Kia Starts Production Of New 2020 Telluride In Georgia

Kia Motors has launched the production of the all-new Telluride SUV at its Georgia factory, with the first example to come out of the line being a Dark Moss SX Prestige model.

The ceremony was attended by Kia Motors North America CEO Sean Yoon and Georgia governor Brian Kemp.

“The addition of the Kia Telluride to KMMG is further evidence of our commitment to the U.S. and local economy,” said Yoon. “This vehicle was imagined and designed specifically for the United States in our Kia Design Center in Irvine, California and is now being assembled here in West Point. There is no doubt that the world-class quality and attention to detail of the Telluride will be second to none.”

The new Kia Telluride is the company’s largest-ever SUV, offering seating for up to eight passengers and powered by a 3.8-liter V6 engine with 291hp and 262lb-ft (355Nm) of torque. An eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to either the front wheels or to an optional all-wheel drive system.

The luxurious cabin of the new Telluride features a 10.25-inch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 10-speaker audio system, wireless charging and six USB ports.

The driver can switch between Smart, Eco, Sport and Comfort driving modes; opt for the Sport and the powertrain will send more torque to the rear axle than it normally does, while Snow and AWD Lock functions are also present.

The list of active driver assistance systems is quite long and includes Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist Rear, Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist, Lane Following Assist, Safe Exist Assist, Highway Driving Assist, Head-Up Display, Driver Talk, Quiet Mode, and a Rear Occupant Alert.

Pricing for the new 2020 Kia Telluride starts from $31,690 for the entry-level LX model and can go up to $45,490 for the SX Prestige model.

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  • TrevP

    I actually really like the look of this and I think its going to be a good car.

  • Mr. EP9

    This pleases me.

  • Andrewthecarguy

    I really like this. But…what worries me is that the press car is the top spec in perhaps the nicest color with black wheels. What does the regular, low spec small wheels one look like?

    • Droid22

      The base looks like everyone else’s base, boring.

    • PhilMcGraw

      I wouldn’t worry too much about it because the difference in pricing between the lowest spec LX with 18 inch rims and the S trim with 20 inch rims is around $2000 ($31,690 vs $33,990). I think people would just pay the small bump in price to get the better rims.

  • SavvyByNature

    Loving the look of the car (inside/out). I am a little worried about this big, heavy SUV utilizing FWD. Also, a 3.8 liter GDI engine, only putting out 291 hp. I guess we are seeing where they cut costs to hit the 31K mark.

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      What are you talking about?

      Nearly ALL of its major competitors are the exact same. All FWD based/biased, all either have a standard or optional V6 with a similar amount of power, and all start around the exact same price.


        Not the new Ford Explorer that you solely worship so much liberal. LOL you’re such an attention seeker, it’s sad ASF. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

        • bd0007

          The new Explorer is the OUTLIER and would have more of an issue w/ its powerplant, a 2.3L turbo-4, unless one is willing to pony up $55k+ for the T6.

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            I know ford isn’t reliable with their vehicles.

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            Too bad you really don’t know anything.

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            It’s obvious you’re a ford fanboy. I drive my friends ford. He and I didn’t like it at all. You must be a Ford owner. LMAO

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            You have no friends.

            That’s obvious by how much you comment on Disqus.

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            Your logic is the same as the rock, since you can’t comprehend well, my stalker. I know you have no friends, that’s why you use my disqus page as your proof of evidence because you don’t have real life friends nor a gf. Only friends you have is on the net. LOL you just keep proving to everyone why you’re such an embarrassment. LMFAO

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            You upvote comments because whenever someone disagrees with me, you give them a thumbs up and join the bandwagon. That’s how you liberals operate.

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          Holy sweet Jesus can you not read, that’s why I said nearly. It in the first sentence of the paragraph. LOL.

          What’s with you and calling people a liberal?

          Try again.

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            Oh you did respond. Didn’t even notice until i look further for your replies. Well, you’re still a moron liberal if you think Ford hp power is the same with their competitions. Again, do your research and quit BS around.

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            “you’re still a moron liberal if you think Ford hp power is the same with their competitors”

            Whaaaaaat? What does that even mean? How does being a liberal or a republican have any weight on what is being discussed? Why do you keep on calling me a liberal for calling out your moronic comments?

            LOL what are you even talking about, child?

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            Is your brain too dense on why you’re called out as a liberal? You can stop playing semantics kid. Stop being a stalker and get a life instead of arguing some stranger on the internet all day like a pansy you are. LOL you kids are so lonely when it comes to spending too much time on the internet.

          • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

            “Is your brain too dense on why you’re called out as a liberal?”

            You’ve provided no reason on why you call me a liberal other than you apparently think that it is an insult.

            “What does that even mean? How does being a liberal or a republican have any weight on what is being discussed?”

            I’ll wait for your response since I asked, and you didn’t provide an answer. Again, your reading comprehension is lacking.

          • EL CHAPO THA GREAT

            The only Person’s reading comprehension that’s lacking is yours. You keep dodging my question because you’re too afraid to admit why you’re such a stalker. Keep playing semantics and taking another L, child. LMAO

      • SavvyByNature

        Being a newcomer to the market, they def need to make an impact, so just being in alignment with the competition does them no favors. At the very least introduce multiple engine options. Looking at the engine bay, it was designed with a larger engine option in mind. Most likely the V8 Tau that is in the K900.

        • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

          This platform was designed for transverse architecture, therefore no V8. Hyundai and Kia have no platforms designed for FWD (transverse) V8s.

    • bd0007

      Would you rather have a NA V6 or the rather small displacement 2.3L turbo-4 that the new Explorer has unless one is willing to pony up a lot more $$?

      • SavvyByNature

        I would rather have the V8 engine from the K900… but highly unlikely.

        • bd0007

          The “new” K900 is no longer offered w/ the V8 (at least here in the US).

          Kia is contemplating doing a lux RWD CUV based on the Genesis GV80’s platform, but even then may not get the V8, as there will be a new 400+ HP 3.5T mill.

  • marioGTI

    Nice clean design, it sets apart from the rest.

  • Craig

    WHY OH WHY did KIA change the front end? The Concept looked SO much nicer. In fact – it looked GREAT! To my eyes – the front now looks horrible.

    • bd0007

      The shape of the grille and the recessed lights on the concept didn’t exactly fit.

      The production look is more cohesive, albeit a bit bland.

    • PhilMcGraw

      The lead designer told CarandDriver that the front headlights were made vertical to match the rear taillights and that by bringing them to the far ends of the front it emphasized the width of the vehicle making it appear larger.

      • Craig

        Thanks for the insight. But the end result is still something that looks awful.

      • MarketAndChurch

        Exactly. They need to attract customers who would normally opt for a full-size SUV like a Tahoe or an Expedition with full-size SUV designs on both this and the Palisade because Hyundai doesn’t have a full-size offering. Yet.

    • MarketAndChurch

      I also like the new front-end. It is a bit suburban-sanitized compared to the concept, but comparing it to the other options on the market, I think it’s definitely top3.

    • Danny Boy

      I don’t know. …I kinda like it a bit. The concept actually looks more American like. Already looks dated, and production looks futuristic. I honestly immediately thought OMG…there’s hope for the GT4 Stinger!! Remember that concept? Very reminiscent to me.

  • Those headlights look bad. Why the orange LEDs???

  • Kia didn’t need to spell out T E L L U R I D E in the bonnet IMHO.

  • Craig

    QUESTION: Exactly how do you pronounce ‘Telluride’? Is it ‘Tell – er – ride’? Which doesn’t sound so great. Or is it something else?

    • Dennis Scipio


      • Craig

        Thanks Dennis! As in ‘Tell – YOU -ride’? Is that what it is?

        • Dennis Scipio

          Yeah, I think so. That’s what I hear all the car reviewers say on YouTube.

  • Dennis Scipio

    So they’re keeping the “Telluride’ text spelled out on the hood like that?

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