2020 Hyundai Sonata To Be Sold Globally With 1.6L Turbo And 2.5L Engines

Additional details about the all-new 2020 Hyundai Sonata are continuing to trickle out and two new global engines have just been announced for the mid-size sedan.

The South Korean car manufacturer says that customers outside of Korea, will have a 1.6-liter T-GDI engine and a 2.5-liter GDI engine to choose from. The first of these Smartstream engines produces a total of 180 hp (134 kw) and 194 lb-ft (264 Nm) of torque while the larger 2.5-liter GDI offers up 190 hp (142 kw) and 180 lb-ft (245 Nm) of torque. Both engines are mated exclusively to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

It was revealed last week that new Sonata models sold in Korea will be offered with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 158 hp and a hybrid 2.0-liter four-pot with 144 hp. Hyundai hasn’t specified exactly which markets will receive the aforementioned 1.6-liter and 2.5-liter powertrains, meaning we don’t yet have confirmation as to what engines North American buyers can expect.

Beyond announcing a pair of new powertrains, Hyundai has detailed a selection of the innovative technologies found within the 2020 Sonata. These include a ‘Digital Key’ which uses Near Field Communication (NFC), allowing owners to lock and unlock the vehicle with their smartphone. Various other functions can be performed through the Digital Key.

Elsewhere, we now know that the new Sonata comes complete with advanced driving systems which meet the standard for Level 2 automation. Included among these systems is Forward Collision-Avoidance, Safety Exit Assist, Blind-Spot View Monitor, Lane Follow Assist, Surround View Monitor, Reverse Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist, and Remote Smart Parking Assist.

Hyundai didn’t just work hard in designing an eye-catching exterior for the new car but also spent considerable time crafting a more appealing interior. Found within the new Sonata is a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster while a separate 10.3-inch HD screen is found in the center of the dashboard to control infotainment functions. The 2020 Sonata also comes equipped with a Bose Premium sound system with 12 speakers which utilizes the Bose Centerpoint and Bose SurroundStage technologies to ensure all occupants get the best possible audio experience.

As we’ve mentioned previously, the 2020 Hyundai Sonata is underpinned by the company’s third-generation vehicle platform. This new architecture offers improved safety and helps to better the sedan’s driving dynamics.

We have reached out to Hyundai to see what engines North American buyers will receive and will get back to once we find out more.

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    “The South Korean car manufacturer says that customers outside of North Korea”

    WTF are you guys drunk. Hyundai is not build in North Korea.

    • charlotteharry57

      I think what this means is that Hyundai is SOLD in North Korea.

      • wccw

        …which it is not, so either way it is wrong.


        It’s sad that you don’t get it

  • WalthamDan

    They’ll still need to throw a heavy amount of incentives to move these. That is not an attractive design. For a short time, Hyundai had some very good looking front end designs. Not anymore.

    • charlotteharry57

      In recent Hyundai fashion, you won’t see any major incentives until halfway through the second year (2021). There will be a slew of early adopters, mainly current Sonata owners, who will pay outrageous prices.

    • danno

      You missed your calling in the automotive field as a product planner.

  • Liam Paul

    the 2.5 engine is a safe bet for the USA, clearly it is replacing the 2018-19 2.4 engine

  • charlotteharry57

    SOOOO, this answers my major concern. In that Hyundai would be sticking with the old fire-prone 2.4. I’m betting that, in addition to the 1.6 in an “Eco” version (with the hideous DCT), we’ll see the 2.0T in top-end versions. This is in the US.

    • Salih Ahzem

      Article says “Both engines are mated exclusively to an eight-speed automatic transmission.” with one of the both being the 1.6T Turbo, so where did you et the information about the DCT?


      Is your brain okay? You seem not to get things right

    • Jason Miller

      Someone clearly didn’t read the article.

  • Eddie Williams

    The Design is Beautiful!!!!….Way better then Honda Accord and Toyota Camry

    • Cool guy

      TURD!!!! CHECK YOUR EYES!!!!

  • performante

    I’m not feeling this design language.

  • baofe

    In Asia markets (and many others actually) there is a segment for buyers who want the base of the base models. Doubt Hyundai will bring this one stateside but possibly as an entry offering.

  • baofe

    The 2.0T in the G70 is the same Theta GDI engine found in other Hyundai products. It’s not a Genesis derived engine.


    That’s not going to be available in the states moron.


    AWD Sonata is confirmed. Hyundai should just stick to FWD format.

    • bd0007

      Don’t see why they should as more and more buyers in the snow belt prefer AWD over FWD.

      And there are competitors who have also recently added AWD (Mazda and Nissan; the Fusion also has it, but it’s going away).

      And if Hyundai is going to do a full-bore Sonata-N and not an N-Line, then it will need AWD.


        It’s nice to have both n variant and line.

  • Joe E

    The more I look at the styling of the new Sonata, the more I get a gen-2 Tiburon vibe. Especially the rear.

  • Loquacious Borborygmus

    That steering wheel is different just for the sake of it. Bloody stupid looking.

  • bd0007

    Wish Hyundai stuck w/ Krell for their higher-end audio system, but Bose has more name recognition here.

  • bd0007

    The N-Line or Sonata-N will be getting the new 2.5 turbo (which will first see use as the base engine for the next Genesis G80, in addition to replacing the 2.0T in the G70 and Stinger).

  • bd0007

    No, as the 2.0T will be replaced by the new 2.5T.

    • Rocket

      Atkinson cycle I assume? Similar power but more efficient?

      • Galaxium

        I’m guessing that as well.

        It has to be in the 250-290 horsepower range. Anything greater and that’s too powerful for this segment. The Camry V6 with 301 horsepower is too much for this segment (also given that I believe V6 sales are a rather small portion of actual Camry sales).

        • bd0007

          The 2.5T that is geared for the new Optima GT supposedly puts out 286 hp).

          My guess is that a Sonata N-line would get the same output, but a full-bore Sonata-N would get 300+ hp (and likely get AWD in the process like the Fusion Sport).

  • Cool guy


  • cartube

    The 2.0 LPi is not hybrid, it’s CNG engine.

  • I wanted to upgrade, but with engines being under 200 hp now, I think I’ll keep driving my 2012 Turbo with 274 HP instead

    • bd0007

      An N-line or N variant is forthcoming.

      If the latter, likely will include AWD.

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