Toyota Promises This Is The Last 2020 Supra Teaser, But Not Really

The 2020 Toyota Supra may have been prematurely revealed by the company’s German subsidiary but apparently, that didn’t change the teasing schedule.

Toyota has released a new teaser photo that shows the rear end of the car and, more importantly, announces the date and time we’ll finally get to see the all-new Supra officially revealed.

The much-anticipated world debut will happen at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday, January 14 at 9:40 a.m. EST and will be streamed online at this link — as well as at the bottom of this page in the embedded video.

Toyota accompanies this information with a cheeky text that says “We promise, this is the last teaser*.” The asterisk then leads you to another line that says “subject to change.” Chances are we’ll see more Supra teasers in the coming days, even though little more than a weekend separates us from the launch event.

Can you believe it’s been five years since the Japanese automaker has unveiled the superb FT-1 Concept at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show? Since then, we learned that Toyota and BMW would co-develop the new Supra and Z4, with Toyota showing us the GR Supra Racing Concept last year to sweeten the wait for the fifth-gen Supra A90.

Toyota has been very secretive about technical specifications, but Supra chief engineer Tetsuya Tada has already confirmed the car would be powered by a BMW-sourced straight-six engine. Since the new Supra is twinned with the new BMW Z4, that engine is likely the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder unit from the Z4 M40i.

In that car, the power plant produces 382 hp (387 PS) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. Mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission, it enables the roadster to sprint from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in just 4.4 seconds.

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  • nastinupe

    9:40 must be it’s Ring time.

    • Belthronding

      isn’t that a bit slow ?

      • nastinupe

        Yeah… which is what I expect from this car. You have to spend $375,000 to get Nissan GT-R Nismo performance with Toyota these days. So since this car is going to be under $75,000 I’m expecting Nissan 370 Z Level performance.

        • Mike anonymous

          I feel like Toyota should have tried to go after the luxury market with the Supra (similar to how the last generation did). They should have (this generation around) looked to compete with the Nissan GT-R.

          • Da Only Skid

            Well they have the LC…sooooo. And overpriced and underpowered for price point. Personally prefer their trucks and suvs and I can’t afford an LFA.

    • getoffme

      Try harder.

    • Da Only Skid

      It’s the horsepower divided by Pi then halved and multiplied by 0.45…

  • Alex AJ

    They managed to ruin one of the most anticipated cars of all time. Way too much teasing. Not to mention this is effectively a BMW with a Supra name tag.

  • Trackhacker

    I want a BRZ Turbo. Not this BMW Supra.

    • DMax

      So buy a BRZ and slap a turbo? Still have to deal with a garbage boxer, but at least it’s reliable i guess. These days with a slightly used one can do this setup for under 25k easy.

  • Mike anonymous

    WOAH WOAH WOAH… timeout. These seats actually look… impressive?. (Look past the mirror)

    To be honest I am not that excited for this vehicle. (I am sure it will be great for what they are trying to make it, But) it’s simply not what I was expecting or looking forward to completely.

    The only aspect of the vehicle that I am actually really looking forward to now is the interior. The last Gen Supra was on par (luxury, design, and features-wise) with the BMW 8-Series (of the 90’s, not the 2018/2019 version). So I am wondering what level of luxury they will be brining to the interior this time around. If anything Toyota, that is the last place you should look (as of now) to now disappoint.

    • txsupra11

      Seats are nice, but mirrors are gross. Nasty BMW mirrors don’t belong on a sports car. They look bad on the Z4 as well.

      • Bo Hanan

        You stole my post.

  • Blade t

    I wonder how much Toyota has spent on marketing teasing this thing..

    • txsupra11

      Probably not a lot, because people have been doing it for free by leaking everything lol.

  • Jason Miller

    Super GT version will be unveiled tomorrow. (or tonight depending on your time zone)

  • Da Only Skid

    Once was lost, then found, now lost again. This was my dream car when I turned 25, many moons ago and a decade, but now it just seems like a joke. Pretty much over the new Supra….and given their reiteration of the MR2, well hope this isn’t as half hearted and overpriced.

  • Da Only Skid

    Didn’t think BMW would let Toyota tackle their M cars? Joint venture was set up to fail for Toyota from the beginning. And for reports to say the new Supra has “nearly” identical power as the last iteration is a joke. How many years later; fed regulations increased, weight increased, trans tech progressed but not that much. We will see. The only thing Toy can ,conceivable do is modify the chassis and suspension and reflash the ecu.

  • Tumbi Mtika


  • no25

    So sick of seeing this car in the car news sphere. And can’t they show us the interior? Since that’s the only thing that hasn’t been *fully* leaked yet.

  • ThatGuy

    At first i like the teasers and hype, now it is over-hyped and over played, so much so that when it comes out it will be like a corolla being launched

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