Honda HR-V Adds New Color For 2017MY, Starts From $19,365 [124 Pics]

Set to go on sale tomorrow at dealers across the nation, the 2017 Honda HR-V is available in three grades: LX, EX and EX-L Navi.

Priced from $19,365 (MSRP), the most affordable version features 17-inch alloy wheels, rearview camera, electric parking brake, Automatic Brake Hold, Pandora radio, and Bluetooth, and comes with 2WD and a six-speed manual transmission.

Upgrade to a CVT and you’ll have to pay at least $20,165, while the AWD version, equipped with the continuously variable transmission, starts from $21,465, in the same LX trim level.

Better equipped and more expensive over the aforementioned model, the EX starts from $21,415 for the 2WD, six-speed manual gearbox version, and tops at $23,515 with AWD and a CVT, while the most affordable EX-L Navi comes with 2WD and CVT from $24,840. The range-topping EX-L Navi, which adds AWD, carries an MSRP of $26,140.

Standard safety and driver-assistive features available across the range include Hill Start Assist, Vehicle Stability Assist, Tire Pressure Monitoring, and a wide range of airbags, joined by the Honda LaneWatch display, which is offered solely with the EX and EX-L Navi grades.

New across the range is the Lunar Silver metallic color, which replaces the Alabaster Silver.

Power comes from the same 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine, rated at 141 HP and 127 lb-ft (172 Nm) of torque.


  • Zaheer Mahomed

    Any update on any Andriod Auto / Apple Carplay? The Honda website still has the 2016 model.

  • David87124

    So, it still has the same hard to use while driving no knob, no dial display. It still has the same dingy colors as the 2016. And to top it off, it has the same under powered engine – way to go Honda:(

    • Kenneth

      The “Magic Seat” is all it has going for it. Honda didn’t even care to update the poorly-rated headlights for safety’s sake (not to mention, that completely knob-free touch screen, which can be unsafe for use by a driver in a moving vehicle).

    • Phalkon30

      While not ideal, I just use the steering wheel controls and avoid using the touch screen. You get used to it 🙂

  • Craig

    So you can’t get AWD with the 6-speed manual. Sorry Honda. I’ll pass.

  • sam

    Sorry Honda. …you still need to update the headlights from halogen to LEDs. Honda headlights are the worst in the business. Even Consumer Reports have documented Hondas poor headlights! And when you going to have a panoramic sunroof on this car? Step it up Honda!

  • KidRed

    That high c-pillar crease to the front wheel fender ruins the entire profile for me. It makes no sense, flows with nothing and just drives my OCD crazy-mad.

  • cooper

    Only the ex-l has roof rails. Poorly thought out considering Honda is trying to take Subaru Crosstrek sales.


    What about hid headlights? HR-V got the last place in headlights performance on Consumer Reports tests.


  • Ken Lyns

    You know it’s a chick car when they give it fancy coloar names like Lunar Silver vs Alabaster Silver. Guys just think they are different shades of gray.

  • emjayay

    International sites have been predicting a new turbo four and LED headlights and maybe a new grille and taillights – an early mid course correction like they did to the previous Civic when everyone complained about everything about it. And Android Auto/Apple Carplay and a larger screen or something. (I only pay attention to Android). Even a Midwest US dealer posted the same thing on their website based on what they had heard from the factory.

    This is really disappointing. Maybe 2018?

  • emjayay

    But the interior shots are of a 2016 model. Maybe they are so identical Honda didn’t bother with reshooting. From Edmunds 2016 HRV photos:

    • David87124

      We will see the real deal shortly – maybe some of those 2016s on the lot are actually 2017s. My first thought was they had way too many 2016 pieces on hand:) We have kept hearing that the first mid life changes would be on the 2018s. Let’s see what we see on the 20th.

      • emjayay

        I think I’m going to have to wait a year. Not on board with the styling but had decided to go with the rest if updated.

  • Ary Wisesa

    A nice decent mini crossover. But, put it side by side with Toyota C-HR and Nissan Juke, it simply can’t stand out. Despite all its quirkiness, Nissan Juke should be credited for popularizing mini crossover class and many have to admit that its design really stands out. Honda choose more conventional path for HR-V design, which is not bad, because many people prefer simple looks. But, if HR-V still use old halogen tech for its headlights, it simply looks outdated. Audi set good example of combining simple elegant exterior design (which sometimes nearly boring) with stunning headlight, and it quietly stand out with its headlight that become trendsetter (those LED DRLs on first gen Audi R8 are simply iconic). Maybe Honda could learn from Audi. 🙂

    • David87124

      For my wife the deal breaker was the display – kind of like if they took her I-phone and stuck it in the center of the dash – LOL

      For me, the lack of get up and go on the interstate was a problem. I have wondered just what the power limits are for the current CVT. It may be that is the current limiter on using a more powerful engine.

      • emjayay

        No, I think Accords and Civics use some version of a CVT also.

  • Michael Tate

    Once again lacking Android Auto/Apple Car Play … Why isn’t Honda getting this necessary technology in their vehicles. Only the Accord and Civic have it.

  • Delicious Points

    Any freakin’ LED headlights for this year? I mean why is it available everwhere else except for USA? C’mon! =(

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