Patina Restored 1961 Porsche 356 B Celebrates Its Age Instead Of Hiding It

With the right amount of money and a capable restoration team, a classic can be made to look just like the day it left the assembly line.

However, if a period-accurate restoration isn’t on the owner’s mind, they can always go for a restomod that combines modern-day mechanicals and features with classic styling.

But is there another way of doing things? Yes, there is. An increasing number of classic car owners prefer to go for the so-called “patina restoration.” The thinking behind it is that the traces of the years embellish the metal and give it more character.

So, instead of fixing the scars acquired during a car’s lifetime, one should celebrate and have them on display. Add some art to the bodywork and you get a unique classic car, such as this California-registered 1961 Porsche 356 B.

Powered by a 75hp 1,600-S flat-four, the car has been restored and upgraded by “Das Triebwerk,” a business run by classic Porsche and VW fans Stephan Rohleder and Christian Wilms. The ivory 356 B was given a patina restoration that allowed the car to keep some of its scars and, at the same time, gettg a serious mechanical upgrade.

Adding to the classic Porsche’s charm are leather straps and rally stripes that remind of Herbie the Love Bug, race numbers, subtle vintage stickers, and Tecnomagnesio rims. All of these give the car a veteran racer look that fits with the body’s tiny dents and small scratches, as well as the well-worn steering wheel.

Inside, the 356 B received beige leather and sisal-like carpet in anthracite combined with red leatherette. But while the car looks vintage inside and out, it has been rebuilt with obsessive attention to detail. The restoration team replaced all the rubbers and ice-blasted the underbody, engine compartment, and luggage compartment. Even the underside of the bonnet now sports a satin black paint finish.

After finishing off with the visuals, Das Triebwerk turnded their attention to the engine compartment. While the gearbox was overhauled, the engine was up to scratch in technical terms. Still, all add-on parts were replaced or reconditioned, with the Porsche 356 B also gaining a 12-volt electrical system and an electronic ignition. The brake lines and wiring harness were replaced, and the team also fitted the little Porsche with front and rear disc brakes, as well as a Bilstein suspension tuned for sporty driving.

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