Porsche To Keep Selling Petrol Macan Alongside 2021 EV-Only Successor

Porsche has detailed its future plans for the Macan, which will switch to an electric powertrain only for its second generation that’s due in 2021. The German carmaker said it’ll continue selling the current petrol model alongside the EV for an undetermined time.

The news were confirmed by a Porsche spokesperson to Autocar, saying that “the petrol-engine Macan will continue to be produced alongside the new electric PPE-based Macan in Leipzig”.

The spokesperson didn’t reveal the time period during which the will the two generations of Macan will coexist: “There will be a transition time, but just how long that will be has not yet been determined.”

The decision to extend the production cycle of the current Macan was based on concerns that some markets are not yet ready for a sudden switch to battery electric powertrains, and the Macan is selling too well for Porsche to jeopardize its success.

“The move to a fully electric model line-up is suitable for certain markets but, due to a lack of infrastructure and other hurdles, it is yet not possible in other markets,” said Porsche. “We are constantly monitoring the situation and can react accordingly.”

That means that petrol-powered models of the premium compact SUV will continue using the Audi-developed MLB platform, while the battery electric version will ride on the new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture that’s been co-developed by Audi and Porsche.

In order to avoid having two different-looking models in the same segment, Porsche is planning to give both the petrol and electric Macan models a similar exterior and interior styling. Audi is expected to take the same route with the next-generation Q5.

The battery electric Macan is scheduled for a launch in 2021 as the brand’s third EV after the Taycan and Taycan Sport Turismo.

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  • Serhii Kniaziuk

    I really was waiting for Macan Hybrid with last Cayenne E-hybird specs. Really cool combination of gasoline powertrain and electric motor

  • StrangerGP

    It’s gonna be a really long transition period.

  • CarlK

    Pretty smart move, or sneaky move depends on how you want to look at it. Just call whatever the next EV you’re going to make Macan and keep everything else the same.

  • Alex

    Sounds much like what Renault did with Captur: the first-world model is based on the Clio 4 platform while the third-world model is based on the Duster platform.

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