These Are The World’s Most Googled Supercars

If you’re idea of popularity is whatever celebrity, brand or product has the most search engine hits, then working out 2019’s most sought-after supercar is pretty straight forward.

According to Veygo, who looked at supercar models released in the past 10 years and ran all the names through a keyword explorer tool, the nameplate that came out on top in 95 of 169 countries was none other than the Audi R8, edging out the likes of the Bugatti Chiron and Lamborghini Aventador.

Landslide win

The R8 amassed a total of 939,870 searches, whereas the second-place Bugatti Chiron only got 701,140. Afterwards, it looked like this: Lamborghini Aventador (562,770), Bugatti Veyron (443,410), Lamborghini Huracan (384,270), Lamborghini Veneno (371,570), McLaren 675LT (368,810), Ford GT (313,380) and the Ferrari 458 (256,590).

The list goes on for another 46 spots, which you can see in detail right here. Curiously, the likes of the Nissan 370Z and Toyota GT86 are also on there, which is a little weird since they are sports cars by definition, not supercars. Also, there’s no mention of the Porsche 911, although the 718 Boxster and 918 Spyder both made the cut.

It’s also interesting how the most popular models are all owned by the VW Group, with only a few exceptions within the Top 10, like the 675LT, Ford GT or the Ferrari 458.

Check out the graphic below and tell us if you agree with whichever model was looked up the most online in your specific country.


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  • Christian

    Where’s the car from Dubai with over 5000 horses?

    AHAHAHAHHhhahahhah, Remember that shiiitBox

    • Stephen G

      Devel Sixteen…R8 is for poor people.

      • Mr. EP9

        Devel Sixteen is nothing but vaporware.

  • Stephen G

    I usually do searches on stuff I don’t know anything about.

  • Bo Hanan

    It shows most people don’t know real sports cars.

  • Bash

    Few of these are just super cars, not a supercars!!

  • I never heard anyone interested in sports cars any sort of conversation about audi r8. may be people searched it because they know the brand well but not the car itself.


  • Seats & a steering wheel

    I’d argue the Audi R8 is not really a supercar, it’s too practical and affordable..and I think this is the reason it was the most searched for. People looking to buy new and probably a lot looking to buy one used. The other cars in the top 10 are sky high priced unobtanium so most would be looking just to look at it.

    • Shobin Drogan

      Almost every other supercar today is as practical as an R8, also brand new its still as expensive as every other supercar out there, only marginally cheaper.
      Plus, it shares most of its parts with the Gallardo & Huracan, id say its every bit as “Super” as a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

  • Daniela Wolf

    Audi nailed it!

  • MonkeyRider

    I think it’s because people search used R8 which is relatively cheap vs other supercars.

  • Peter Yoo

    Searching for things they can afford in reality. Depreciating piece of aluminum next to Maserati and AM.

  • Ary Wisesa

    Did they also research the demography of the searchers?

  • vince

    The porsche 911 is hands down the most searched because there is just too many models since 1963 … it was just too difficult for Veygo to understand 991.1 , 991.2 , gt3, gt3 RS, gt2 , speedster , 4S , Carrera and words which means most of the time : Porsche 911

  • Elmediterraneo

    And some fools still believes that Audi will kill the R8 after the current generation…
    Audi needs the R8 to be Audi Sport’s flagship car !
    They’re not selling too many of them but that’s a supercar it’s a brand’s image car !
    And as for the platform Lamborghini is currently developing a common architecture for the next Huracan and Aventador and that architecture will follow into a future R8 as well.

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