Could A Car Like This Save Smart From Possible Extinction?

If you believe the reports, the future of Smart is in jeopardy.

According to reports from late 2018, Daimler may kill off the brand if Renault pulls out of its partnership with the German automaker when the current Smart ForFour and Renault Twingo reach the end of their life cycles.

Rather than soldier on without the help of Renault, Daimler may kick Smart to the curb and, if necessary, build Mercedes-badged superminis.

However, if there was a single vehicle that could help secure the future of Smart, it could be this.

Created by Robert Hahn, it is dubbed the Smart EQ4 and, as the name suggests, it would form part of Daimler’s EQ electric vehicle family. Created as an affordable rival to the Tesla Model 3, the Smart EQ4 could make use of the latest and greatest electric and autonomous technologies from Mercedes‘ portfolio and give a new lease of life to the brand that’s become synonymous with city cars.

Visually, the EQ4 has a cute and approachable vibe just like the Smart cars we’ve come to love – or love to hate. It’s also been designed to allow as much sunlight into the cabin as possible. Consequently, there are huge glass panels where you’d normally find doors and a single piece of glass that combines the windscreen, roof, and rear window.

Hahn has imagined the vehicle with a battery pack large enough to provide 500 km (310 miles) of range and a 3.9-second 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) acceleration, along with seating for up to 5 people with luggage.

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  • Evan McMaster

    This is the type of stuff they should’ve been producing to begin with

  • Six_Tymes

    I am surprised they lasted as they as they have. They have been way overpriced from the beginning. And although these design sketch renders look pretty good, this design might work when and if autonomous becomes prevalent, but for now it looks like there isn’t much crash protection, especially from side impact.

  • TheBelltower

    Sure. Any product at all could potentially save Smart.

  • Mike anonymous

    What they NEED is to build the Smart For-Us & the Smart Forstars.

    They Built fully working prototypes that could be legally driven on public roads alongside other vehicles (handling actual things such as speed bumps and regular driving speeds and conditions unlike most ‘road going‘ concepts). This would be a great decision to help Smart out as it would be a great alternative (especially with it being electric) to the Mini Cooper.
    I personally believe that is where Smart should aim their future products at, as a shift from the vehicles they currently make, to becoming the ‘electric (competitor/alternative to) Mini’ , would be a great decision.

    Both vehicle concepts/prototypes were beautiful and were something customers were really interested in when they debuted back at the beginning of the decade. I personally have always liked the “Smart Car” brand, and I certainly would make it my next vehicle if they decided to build it.

    • I agree, they should make the ForUs and ForVision. Both are very appealing designs, more than the current Fortwo.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Quick answer: NO
    They have Mercedes, smart is for the snart, not a big sedan

  • erly5

    Surely they need to build a small crossover to save the smart brand and complement the current range. Why are some manufacturers so slow to respond to new trends? Also, smart should not overlap with the Mercedes range.

  • Mike Gonzalez

    they don’t need to build a new model for its line-up, just bring the price down quite a bit… the EV Smart costs in excess of 32.000 euros… for a 2 seats car that can’t drive for more than 160km in a single charge, like WTF!? with such specs it shouldn’t cost more than 17.000 euros

  • Mr. EP9


  • I would like to see a fuel cell version of it. I think fuel cells are better than just batteries.

  • Bash

    What they need is to open a branch in Japan, or establish an arm in japan if that matters and focus on the Kei cars, but instead of focusing on the Japanese market, they should consider taking the Kei car world wide. and of course and small mini SUV would help a lot.


  • Wayne Alan Carr Heyes

    Think logically here why hasn’t Mercedes done more for smart? They pump all there money into the new EQ brand and Mercedes and leave smart with just 2! Models! No one can survive long term with just 2 models!!!

    If Mercedes don’t care for the brand then sell
    It to someone who will make smart a truely affordable brand!


      • Mike anonymous

        Mercedes? Mercedes has been making EVs’ longer than Tesla has, it is just they weren’t very popular, and no one knew about them. “E-Cell” used to be the previous brand name I believe.

        As for Smart… well I can agree


  • Richard Taylor

    We’ve already had a larger 4-door from Smart and it almost saw off the brand altogether. I’m all for electrification of the brand but agree with some of the other commenters that if Merc can’t make it profitable or expandable, they need to ditch it – either an it completely or sell it to someone with an ambition for it.

  • Stephen G

    I don’t see how a MB EV super-mini that looks like it could be a 2000 Dodge Concept (ie Razor) will rival a Tesla Model3. And if “Hahn has imagined” the range of an EV that would possibly see the light of day around 2028 maybe, then why wouldn’t he imagine something at least better than what’s available today.

  • Yishay

    Build it fast

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