Frankencar Alert: Chrysler 300 Tries To Become The World’s First Four-Door Challenger

Even though the Dodge Challenger’s timeless design would probably still work well with two extra doors, the truth is that its front fascia doesn’t really match the bulky proportions and rough edges of the old Chrysler 300.

When the modern-day 300 was designed back in the early 2000s, project engineers looked at past 300-Series Chryslers for inspiration. This is why, for example, the rear end of the 300C might remind you of the 300B from the mid-50s, which led to the new model having such an iconic and instantly recognizable aesthetic.

Looking back, there are plenty of bad things one could say about the first-generation 300. It drove like a barge, its interior was poorly built, and overall reliability hasn’t exactly been great. Still, it looked unlike anything else on the road – which is actually as true now as it was in 2004, when it entered production.

Fast-forward to 2008 and out came the third-gen Dodge Challenger, which really took after the original model from 1970 (introduced in fall of 1969). Right now, the Challenger is probably the only new car on sale in the U.S. that looks genuinely retro, so you can probably see why interfering with its design would be problematic – and may explain why Dodge hasn’t replaced it yet.

The creation pictured here is a Frankencar that tries to blend the front end of the Challenger to the body of the 300. Unsurprisingly, the image, taken by Dustin Hale, ended up on Reddit, as it ruins the characteristic front end of the 300 and isn’t that convincing as a four-door Challenger either.

But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we can’t exactly fault the execution, at least not from a distance; however, we’d rather it sported the stock front fascia instead.


Photo credits:  Dustin Hale

  • Bash

    No!, but if some one puts a 700+ hp engine in it……

  • Baeyoung ❂

    Looks okay

  • SteersUright

    It could actually work if the rest of the car wasn’t so boxy.

  • kachuks

    The only way this FCA mish mash works is a Charger coupe. I’ve seen one in person and it actually looked good.

    • Philly bull

      Or 300 coupe

  • MarketAndChurch

    I like it.

    • donald seymour


  • Blade t

    Terrible wheels also..

  • TheHake

    I’d like to see that painted up. It kinda works for me.

  • Craig

    First off… they should have started with the SRT8 version of the 300. Secondly – get rid of those ridiculous wheels. What are they? 24″? They overpower the car – especially the front end. Do that… and you’ll really have something.

    • Stephen G

      What have you done?

      • Craig

        Nothing to my SRT8. It’s bone stock.

  • Knotmyrealname

    I like it.
    I’ll take it as a work-in-progress, and as it stands, I give the guy/gal credit. Leave him/her finish the project.

  • karmat

    Lose those wheels, but otherwise it looks better than a new Charger to me. Dodge, hire this man.

  • Anthony Olivieri

    Hell yeah!

  • KAG25

    paint job and lose the pimp wheels

  • TB

    You can put lipstick on a pig…but it’s still a Chrysler.


    Aren’t both cars based on the LX Platfrom? 300 C or Challegner, they’re clothely related to each other….not to say that both of them are a W210 E class.

  • TrevP

    I’m guessing this is something from the south

  • Emoto

    I absolutely detest the gigantic wheels that so many of the “custom” cars have these days. Horrible.

  • Philly bull

    No but I could definitely see a 2 dr 300

  • Jacob Allen Aikey

    I have seen quite a few challenger front end swaps on 300s, chargers and magnums from 2008-9 til now, this is hardly the first.

  • Paul

    Finish the bodywork and I guess it will look alright.

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