Prepare To Invade Poland With This WWII Inspired VW Beetle Cabrio

The Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio has largely been dismissed as a so-called “chick car,” but this particular model is decidedly more manly and German.

Billed an army replica, this one-off Beetle is essentially a modern day Kübelwagen as it features a WWII-inspired flat green paint job, Balkenkreuz accents and painted lighting units which are designed to resemble blackout lights. The military-inspired design doesn’t end there as the Beetle has been equipped with a wire mesh windshield, a brush guard and a pickaxe and shovel which are mounted onto the hood.

Other notable styling features include painted 16-inch alloy wheels, an assortment of jerry cans and a faux machine gun. The model also has two side-mounted spare tires, but only one of them appears to be functional.

The military theme continues in the cabin, but the modifications are hilariously half-hearted. As a result, much of the interior carries over while only a handful of surfaces are painted green.

While the listing is light on specifics, the replica is apparently based on a 2000 Beetle Cabrio which features a 2.0-liter petrol engine that produces 115 hp (85 kW / 116 PS). The car has 170,000 miles (273,588 km) on the odometer and boasts air conditioning as well as an alarm to deter those pesky allied forces. Drivers can also jam out to the model’s premium audio system – assuming the speakers weren’t ruined by a bad paint job.

If this sounds like your cup of tea sauerkraut, the car can be yours for just £750 ($940 / €829). While the model runs and drives, the listing says it’s not roadworthy and is only meant to be used as a “toy.”

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  • Jay

    I like it. Oddly enough it looks the port.

    • ace_9

      It also looks strangely appealing to me. Just from a retro styling aspect.

  • blunt-o

    filthy Nazis.

  • kachuks

    If I ebay all the stuff glued to this VW, I might make close to $940

  • stelvio

    how can it have airconditioning with that windshield

  • Bash

    Kids will like it. until their age turn a two digits. lol

  • Merc1

    I can’t believe what I’m looking at here.


    • That Guy From Legendary Axe

      lol thin skinned chump.

  • 💖 Elon_Will_Save_Us 💖

    Should’ve been a Tesla. It would have done a much better job at invading Poland, even with the Autopilot switched on, and would never have been defeated.

    • Przemix

      lack of superchargers will stop you easily

  • Christian

    The car after antifa’s hart

  • designer_dick

    Well, this is in incredibly poor taste, both the car and this article.

    • Perry F. Bruns

      The reporter did NOT SEE this backlash coming.

  • Just horrible…

  • Shelby GT500

    Not quite so… Poland lost some territories after WWII. For instance Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, was a part of Poland before WWII. Also Galicia, mostly populated by Ukrainians, became part of Ukraine (under Soviet control of course). Belarus also gained some Polish terriotries. So 6 million is more correct number because some people just lost Polish citizenship after WWII.

  • EM1

    This website is going downhill, first with those stupid Doug videos and now a VW symbolizing the Nazi movment.

    • paulgdeaton

      But there were “good people on both sides”… remember?

      • EM1

        This journalist is either a hater or have an exceptional low IQ

  • EM1


  • Perry F. Bruns

    Well, it looks like the creators and the site Wehrmacht thoroughly for this.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Dude, what?

    This is in very poor taste. I understand slow news days but yikes. Not good at all.

    I don’t think this article reflects well on the site.

  • blunt-o

    What’s next ? KKK’s favorite vehicle used for transporting members to all night cross burning rallies ?

  • Stemider

    Millions have died you #[email protected]&-ng moron.

  • Max Rogel

    My Polish dad lost his entire family in the German Holocaust. The Germans murdered millions of non-combatants during their invasion. Shame on you….

    • That Guy From Legendary Axe

      Yeah, my grandma only made it out alive due to her surviving 18 different gassings, they just kept on putting her back in line, but she lived each time. Grandpa was not so lucky, he was put on a rollercoaster that emptied into a pool of acid..

      The memes are done bro, no one buys that bullshit anymore.

  • marioGTI

    DUMB !!!

  • Gayle

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  • That Guy From Legendary Axe

    Yeah, that didnt happen fam. Git gud

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