Infiniti Can’t Stop Talking About The QX50’s Interior – Here’s Why

Infiniti unveiled its 2019 QX50 crossover at the end of 2017, touting its “Powerful Elegance” design, innovative 2.0-liter VC-Turbo petrol engine and, of course, its high-quality interior.

Actually, it all started with the QX50 Concept, which featured multiple types of leather inside the cabin, from genuine, to semi-aniline and even synthetic nubuck. It sported brown leather on the upper layer of the cabin and white leather on the lower dashboard, door trim and seats.

Then came the contrasting navy blue synthetic nubuck that was spread throughout. It’s the exact same combination we see today on the 2019 QX50 crossover, which features a truly complex interior design philosophy, one that even resulted in a Wards Auto award as one of the top 10 best interiors of 2018.

Fast forward to the present day and Infiniti is still talking about the QX50’s cockpit, having just released additional information detailing the design process, types of materials used and everything else that went into building such an attractive-looking environment for both driver and passengers.

Japanese luxury

The automaker’s designers relied on two traditional Japanese philosophies in order to create the QX50’s interior, ‘mitate’ and ‘shitate’, two techniques that complement each other, “encouraging and enabling craftspeople to imbue their work with an elevated sense of artistry”.

Mitate is all about bringing together the best possible selection of materials, focusing on contrast and how everything fits together. Shitate, on the other hand, focuses on execution and how to bring forward the best qualities of a certain combination of materials.

When it was time to put together the production QX50, designers went with a cabin trimmed in genuine, matte-finish, open-pore maple treated in a way that allows the wood to retain its natural characteristics in both texture as well as appearance. As for the leather, Infiniti used a new manufacturing technique to wrap and sew the crossover’s dashboard.

In the end, you end up with one, two or even three-tone color schemes that make the QX50’s interior look surprisingly exclusive. Which, Infiniti hopes, is yet another thing that might lure you into its compact luxury SUV.

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  • john1168

    It looks very nice. I like it a lot but why do they insist on using two different resolution screens in the center stack???

  • ctk4949

    It looks nice, but the infotainment sucks ass!!!!

  • Able

    It doesn’t matter how good the quality is, it’s ruined by that horrible centre screen. How hard is it to design a new one? Or steal the new system in the Leaf?

  • botornot387

    It looks more like an upscale Hyundai interior and not one befitting a luxury car. Like Azera to a true Genesis product. Infiniti is trailing all of its competition IMHO. The RDX is so much better, and then you get to the Germans and other Euro cars. This is dead last except to the XT5 Caddy, which is awful on the outside and the inside.

    • Cobrajet

      Hyundai copies euro cars, that’s why they don’t look as bad as this.

  • DetrinKD

    The only thing missing in the lower trims is the wood, suede (headliner included) and quilted stitching on the seats. Otherwise, every model has a dash wrapped mostly in leather and uses real aluminum where there is wood in the loaded one, so there’s no skimping in materials. A leather wrapped dash is only an option on some the competition.

  • enthusia

    Similar to how I feel about BMW, Infiniti’s interiors look so dated. They have have barely changed since 2009, and this specific example looks like something from 2013. But actually I think BMW’s interiors are more cohesive and technologically advanced, Infiniti’s interiors look like the Cheesecake Factory. It’s really bad.

  • no25

    Why?? It looks like the Pacifica’s interior. Just two-toned.

  • Stigasawuswrecks

    This interior would be great for a 2010 car


    stacked center console and cvt are the biggest weaknesses

  • eb110americana

    I like the materials, but navy blue, brown, and cream together is one too many colors. The open pore wood and the steering wheel design are also very nice. As others have said, that center stack looks functional, but could use a little pizzazz.


  • carsmofo

    still no CarPlay or Android Auto, and that navigation map looks a decade behind.

    Interior is just alright.

  • f1300

    First of all, I really do like the mix of materials and colour schemes. BUT… navy blue and brown don’t match at all. And who on earth puts open / Nubuk-leather onto armrests? Nubuk is one of the most delicate types of leather to clean – one hot summer day and the interior / armrests on the center console are ruined forever!

  • Andrew Ngo

    A luxury vehicle does not come with Bose sound system…

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