Take A Walk Around The Xpeng G3, China’s Tesla Model X Wannabe

China has a fascination with electric vehicles unlike any other country on earth and seemingly every day, a new electric vehicle from the People’s Republic slides across our desks.

One of the most covered all-new electric vehicles from China to emerge in the past 12 months is the Xpeng G3. First unveiled at CES in January 2018, the electric crossover bears a few obvious similarities to the Tesla Model X. The video below, discovered by Jalopnik, captures some of those.

Now, we’re not going to stretch as far as calling it a blatant 1:1 copy, because it isn’t. Sure, the front may have some resemblance to the Model X due to the lack of a traditional front grille and similarly-shaped headlights, but most of the SUV’s exterior is unique. For example, the rear has a set of horizontal taillights joined together by a strip of darkened red plastic unlike anything found on models with a Tesla badge.

Original Tesla Model X interior (above) vs Xpeng G3 (below)

While the exterior is largely original or at least different enough, the same cannot be said for the interior as Xpeng appears to have copied many elements of the cabin of the Model X. The centerpiece of the G3’s cabin is a massive, vertical touchscreen in the center of the dashboard where almost all of the vehicle’s functions can be controlled from. The digital gauge cluster also has a near-identical shape to the Model X’s. Heck, even the steering wheel of the G3 shares more than just a few traits with the Model X’s.

Unlike many other Chinese car startups to launch in recent years, Xpeng has some serious money behind it. In fact, both Alibaba and Foxconn have invested at least $350 million in the company and the firm has secured a contract with Nvidia to use its advanced ‘Xavier’ AI platform.


  • Research Janitor

    They have no shame.

    • Stephen G

      It’s about making money. Nobody cares about you if you’re proud and poor.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Always imitated, never duplicated

  • Bash

    Bunch of soulless thieves. But I love the dash and the center stack/tunnel more than Tesla’s. At least me.

    • Jason Panamera

      In terms of design, It doesn’t look bad actually. But in terms of copying It’s just Chinese philosophy of design.

  • kDawg

    Damn, at least make it look good or better than the Model X. It’s like the Danny Devito Twins version, the useless genetic material. LOL

  • TheBelltower

    That is not the Model X interior. I don’t know if it’s a concept or a potential future update. But it’s not the “Original Tesla Model X interior ” as indicated


    • Mike anonymous

      I think they know this, and they simply wanted to try and ‘drive’ home that it ‘looks like a Model X‘ (even though the Model X does not actually look like that internally and actually is more inline with the Model S if anything). It is smart, but also deceptive journalism.

      Actually taking a look at it, the only similarities internally seem to be in the screen/display department. Everything else looks unique in it’s own right, if anything it looks a little more similar to VW/Audi product if you remove the center display, and digital speedometer display, screens, than anything else.

      So again, while I’ll stick to my point. It really seems as though they (“CS”) are going the extra-mile to convince their audience that this ‘IS‘ a Model X ‘rip-off’, and they really seem to be stretching it. They do have a point, but the similarities are few and far between, minus the screens. Again,. (IMO) Smart, but deceptive journalism.

      • TheBelltower

        I don’t see anything that’s better or worse on the Chinese knockoff than the Tesla interior. But the simple reality is, that is not a Tesla interior. If CS is going to compare a fake vehicle to the authentic vehicle, then they should do it with a production version of the car in question. Yes?

    • Matt

      Actually it is technically. It’s the interior from the Model X Concept.

      • TheBelltower

        Technically, not even close. A “Model X Concept” is not an “original Model X.” The author of this article Googled the wrong image.

        • Matt

          Sure, but the concept was still called a ‘Model X’. But no it’s not the production version, maybe that’s what the author meant by ‘original’? He should have clarified though.

          If it was an interior of a Saab, I’d call it ‘not even close’. When it’s a pre-production Model X, I’d call it ‘close… but not quite’.

          • TheBelltower

            Totally agree.

  • Adi

    Not every electric car is a Tesla copy! And y’all are just biased because it’s Chinese. I literally can’t find any similarities between this and Tesla apart from the vertical layout of the screen but it’s integrated differently. You could find similarities between Tesla and any other car on the market but that doesn’t mean everyone is copying Tesla.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      ” I literally can’t find any similarities between this and Tesla”

      You’re either lying or flat out f***ing blind.

    • if anything I actually like it better than the Tesla in question.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen


    Doesn’t matter anyway though, IP theft is rampant in China and no one cares.

    • alexxx

      I don’t care either….and I am not in China ?

  • jrelon

    Did they steal all of it, or only 90% of it?

  • Matteo Tommasi

    First, that’s not the model X interior
    Second, that interior is as similar to the tesla one as it is to the new ram one: portrait screen. Everything else is different, from the vents design to the door panels

    • Matt

      Really? The Chinese version has a lot of similarities to Tesla, from the steering wheel to the centre console and even the colour scheme. It’s obviously not a carbon-copy but is clearly heavily influenced…

    • Bob

      The RAM! That’s precisely what I had in mind when I looked at this car.


    • TheBelltower

      Not even close. The wheels and the stance look like a Nissan Rogue. The conventional industrial refrigerator door handles look like they’re off of a Jetta. The side glass is not flush. The windshield is conventional. I’m sure the doors all operate like standard manual fence doors, and not the slick power doors on the X. All of the uniqueness of the X, love it or hate it, is missing on the knock-off.


        • TheBelltower

          Exactly. All of the cool details are missing on the knock off. I can only imagine how crude the touchscreen GUI is.


  • owlafaye

    If it is a 4 wheel automobile it is going to resemble every darn 4 wheel auto in the world in some way or other. It isn’t a bear posing as a deer…it is a bear is a bear, like all other bears;. Bear this in mind…now get the h–l out of the woods.

  • Kamil Kolasiński

    Close enough to be pathetic, yet not close enough to sue. ?

  • alexxx

    It’s actually better looking than x model….which is not hard to be….

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