Polestar 0 Is A Boxy And Edgy Concept For A Future Family EV

Polestar is in the process of establishing a family of all-electric models and with the Polestar 2, is shaping up to become a legitimate Tesla rival.

However, unlike Tesla, which now has four models in its range, the current Polestar range only consists of the 1 and 2 models. To give us an idea of what a new Polestar model could look like, Rashid Tagirov has created this: the Polestar 0.

The concept hasn’t been dubbed the Polestar 3 because the car manufacturer is already developing such a model in the form of an SUV. Unlike that vehicle, though, the Polestar 0 is a four-door rival to the Tesla Model S.

The unconventional design of the concept immediately catches the eye. Free from regulation and safety constraints, Tagirov has been able to design a vehicle with dramatically more radical styling than the Polestar 1 and 2. Consequently, the car incorporates a sharp, boxy design which is dominated by straight lines and is devoid of any curves. There’s a single LED headlight bar running the width of the vehicle, squared wheel arches, and a pair of free-standing fins rising above the rear wheel arches.

As with most actual new concepts, door mirrors are replaced by small cameras and while there are no images of the cabin, it’s clear that it can carry at least four adults. With the aggressive roofline, however, headroom could be limited.

As intriguing as the concept is, it is just an exercise, and a very futuristic at that. In reality, Polestar is currently developing the 3 SUV, while its fourth model is expected to be an all-electric convertible.

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  • no25

    ummm that’s uh…um. ok

  • salamOOn

    no bullshit? really? im NOT SO SURE about it.

  • McFly

    The interesting thing here is that these sketches were made during an internship at Volvo Cars exterior design. This means that he had some kind of guidance and initial brief from Volvo/Polestar.

    With that in mind, what we see is that the Polestar design language isn’t moving away from that of Volvo anytime soon. Beside the obvious removal of the grille, we see equally obvious remains of Volvo cues.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Stunning. I think it’s a car designed for technology hardware lovers, like a high-end graphics card 10 years from now. I will be really depressed if someone doesn’t build a concept car that looks like this, especially that extended piece of glass (fins) that remind me of the boat tails seen on semi trucks or the extending rear end on the Mercedes Concept IAA. It also reminds me of a 4-door version of some of the Audi Quatro concepts; In concept at least.

    I’d love to see this designer try to design a road-going version, at normal vehicle height, with large but within reason sized wheels, because I’d love to see this design adapted to a final road going Polestar-0 product, or added/grafted onto existing Volvo products that could be potential Polestar products in the future, such as the XC90, S90, or the V90 Cross Country. Great work.

    • Smith

      Ugly and not a car designer! This person should design bread boxes, that is about the limit for this designer.

  • Smith

    It is a ZERO, say no more!

  • enthusia

    It’s very Syd Mead.

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