Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Adds A Dash Of Practicality And Style

The ‘regular’ Porsche Taycan sedan isn’t on the market yet and already, testing is well underway of the Taycan Sport Turismo model. This is what we know about the vehicle.

Much like the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is to the normal Panamera, the Taycan Sport Turismo is simply a version of the regular Taycan with a different rear-end design. It may be marketed as a separate model but it’s really not. It should arrive on public roads at roughly the same time as the third Taycan variant, the Cross Turismo.

Carscoops’ spy photographers stumbled upon a Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo prototype testing in Sweden recently. The virtual lack of camouflage covering the exterior of the vehicle confirms that the car has a similar overall shape to the Panamera Sport Turismo. It could also be more visually appealing than the sedan.

Like recent prototypes of other Taycan models, the Sport Turismo pictured has been outfitted with four fake tailpipes at the rear which we’re convinced won’t make it the production model. In addition, slim taillights are visible as is a horizontal light bar that stretches across the width of the car’s tailgate. There’s also a third brake light at the top of the rear window.

We believe that just like the Taycan sedan, the Taycan Sport Turismo will initially be sold in three configurations: Carrera, Carrera S, and Turbo. Power for the entry-level Taycan Sport Turismo Carrera should start at around 400 hp while an upgraded electric powertrain in the Turbo will allow for a touch over 600 hp. This model should reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in approximately 3.5 seconds and exceed 200 km/h (124 mph) flat out.

Details about the battery packs offered in the Taycan are unknown but we know that certain models will be able to cover at least 500 km (311 miles) on a single charge. The electric vehicle will also include an 800V charging system that provides enough juice for 400 km (248 miles) of range in a touch over 15 minutes.

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Photo credits: CarPix for CarScoops

  • Randy Terpstra

    “We believe that just like the Taycan sedan, the Taycan Sport Turismo will initially be sold in three configurations: Carrera, Carrera S, and Turbo.”

    Wait, what? Turbo? Isn’t the Taycan to be pure electric? Marketing people…*facepalm*

    • Dark-Fx

      Every Panamera has a turbocharged engine, but there’s also a “turbo” model.

      • Randy Terpstra

        Sure, but unlike the Taycan, physical turbochargers are used. At least the “Turbo” badge on the top Panamera represents what’s actually going on, under the hood, even if lesser models are also turbocharged. A “Turbo” badge on a Taycan, is pure marketing vapourware, IMHO.

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