Tesla Model 3 Performance Good Enough To Wow The Europeans As Well?

With Tesla having started the first deliveries of the Model 3 in Europe, it’s time to find out if the popular electric car will make the same impression as it did in the US.

European customers will be limited to the two all-wheel drive variants for the time being, with the cheaper versions to follow on a later date. This also means that the starting price for the Model 3 in Europe is currently set at a little over 50,000 euros (around $56,400 in current exchange rates).

Carwow got its hands on a Model 3 Performance on French plates, giving us an in-depth review of the smaller Tesla. Despite many reports of inconsistent quality control, the test car appears to be very well sorted in terms of fit and finish. In fact, the reviewer finds the Model 3 to be better built than the more expensive Model S.

The dual-motor, all-wheel drive electric powetrain provides a maximum output of 450hp and 471lb-ft (638Nm) of torque, catapulting the Model 3 Performance into 62mph (100km/h) from a standstill in 3.4 seconds. Top speed is rated at 162mph (261km/h).

Tesla claims a driving range of up to 330 miles (530km) on the WLTP cycle. The Performance version of the Model 3 also benefits from features such as a lower ride height, 20-inch alloy wheels with sticky Michelin tires and bigger brakes, a carbon lip spoiler, a special Track mode and more.

So, is all that good enough to make European customers fall in love with the entry-level Tesla? Let’s find out in the video right below.


  • alexxx

    I am impressed…

  • blunt-o

    Prius 2015 smoothed.

    • James Denz

      The Prius is not an electric vehicle.

  • Daniela Wolf

    68K excluding Tesla’s category ” fuel savings “. Therefore it costs 78K € in Germany which equals 91.260 $ ….

  • Alduin

    Teslas are such garbage cars. Overrated and overpriced.

    • James Denz

      What makes them garbage in you opinion? They’re the fourth best selling sedan in the US now.

      • Alduin

        Their quality sucks for one and Elon Musk is a smug douchebag. Thats ok Tesla owners will continue to crash their cars and die because they rely too much on autopilot. Darwin award winners right there.

        • Darnell Robeson

          u are such a hater…and super negative

    • HN

      “Teslas are such garbage cars.”

      Consumer Reports rated Tesla Model has the best customer satisfaction, better than Porsche 911. A garbage car has higher customer satisfaction than all other cars ?

  • James Denz

    With the base model at $35,000 available, these Model 3s are everywhere. Even before the base model became available, these sedans became one of the best selling cars in the US. My neighbors are all very happy with their purchases so far. One neighbor has two of them.

    • Arthur Burnside

      What planet are you living on? Model 3 sales in the U.S. are dreadful and not much better in China and Europe. Tesla Model and Model X getting absolutely murdered by I Pace and not-yet-in-production Porsche Taycan. Dozens of stock analysts have downgraded Tesla stock because oif weak demand and lower profit margins after what seems like a million price cuts, something Musl swore up and down he would never do.

      • Yavor

        Sounds like copy laste from 2 years ago. Literally none of that is true…

      • stockinbug

        Murdered by I-Pace???

        I-pace sells about 200 cars / month in the US, compared to thousands of cars for each Tesla model.

  • Daniela Wolf

    Update: German courts forbid Tesla’s way of advertising.

    • I agree with that, but what the hell does it have to do with the pricing?

      • Daniela Wolf

        Now Tesla models in germany are tagged 10 000€ higher than before.^^

  • DMax

    In the US tax is not included because it’s different in every state. The VAT goes to your greedy governments not manufacturers, so it’s the US prices that are the real ones.

  • Arthur Burnside

    Tesla talks safetym, then pushed their customers into the lethally deadly Autopilot and allows 130-140 MPH top speeds. Take a look at a responsible company like Volvo, who limits top speed and does not make their EVs acceleration great enough to endanger everyone. Tesla produces unsafe sacrs and then , what’s worse, lures buyers on the basis of deadly speed.

    • HN

      “Take a look at a responsible company like Volvo, who limits top speed and does not make their EVs acceleration great enough to endanger everyone.”

      Then post what are the acceleration and top speed of BMW M3, M5 … BMW is an irresponsible company ? How are the performance of Mercedes, Audi, Porsche … ? They are as slow as Toyota Corolla ?

    • stockinbug

      NHTSA safety testing ranks Tesla cars the safest. Even safer than Volvo.

  • HN

    “in Europe we don’t use fake prices like in the US”

    We don’t have fake price on anything in the US. We have the car price before tax, fees, incentives. There are different car tax rate in the 50 states and even counties within a state.

    • I guess it’s a hard concept for many to grasp…

  • I guess you have never been to the USA? You go to a restaurant and food prices don’t include taxes. It’s not Tesla, it’s the country.

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