Barnfind 1987 Buick Grand National Was Stored For 32 Years, Has That New Car Smell

A desirable 1987 Buick Grand National that’s been stored since new is currently up for sale on eBay and looks likely to sell for a six-figure sum.

Prices for the go-fast Buick Grand National have been on the rise in recent years with the particularly desirable GNX models starting to sell for more than $200,000. While the Grand National in question isn’t a GNX, it’s still garnering a lot of attention and at the time of writing had 78 bids on it, the most recent of which sat at $70,500.

Buick first introduced the Regal-based Grand National in early 1982 and intended on building just 100 units. At the time, the car came outfitted with a 4.1-liter V6 engine producing 125 hp but a handful of units had a turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 churning out 175 hp.

After taking a leave of absence in 1983, the Buick Grand National returned in 1984 with the turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 as standard and now producing 200 hp.

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Buick continued to build the Grand National until 1987 and throughout the years, the vehicle’s performance continued to rise. In 1987, for example, power from the 3.8-liter turbo V6 topped out at 245 hp and 355 lb-ft (481 Nm) of torque. The aforementioned GNX was also introduced in 1987 but it had 300 hp on tap.

Fox News reports that the owner of the 1987 Grand National in question once owned 11 examples and this is his final one. Knowing that they would one day surge in value, the collector kept them for decades. His final Grand National has racked up just 757 miles (1218 km) and apparently still has that new car smell – though, it might have a few other ‘smells’ as well after sitting three decades in a garage.

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  • Carl Sloan

    300 hp, lol. My Atom 2 has 300 hp. What loser would pay $70K for such an archaic barge?

    • TheBelltower

      It was an incredibly good car for its day, and was one of only a few cars at GM in the 80s that suggested they gave a damn. We could only wish that Buick still cared about cars, instead of the nothingmobiles that they currently slap together.

      • Carl Sloan

        No ’80’s General Motors car was “incredibly good” for their day, lol. They were ALL junk. That car looked like grand-dad’s car even back in the day anyway. It’s not until recently that their cars are starting to look current, and I’d wager their cars are 10 times more reliable now.

    • performante

  • Alduin

    This is a time capsule that GM should buy and keep on display.

  • Blade t

    So he planned on holding it for the value, but no car cover ?

  • charlotteharry57

    All right, kiddies. This is a classic. $100K for it is a steal. Uncovered or not, I’m sure it was most of it’s life. Off to the Bird Scooter you go.

  • Bash

    I love it a lot. Would love to have it as a daily.

  • Howfarr

    The rubber belts, hoses, bushings, couplers all shot being sat so long.

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