your refugees.


    Nope, Hyundai Kona or the Kia Soul are best looking cars in its class

  • Craig

    Yet another manual transmission bites the dust. Perhaps soy should be banned in the US.

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