Tesla Model 3 Reportedly Outsold BMW 3, Merc C-Class And Audi A4 Sedans In Europe (Update #2)

The Tesla Model 3 has made a pretty strong start in Europe, as it became the region’s best-selling electric vehicle in its first full month on the market, and reportedly, the best-selling premium compact sedan too.

What’s remarkable is that the new Tesla outsold Europe’s strong players in the EV segment such as the Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe, despite being significantly more expensive and available for a short amount of time.

According to Jato Dynamics, Tesla sold a total of 3,657 Model 3s last month. Second place went to the Renault Zoe, with 2,884 units, followed by the Nissan Leaf, the BMW i3 and the Hyundai Kona Electric. “The performance of the Model 3 is remarkable, given we normally don’t see this kind of result until four or five months after a new car has hit the roads”, said Jato’s global analyst Felipe Munoz.

The achievement of the Model 3 becomes more impressive if you take into consideration that most of its volume in February came from private customers, unlike the usual trend of a new models’ volume being made up mostly of fleet registrations.

However, Tesla had opened pre-order books in Europe for some months now, which helped it in gathering buyers ahead of the Model 3’s launch.

It reportedly beat Germany’s Big 3 premium compact sedans too

An even more stunning achievement is that according to Jato’s data, just like in the U.S., the entry-level Tesla “became the top-selling premium midsize sedan in Europe – outperforming the popular Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series” in February.

“Its long-lasting impact will depend on how quickly the German premium makers, Volvo and JLR react to the arrival of the Model 3 to Europe and how quickly they can bring in their own midsize electric cars,”said  Munoz.

Update #2: Jato backed up its claim that the Tesla Model 3 is the “best-selling premium sedan” in Europe (21 countries) for February. The electric model sold more units than the sedan versions of models like the Audi A4, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes C-Class, but the German models sold overall more examples when you take into consideration their station-wagon, coupe etc. derivatives. Jato sent us a new graph showing the sales numbers of the premium midsize class divided by bodystyle. We have contacted Audi, BMW and Mercedes for a comment, and we’ll update once we hear back.



  • lagunas3ca

    Where all the I-PACE fanboys at?

  • salamOOn

    “and available for a short amount of time.”

    well, this fact is actually doing a favour for tesla in this another “tesla is super” story.
    when you have to wait almost 2 years for the car to come to europe, then its sure that first months (after its finally available) will be strong.

  • Daniela Wolf

    Tesla X and S sales dropping for months now…let’s discuss about the Model 3 again in one year.

    • jmrd

      that´s why they coming with a refresh of those soon

      • Mr. EP9

        According to what sources? I haven’t heard anything about a mid-cycle refresh for either.

        • jmrd

          according to common sense and a lot of indicators

    • lagunas3ca

      Yet still the top-selling vehicle…

      • Daniela Wolf

        Not in europe.^^

  • Smith

    See if it stays there for a year, then that will be impressive, otherwise just early adopter hype. Need longevity to be a successful company, haven’t shown that yet. Still a novelty and a gimmick, not a serious car company. And that interior, cheap minimalistic and definitely not going to steal sales away from Mercedes or Audi or BMW.

    • jmrd

      i thought the same abour the original iphone

    • HN

      “And that interior, cheap minimalistic and definitely not going to steal sales away from Mercedes or Audi or BMW.”

      Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus … saw their market share lost big to Tesla in the last 6 months of 2018. Tesla Model 3 found American owners more than all BMW sedans in those 6 months.

    • TheBelltower

      Why go for a “cheap minimalistic” style of the Model 3 when you can have a C-class that has the interior designed after a New Jersey strip club.

      • John F. Murphy


  • P H

    “And just like in the U.S., the entry-level Tesla managed to surpass popular models like the Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series and become the top-selling premium midsize sedan in Europe as well.”



    “According to Jato Dynamics, Tesla sold a total of 3,657 Model 3s last month.”

    Let’s take a look at the numbers of Germany’s Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (Federal Motor Transport Authority). The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt is within the scope of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure so these are official numbers.

    Newly registered cars in Febuary 2019 (IN GERMANY ALONE WITHOUT THE REST OF EUROPE):

    AUDI A4, S4, RS4 3.951
    BMW 3ER 2.374

    Source: https://www.kba.de/DE/Statistik/Fahrzeuge/Neuzulassungen/Segmente/segmente_node.html

    • JohnCarscoop

      You’re right about that. We should have checked those claims from Jato more carefully. We’ve amended the article and have asked Jato about it.

      • P H

        The sheets of these JATO-“experts” are named

        “Europe-22 Car Regs. by Fuel type February”
        “Europe-27 Car Regs. February Market share by segment”
        “TOP 25 Brands & Models February 2019. Europe-27”

        as well as

        “Premium midsize segment regs. Europe-21 February 2019”

        So it’s not until February 21st but for the whole month of February – just not for whole Europe (only Europe-21) probably because they couldn’t get separate registration numbers for the different bodystyles from the missing countries. But Europe consists of the EU (still 28 countries) + Norway + Switzerland etc. = so much more than Europe-21.

        Plus the people here like wagons much more than sedans.

        So it’s BULLSHIT and clickbait to claim that the Model 3 is the “best-selling premium sedan” in Europe, too.

        • JohnCarscoop

          We’ve asked Jato to clarify which countries are included (that Europe – 21 February 2019 is confusing…). Mercedes will not break down its sales – period, BMW responded asking for which countries and Audi has not replied yet. If and when they do, we’ll inform you about any changes.

  • jmrd

    march will bring the shocking numbers

  • jmrd

    only that this time, will be the third amazing quarter in a row

  • Liam Paul

    I do not get why people want a car that looks like an Egg!

    • fathornyblackandjoe

      Because look at those eggs car go…

    • I do not understand why people want SUV’s and other gigantic cars… khm tiny d… khm… Actually I do 😉

  • jmrd

    get it out now, republished a month later

  • JohnCarscoop

    As you can see in the updated piece, Jato replied to us that those numbers are for the sedan bodystyle only from Feb 1 to 21. We’re already contacted all three German automakers to confirm their European sale numbers on the respective sedan models and waiting for their response.

    • Joseph Brown

      The real news here is not necessarily that Model 3 is ‘out selling’ the German automakers — it is that it is selling at all. The German heartland has very loyal customers, and selling well — even if not in the #1 spot — is remarkable. Doubly remarkable for a BEV vs ICE.

  • MarketAndChurch

    I hope it ends up outselling the C-class.

  • atomicbri

    I know this is about the Tesla, but I honestly did not realize how many estate variants these companies sold compared to their sedan variants. That was an interesting piece of info for me! Wish they sold more of them here in the States.

    • Mike anonymous

      I miss Estates. Volvo makes my favorite amongst the industry.

      Cadillac used to make a great estate as well, but Cadillac themselves as a brand have taken a bit of a step backward in comparison to where they use to be with SOME of their vehicles & vehicle plans.

      Before management changed in 2013, They had plans to actually produce concepts such as the Ciel to move upmarket to compete with Bentley, but as of today things are a little different. This was also the year I believed they stopped making the estate (if not it may have been a year or so prior).

      Overall I agree I wish they would being more vehicles such as this state-side.

  • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

    wait for the march sales, in norway the tesla model 3 is braking records, around 4500 model 3 has ben sold, nuber 2 on the list is golf with around 900 sales, the last record in one mounth sale was the Leaf last year with 2200 cars in april.

  • blunt-o

    If Humans weren’t terminally dumb, we would be all driving Teslas, Nissan Leafs, and electric Smarts…..

    • Stephen G

      Why do you say that?

      • Howfarr

        this should be good..

      • Because ICE’s are heavily polluting our cities and people are dying as a result? Funny how we don’t understand the obvious reason why our vacuum cleaners are electric and not diesel. Or our microwaves. Or whatever equipment you use indoor.

        • Stephen G

          Makes sense. I’m really interested in how many electric cars you have owned or currently own?

          • There is even one better thing: I use car-sharing for my city trips. Electric cars shared by many people. Less space needed in the city, and less manufacturing.

          • Stephen G

            That is fantastic. You sound like a person of some means or are very young. Not everybody has had the luxury of being able to hail an electric car most or all their life. Of course you know the vehicles that deliver goods and services to the city where you live are ICE powered. The only thing is, unless you live next to a hydroelectric power plant, most renewable power sources are a relatively new. So the electricity you’ve used throughout your life probably generated lots of pollution. Also, not everybody can afford an expensive electric car that meets their transportation needs. And owning more than one vehicle is even more wasteful. I noticed too that you removed your original post(?)

          • I haven’t removed any posts. Yes of course I use energy, how is this related? Electric cars are 10 times more efficient than an average ICE car, that’s the whole point. Not everyone can afford it now(!), and that’s fine, but this is the right direction, simply because it’s 1. much more efficient 2. does not pollute locally 3. the CO2 pollution decreases with the upgrade of the energy supply (that gets greener each year) 4. it’s less noisy than ICE’s (if you live in a city you know how annoying it is to listen to loud cars in the middle of the night…). So, what’s wrong with this?

          • Stephen G

            I never said there was anything wrong with it. I was responding to the comment about “Humans being terminally dumb” if they’re not driving an electric. I was pointing out the reasons why someone may not own an electric and that they aren’t as “smart” as most people think they are.

    • Vassilis

      You know there are many people out there who actually like to drive, not just commute, right?

      • You just proved you haven’t driven any electric car. I have been driving Ferraris, Nissan GTR and alike, and I find an i3 more fun in the city (where I do most of my driving) than any of the mentioned supercars. There is something about the full torque at 0 rpm that makes you hooked.

        • Vassilis

          You find an electric city car more fun in the city than supercars and sports cars? No way! Minor detail, people who like to drive don’t enjoy doing so in the city. And you proved you actually don’t like driving.

          • Minor detail, I wrote that that’s where I do most of my driving. Like most people in the world, especially the ones that can afford these type of cars. The only people that drive Ferraris (and other supercars) in cities like London or New York are the ones that have major masculinity and or ego issues. Unless you have quick access to a race track or great countryside roads nearby, these cars make no sense. Hence, yes, even an MX5 / Miata is much more fun than a Ferrari. Just try them at city speeds, and tight streets and you will know what I mean. It’s really not fun to have a wide car like a 458 Italia going through small streets.

          • Vassilis

            Except, there are other types of cars for those that enjoy driving apart from supercars. Hot hatches, little sports cars etc. And there are usually nice b-roads half an hour outside any city where people who like driving and are lucky to own a fun-to-drive car can enjoy said car and driving.

          • The i3 is a little hot hatch, and there are many more that are coming with similar performance. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll have fun too.

          • Vassilis

            We have very different definitions of what a hot hatch is. Even a little one. :p

      • S3XY

        You don’t have to drive a Tesla, it can drive you, if you’d like.

    • UnapolMisanth

      Read Salasito’s last point…

      The problem may just be ignorance…as you have demonstrated.

      If we ALL drove the cars permitted by your fantasy, the environment would be in greater trouble than it is now. Do not put the cart before the horse. First, we need millions more kW of sustainable, clean, electricity production. Then we need sustainable, clean, storage for all of it…two huge hurdles to surmount before pushing everyone into all electric cars.

      The battery arrays are enough to disqualify every single fully electric car as “green”.

      Currently, the net environmental impact (from production through its life of use) of an electric car is estimated to be no better than that of a moderately efficient ICE car…if not significantly worse (as the jury is still out on the actual lifespan of these vehicles)

      I guess it is nice to belong to something…but maybe ask a few questions before signing up?

      • filetx

        It’s right that they are about equal in CO2 impact right now, however the emissions of an electric car during use and in production are coupled to that of the power grid, and with a lot of countries switching to greener energy they have a huge potential. ICE cars simply don’t have much room for improvement.

        As they are about equal in emissions and also are beginning to be practical, right now is the perfect time to switch from ICE to electric vehicles. But with right now I mean the next 10 – 20 years for >50% electric cars. Anyone who is wants an instant switch to electric is kinda detached from reality, I think we can agree on that.

    • TheHake

      Yes because getting lithium out of the ground for those batteries is the best thing ever…

  • LJ

    My ideal garage would be a Model 3 for daily commuting and a Mustang GT for everything else.

  • anonymousOne7234

    I don’t really get the point here…

    Let me do the math:
    Model 3: 5977 sold cars
    Audi A4: 6850 sold cars
    MB C-Class: 10.477 sold cars

    So where did Tesla outsell Audi and Mercedes?

    Even differentiating between wagon and sedan, Model 3 did NOT outsell Audi and Mercedes…

  • Pavel B.

    Can’t stand Tesla. Overrated junk.

    • S3XY

      Says a human that has never driven one nor daily drives one.

      • Pavel B.

        Why would I daily drive something where there’s nowhere to charge it? It’s nothing but a overpriced rich man’s junk toy. You have one? Don’t get salty because someone has a different opinion.

        • Dude Metal

          You have a different opinion without having ever tried one? How can you have ANY opinion about it to begin with, then?

  • JohnCarscoop

    We’ve talked to both Mercedes and Jato. Jato made it clear that their data concerns sedans only. Mercedes refused to provide us with specific data on C-Class sedan sales in Europe.

    Here’s what they replied:

    “Sales of the new C-Class Sedan and Estate models have reached a new high with approximately 66,500 cars delivered in the first two months of this year (+4.9%). Please understand, that we do not publish monthly sales figures down by every single model for every region besides our official monthly sales release. Regarding the report from Jato, it is important for us to underline, that we communicate for Mercedes-Benz retail sales figures, while the report talks about registrations.”

  • JohnCarscoop

    We did not acknowledge that the data is incorrect, but that further investigation is needed. We contacted both Jato and each automaker separately. Jato replied that their numbers are from Feb 1 to 21, for SEDAN sales ONLY. Mercedes would not give us a breakdown of their C-Class sales per bodystyle and region (Europe), and we’re still waiting for the other two companies to respond.


      Tesla has just delivered preorder cars. That’s the only truth.

  • Six_Tymes

    well, good for them.

  • S3XY

    That’s what every Tesla driver thinks when they smash the pedal.

    • Dude Metal

      That’s not*

    • gambit gamboa

      Ive driven one and its garbage after the initial launch, my M5 just keeps on going.

      Oh you forgot to mention, it runs out of juice after a few launches.

  • S3XY

    This is the rEVolution. It’s occurring every day. Just remember, while you drive your gas car, someone is driving a Tesla and is then placing an order and is never going to drive nor purchase a gas car again. This is simply what happens. The Tesla effect.

    • baofe

      Strong scent of fanboyism radiating off of you. Doesn’t help that you’re preaching to the wrong choir here. Mocking gasoline and boasting about how great electric is does not help your argument. Only makes you come off as a tool.

      • Joe E

        Sometimes I think S3XY is Elon Musk himself

        • baofe

          That or just a very young child who cannot drive yet. He could also be trolling, although if that was the case it’s more sad than funny.

        • Tom Williams

          ..nah, that SUX……

    • Stephen G

      That’s nice but as long as I can buy a ICE powered Chevy Sonic for $15K I am not spending $50K+ on an EV. I can find better things to do with $25K.

    • Tom Williams

      Just remember, while you drive your gas car, someone is driving a Tesla ****** Yeah, I pass them on the highway, doing 80+, while they’re in the middle lane driving less than the spped limit, hoping to make that next super Charger, for 30-40 min. so they can make anothet 200 miles……. I’m really, how many meals can you eat in a day?

  • 4rjk .

    One has to remember that Tesla Model 3 sales reflect a backlog of unfulfilled orders. They are continuously playing catch-up and can use an accumulated number for a designated time period.

  • C.P. Steinmetz

    The Leno has spoken. Electric is the future. Deal with it, boys.

    • Benjamin B.

      The C-Class outsold the Model 3 by a considerable margin actually. Its sedan variant is nearly as popular as the Model 3.

  • That is just insane. In a country with such small population proportionately that is like selling 83000 in Germany or selling 327000 in the USA! What the hell!

    • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

      Yes it is, and the cars thats for sale cost from around 47000 dollar up to 72000 dollar ,so yea its quite insane in a country with 5,2 million People.

    • McFly

      Yes, Norway is a perfect storm for electric vehicles. A lot of factors interact (it’s not only about legislation and tax reductions).

  • Benjamin B.

    Why does Volvo still build the S60 sedan when it only sold 55 units? I would consider discontinuing the S60. People who buy Volvos buy estates/wagons. Who else agrees with me that Volvo should stop building sedans?

    • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

      the new s60 isnt for sale yet in europe only the new v60

      • Benjamin B.

        I don’t think Volvo should even offer it to Europeans


    Tesla is not a premium car. ??‍♂️

  • Kapi19

    What a shame! No Giulia Wagon

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