JDM Tuned Toyota Camry Is Ready For Some Hot Tokyo Nights

We’d never thought that day would come, but the latest generation Toyota Camry actually looks good, especially compared to its competent and popular, but pretty ho-hum when it came to design, predecessors.

Eager to show that it can still build exciting and evocative vehicles, Toyota went back to the drawing board for the new Camry and delivered a sedan that looks far more imposing than ever before. In fact, it almost looks so aggressive that you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a high-performance Lexus.

As nice as the new Camry looks, though, Japanese tuner Artisan Spirits thinks it can make it even more head turning. And it has done just that with an eye-catching series of modifications.

The JDM tune

Artisan has developed a custom front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser for the new Camry, which give it a more aggressive stance. Making it stand out even further is a small spoiler on the trunk, a carbon fiber spoiler on the roof, and a set of OZ Racing wheels. The car pictured even has quad tailpipes positioned just like the Lexus IS F – and, come to think of it, the Ferrari California.

The tuner sells all of its components for the new Camry separately, but if customers want the whole package, parts can be bundled and purchased together. Buying them all is probably the way to go, as just fitting only one of these parts may look a little strange.

There are many Japanese tuning companies out there that takes things a little too far when it comes to styling modifications. However, impossibly low ground clearance notwithstanding, we think Artisan’s take on the Camry actually works.


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  • cooper

    For all those Woke Asian Grandma’s .

    • no25

      or every other american that owns one? oh, but the stereotype is so much funnier. right i forgot.

  • realist50

    I’m a little confused…where’s the tuning in this? Adding more plastic is considered tuning? Did they change the exhaust or just the tips?

  • Mr. EP9

    Adding a body kit isn’t tuning. Where’s the performance mods? Where are the bigger brakes and how much more horsepower is it putting out?

  • Bash

    Sure it looks good, you wouldn’t expect to see a tuned Camry on the roads. But why not.

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Considering how anonymous the Camry can be in some of its iterations, it’s pretty good. That is if you like this type of thing.

  • This looks ridiculously good. Just a few simple visual mods and it transforms into probably the best looking Toyota sedan. If only this was the official GRMN version (just with some actual upgrades too)…

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      Okay Stevie Wonder.

  • Kou

    Why use a hybrid when you can use a xse v6 without all the mods.

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    Hideous joke of a sedan.

  • ramish rambarran

    Oh no ! More stupid music !

    • Rzrlf

      royalty free music is what makes me instantly hate any youtube car boi. its trash

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