Rolls-Royce Reviews Its Most Spectacular Bespoke Models Of 2018

2018 was the best year in Rolls-Royce’s 115-year history and, consequently, for the brand’s Bespoke Collective division.

That’s a good excuse for the brand to show some of the finest bespoke vehicles it delivered last year. It’s no secret that most vehicles Rolls-Royce makes feature some form of custom personalization and the possibilities for affluent customers are virtually limitless.

They can have their cars personally tailored and fitted with finely crafted items from the world of super-yachts, horology, architecture, private aviation and pretty much any area of the super-luxury market. The following bespoke creations were all hand-built at Rolls-Royce’s headquarters in Goodwood, a “Global Centre of Luxury Manufacturing Excellence.”

Phantom “Whispered Muse”

The Rolls-Royce Phantom “Whispered Muse” reinterprets Charles Sykes’ original drawings of the Spirit of Ecstasy. The cabin incorporates a sculpted silk adaptation of the Spirit of Ecstasy designed by British artist Helen Amy Murray, with the shape of the statue echoed throughout the interior. As a finishing touch, the Spirit of Ecstasy is crafted from Rose Gold.

Paying tribute to the Czechoslovak Squadrons of the Royal Air Force

This Rolls-Royce Dawn pays homage to Czech and Slovak airmen who served in RAF squadrons No. 312 and No. 313 during the Battle of Britain. The car’s solid grey exterior and black coachline are inspired by the livery of the Spitfires used by the Czechoslovak Squadrons. Inside, the door panels feature plaques with the motto of the 313th Squadron and the guiding principle of the 312th Squadron. Embroidery on the headrests depict the badges of the two squadrons.

Scarcer than Gold – the Ruthenium Phantom Gallery

This highly-personalized Phantom known as the “Gentleman’s Tourer” features a Gallery made from ruthenium, a precious metal from the platinum group. This metal is much rarer than gold, as only 20 tonnes are mined annually — compared to 2,500 tonnes of gold.

Unique Dawn Black Badge for Google exec

The colorful Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge was commissioned by Google’s Vice President of Engineering Benjamin Treynor Sloss. It features his yellow-and-blue color scheme also featured across the rest of his collection. Inspired by the Modenese flag, the livery combines an intense deep yellow named “Superflare” with a dark navy blue called “Pikes Peak Blue.” The color scheme continues throughout the interior.

Probably the most outlandish Phantom

This extravagant Rolls-Royce Phantom was delivered to renowned collector Michael Fux during the Monterey Car Week. It’s his eleventh Bespoke model from the British brand and features a unique paint color called “Fux Intense Fuxia Pearl” — exclusive to his cars. The interior is a combination of vibrant purple “Fuxia” and “Arctic White” leather.

The Silver Ghost Collection

Last year Rolls-Royce paid homage to the original Silver Ghost with the Silver Ghost Collection of 35 Bespoke Phantoms. Highlights include the solid sterling-silver Spirit of Ecstasy, open-pore Tudor Oak veneer with silver inlays throughout the cabin and a Bespoke coachline made of 100-percent pure silver particles.

Adamas Black Badge Collection

Adamas is the first ever Black Badge Collection consisting of 40 Wraiths and 30 Dawns. The cars feature the Spirit of Ecstasy formed from machined aerospace-grade carbon fibre, a dashboard clock encrusted with laboratory-grown black diamonds, as well as unbreakable carbon structures woven into their interiors.

Wraith Luminary Collection

This series of 55 Wraiths introduced a first for Rolls Royce Bespoke: illuminated Tudor Oak wood veneers. That was made possible by 176 LEDs placed behind the perforated wood trim. Other unique features of the Luminary Collection include the shooting star headliner consisting of 1,340 fiber optic lights and stainless steel hand-woven fabric.

Dawn Aero Cowling

This Bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn features a lightweight “Aero Cowling” tonneau cover fixed in position over the rear seat area for a roadster-style design. When desired, the cover can be removed to restore the Dawn to its original state of a four-seat convertible. Made from carbon fiber and aluminum, the Aero Cowling is sculpted to funnel airflow for enhanced comfort.

Cullinan Viewing Suite

As the name suggests, the Viewing Suite consists of two rear-facing leather chairs and a cocktail table that emerge from within the rear compartment to create a viewing platform for Cullinan passengers. This feature previews the “near-limitless” opportunities for personalizing Rolls-Royce’s first SUV.

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  • Matteo Tommasi

    The luminary collection one is great. I’d choose that one

  • BGM

    You take an already tasteless car and you make it… oil rich tasteless…

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