2020 Lincoln Corsair Teased As MKC Replacement Ahead Of NY Auto Show

Lincoln has confirmed the world premiere of the all-new Corsair for April 17, at the 2019 New York International Auto Show.

The Blue Oval’s luxury arm did not go into further details on the new model, but it did drop a teaser, which provides a first official look at the MKC’s replacement and the brand’s smallest SUV.

Recent prototypes indicate that it will look like a smaller Aviator, with a simpler lower styling at the front, LED headlights and an evolved clam-shell tailgate. It will also have a slightly slopped roofline to give it a sportier vibe.

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2020 Lincoln Corsair rendering by Josh Byrnes for Carscoops

The cabin design is expected to be more luxurious than the one of the MKC, with chrome and wood trimmings, as well as high-quality leather. Those willing to spend  more on the upcoming Corsair will be able to specify the Black Label package, mimicking the equipment offered in its larger sibling. The SUV won’t miss out on the SYNC3 infotainment system, customizable LCD instrument cluster, smartphone integration and other technologies either.

Riding on an entirely new global platform, the Corsair is likely to get some of the new Ford Escape’s engines, with the list of potential candidates including the 245 horsepower 2.0-liter EcoBoost, 285+ hp 2.3-liter turbo and 2.5-liter PHEV. All-wheel drive will be an optional extra, so base models will have to make do with front-wheel drive.

It’s likely that Lincoln will start taking orders for the Corsair in the coming months, with the 2020MY vehicle attempting a renewed take on the premium sector which is occupied by the Mercedes-Benz GLC, Audi Q5, BMW X3 and others.


  • The rendering seems spot-on. Can’t wait.

  • McFly

    And here’s what happens if you press the enhance button on your computer:

  • charlotteharry57

    I have very mixed feelings about this. The Lincoln version is usually premiered before the Ford version. I was hoping that we would have seen the Corsair in the flesh by now and the Escape at the NY Show. I’ll be majorly bummed if this displaces the Escape from the Show. I’m interested to see the Corsair, but I might BUY an Escape.

    • NoMan2015

      Apparently the Escape is being revealed independently next week, so ahead of the NY Auto Show.

      • Harry_Wild

        Escape ST?

        • NoMan2015

          What’s your question? If there will be an Escape ST? I have no idea…

  • Felipe Politano

    I have questions regarding the Corsair’s positioning within the lineup and competitive set. The MKC is nearly X3-sized but X1-priced, and given its very recent facelift, I could see it being sold alongside the Corsair. The also fairly new Nautilus already competes at the same price point as the X3 and GLC, and Lincoln’s move to give it a 2-liter turbo four has further aligned it to that particular competitive set… so the Corsair, if right-sized and right-priced for that critical segment, could either replace both the MKC and Nautilus (completely overhauling Lincoln’s crossover lineup with supposedly world-beating products) or slot between them (giving Lincoln a more comprehensive crossover lineup for all tastes and needs). Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    • NoMan2015

      This is the MKC replacement; it’s definitely not replacing the Nautilus. Look at it as essentially a mirror image of Ford’s lineup: Escape, Edge, Explorer. The Lincoln equivalents are the Corsair (previously the MKC), Nautilus, and Aviator.

  • FloridaMatt

    I really hope the PHEV availability will come right on the heels of the introduction.

  • SgtBeavis

    I love the name. Thank you Lincoln for bucking the trend of boring alphanumeric names. Thank you for your American Luxury styling. You’re not quite there guys, but you’ve made sooooo much great progress.

    Just a couple of years ago I had Lincoln written off as dead. It’s been an amazing turn around.

    • Merc1

      I agree.


  • Harry Flores

    Looks great! I’m hoping the Conti survives with future suicide doors on regular production and refreshed front and rear. I also hope that MKZ is replaced with a CT4 and CT5 competitor and call it the Mark IX. Cadillac will have 3 sedans and eventually 2 with CT6 going away by 2021. So for Lincoln to keep 2 sedans would sound logical.

  • Nordschleife

    No trying to be funny but in silhouette, I got 2 generations ago Toyota Rav4. I know it won’t look like it, but this darken silhouette, that is what I got.

  • Jorge Salazar

    that is the best looking suv …it looks solid ….. expensive …just the best suv out there …the rendering if it is correct!!!!

  • Jerry Hightower

    It looks good! Just don’t know why they would name it the Corsair. The name is still associated with the Edsel.

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