2020 Borrego Prototype Suggests Kia Is Finally Readying A Replacement

The first-gen Kia Mohave (aka Mohave in other markets) flopped in the United States and was quietly replaced by the Sorento. Despite this setback, the SUV continues to live on overseas.

That brings us to these new spy photos which appear to show the next-generation Borrego undergoing cold weather testing. Looking far more modern than its processor, which dates back to 2008, The next-generation SUV has a more squared off front fascia with a vertical grille that’s flanked by large headlights with distinctive vertical daytime running lights. Further below, we can see triangular air intakes with LED fog lights.

Moving further back, the Borrego has side steps and a streamlined bodywork that appears to be free of plastic body cladding. The SUV also sports an evolutionary greenhouse with a more angular beltline.

Additional styling details are hard to make out, but we can see a roof rack and six-spoke alloy wheels. There has also been speculation that the model will be influenced by the Telluride which debuted at the North American International Auto Show last month.

Little else is known about the SUV at this point, but the South Korean-spec Borrego features a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine that develops 256 hp (191 kW / 260 PS) and 412 lb-ft (560 Nm) of torque. It is paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system with high and low range.

It remains unclear if the new Borrego will retain its focus on off-road capability, as its predecessor was marketed as a luxury vehicle that can travel off the beaten path. Or if it will make it Stateside, for that matter. In any case, in its home market the current model starts at ₩41,480,000 ($37,055 / €32,344 / £28,323) which makes it ₩13,850,000 ($12,372 / €10,799 / £9,457) more expensive than the Sorento.

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Picture credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

  • Roland Fairwater

    Doesn’t look all-new to me. The greenhouse is the same as the current Mohave/previous Borrego. They really should invest in an all-new platform for this car. Although it’s only a test mule, it already looks outdated. Shame. Kia has been on a styling roll lately.

    • TrvisXX

      it’s a car meant for third world countries and is supposed to be affordable.

      • Enoch Gabriel Gonzales

        Actually, it’s not. It is only available in Korea right now. They won’t have the telluride anytime soon, because it is made in and for the North American market. Some won’t realize, but the borrego/mohave is actually a special vehicle for kia, as it is the only rwd-biased, body-on-frame suv in their lineup, since the 2nd gen sorento was released.

      • bd0007

        Actually, the Mohave is pretty pricey as larger CUVs go – being a RWD-based CUV w/ an available V8.

        Currently sold in SKorea and the Middle East.

        This is a 2nd, more extensive refresh.

        Even tho a different drivetrain (FWD), the Telluride is basically the Borrego’s replacement for the US market.

      • OdysseyTag

        As mentioned, this actually isn’t available in developing nations and isn’t one of Kia’s global vehicles. It’s quite an oddity actually, most people outside of the US and it’s home market won’t know of it.


        shut up. You honestly don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • no25

    The first-gen Kia Mohave (aka Mohave in other markets)


  • SSS

    That is first gen Mohave’s facelift.Not a full change model.
    Only the design differences.

    • bd0007

      Make that a 2nd, more extensive facelift/refresh.

  • Bash

    Why do they need this now? I thought the telluride will replace this one even though it’s not official.

    • Rocket

      This is to the Telluride as the 4Runner is to the Highlander.

      • PK

        i don’t get it.

        • Rocket

          The Highlander and Telluride are both unibody crossovers, built for comfort and utility. The 4Runner and Borrego are stout body-on-frame designs, built for active lifestyle types and real off-roading. There’s not a lot of cross-shopping taking place.

          • PK


  • Felipe Politano

    Come on guys, this is clearly not a “new” Mohave (since it’s clearly the same greenhouse as the one first shown a decade ago, and given it is a low-volume almost domestic-only product) but actually a current-gen Mohave body testing on some updated underpinnings.

    Why would Hyundai-Kia be testing updated body-on-frame underpinnings?

    An educated guess would be that this is their pickup truck platform in the very earliest stages of development.

  • Bash

    Are you saying that the rest of the world won’t get the telluride. Not that I’m complaining, but more like i kinda think this might sell well in europe/middle east/ many asian market including russia. I’m just guessing here. could be wrong.

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