Mitsubishi Engelberg Concept Looks Like An Outlander From The Future (Live Pics)

Mitsubishi’s Engelberg Concept has been presented at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, in a world premiere.

Named after a Swiss ski resort, it uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain, with a 2.4-liter petrol engine, four-wheel drive system and the ability to travel for up to 70 km (43 miles) on zero-emissions, in the WLTP standard. The total driving range is over 700 km (434 miles).

The front end carries the brand’s X-shaped signature styling. The show car has an enclosed grille, slender headlights and taillights, LED DRLs, chrome detailing and front and rear skid plates. The roof-mounted box, with an auto open/close feature, incorporates additional lights. The traditional door handles and side mirrors have been kept away from the design.

Opening the door reveals a spacious cabin with three rows of seats, plenty of white leather and blue lighting. The dashboard has a clean layout with digital gauges and a tablet-like infotainment system, and there are more controls on the center console, including the air-con, driving mode selector and gearshift lever.

The brand’s Dendo Drive House (DDH) has also been showcased during the Swiss auto show. Described as “a packaged system comprising the EV/PHEV, a bi-directional charger, solar panels and home battery”, it’s a power supply system designed for domestic use.

This feature can reduce fuel costs and lower electricity bills by running appliances in the home. Thanks to its versatility, it’s also capable of acting as a backup generator.

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  • roy

    Looks more like a kia tellurideconcept from the past. With merc/BMW rear.

  • Nice interior

  • charlotteharry57

    Well, we’ve seen a bunch of ugly CUV prototypes and production models in the past year, but, by far, this thing is HIDEOUS (on the outside).

  • StrangerGP

    It’s not the worst concept from Mitsubishi, although the roof solar panels are hideous.

    • Mike anonymous

      I believe they are removable. The production variant of the vehicle won’t have that top piece like that and they are here on this concept simply for show, So no worries.

    • Bo Hanan

      What makes me nervous about Mitsubishi show cars is that they’re likely to arrive at dealers- unchanged. LOL.

      • Perry F. Bruns

        It’s basically the problem that other automakers have in reverse.

        Honda / Toyota / Hyundai / Nissan / Ford / GM / etc.: “Everyone loves these little quirky features but they cost too much to manufacture.”

        Mitsubishi: “Everyone hates these little quirky features. Leave them in.”

  • Dennis Scipio

    I still think this previewing the next Generation Outlander/Outlander PHEV. The body shape isn’t too far away from production.

  • Mike anonymous

    This Vehicle Is A lot closer to the production version than Mitsubishi may be (& likely is) letting on.

    Just to let people know, this is actually close to production (even though it may not seem that way to some, it is). The exterior components and body work are pretty much exactly what the production version of the vehicle will look like (of course apart from some of the excessive things such as the blue LED strips, ‘Mirrors’, & the Removable solar Accessories on the roof).
    What many people may not realize or know is that this vehicle is something Mitsubishi has been working on behind closed doors for the last 4/5+ years (the specific vehicle).
    Note the (Imo) bad facelifts and updates of vehicles from nearly a decade ago, it is very clear that this vehicle is where Mitsubishi has been pouring all of its’ vehicle dedicated investments into (Apart from the PHEV platform they’ve been developing).

    The vehicle shown here is actually the ‘more production ready like concept’ of the original “GT-PHEV Concept” (shown below).

    As for the interior (if you pay attention to the details) this is very clearly a ‘gussied up’ version of what will be available in the production vehicle. (When I say gussied up, i am referring to the concept seats and things like that, But) Notice the dashboard. It is nearly entirely production ready (infotainment, road legal steering wheel, plastic air-vents), and is not unlike something you might see in a vehicle from (a ‘higher-end‘) Toyota or Kia.

    All in all this gives us a pretty good ‘pre-production concept’ look at what to expect from the production version of this vehicle. So finally for the first time in a (really really big) blue moon,.. we may actually get something.. good from Mitsubishi.

  • Sebastien

    Interesting! PHEV with good range, high ground clearance and good AWD.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    I’m holding out for the Bad News Bears edition. #deepcut

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