Hyundai Pondering All-Wheel Drive 2020 Sonata For The U.S.

The recently unveiled 2020 Hyundai Sonata is riding on an all-new, front-wheel drive platform.

However, an all-wheel drive version aimed at the U.S. market could very well make its way into the U.S. market. CNET reports that Hyundai’s product division director, Jae Young Kim, has told as much ahead of the media drive that takes place in South Korea.

“Yes… we are currently reviewing the need for all-wheel drive in [the U.S.] market”, he said when asked about it. “In the future, the SUVs will sit on this platform, so, of course, the platform does have that [AWD].”

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Fitting the eighth-gen Sonata with an all-wheel drive system will better help it cope with some of its rivals, such as the new Nissan Altima and the upcoming Subaru Legacy, that are offered with AWD,. and also make it more appealing to customers living in cold-climate states.

At launch, Hyundai will offer the mid-size sedan with a choice of two engines in global markets. The 1.6-liter T-GDI makes 180 hp (183 PS / 134 kW) and 194 lb-ft (263 Nm) of torque, and the 2.5-liter GDI delivers 190 hp (193 PS / 142 kW) and 180 lb-ft (244 Nm) of torque. Both units are mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

It hasn’t been announced yet which engines will be available in the U.S. Nonetheless, the all-new Sonata will celebrate its premiere in our market in mid-April during the 2019 New York Auto Show, before going on sale in the second half of the year, so soon enough we’ll have all the relevant info.


  • Archknight77

    They shouldn’t be pondering, just offer the option and see how many people jump on it versus just waiting. i for one living in a snow belt state would appreciate, considering the only option now is an Altima and as they have a CVT, they aren’t on my radar. Also with the new Mazda6 on the way it’s a sure thing it’ll offer it, so why not beat them to market with it.

  • ME

    Good idea, the Jetta and Civic should have it too.

    • Leconte Dave

      Not the same class

      • ME

        Mazda 3 has it

        • nik

          Not the same class

          • ME


          • Alduin

            Just be quiet you’re dumb.

          • ME

            And who are you? Take a hike SB.

          • Alduin

            Someone who knows alot more about cars than you do.

          • ME

            Liar. Go back to TrollsRus Avenue.

          • Alduin

            Says the idiot who confused a Mazda 6 with a Honda Civic. Two completely different segments pal.

          • ME

            No dumb dumb. I never said Mazda 6. I said Mazda 3.
            Now go get a life and leave me alone!

          • Alduin

            Dum dum? what are you 3? Cry to mommy. The article states Mazda 6 you said Mazda 3.

          • ME

            no dumb dumb, simmer down and take your bottle.

    • Bash

      I think all front wheel drive cars should be stop being made you know, cars should be either all wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

      • TechLegend

        standard AWD on eco cars are retarded… another clutch/transfer case and 2 more axels = more maintenance and cost of ownership.

    • Craig

      Should at least offer it. Yes.

  • Alduin

    Make AWD standard. Hopefully Mazda will follow suit with the next Mazda 6 and make that AWD aswell. Finally some automakers are listening to customers wanting AWD in the mid size sedan segment. Hopefully the compact segment will get it too.

    • TechLegend

      Keep it an option… not why so many people are so enamored with AWD in economical d-class cars? Most areas do not need AWD and AWD only complicates the car. Less reliability, more maintenance… why would the average person need that?

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