Tesla Finally Launches $35,000 Base Model 3 With 220 Miles Range

After almost two years of waiting, Tesla has finally announced the base $35,000 version of the Model 3, which you may push further down if you happen to have any incentives available in your State.

For example, in Massachusetts, Tesla’s site claims that you could be eligible for an extra $3,750 Federal Tax Credits and $2,500 Massachusetts EV rebate for a total of $6,250. As usual, it also states that you’ll save $4,300 in gas, but we won’t get into that silly advertising debate.

The Standard Range version of the Tesla Model 3 offers a shorter driving range compared to its more expensive siblings, at 220 miles, and features a new, poorer spec for the interior; the seats are now cloth, the steering and seats are manually adjusted, the navigation has lost some features and the Bluetooth audio system has been downgraded.

However, the cheaper Tesla Model 3 is still capable of doing the 0-60mph run in 5.6 seconds and hit 130 mph (209km/h) flat out, putting it in a different performance league compared to let’s say a long-range Nissan Leaf.

In addition, Tesla is launching another new version in the Model 3 lineup, called the Standard Range Plus, with 240 miles of range, 12-way adjustable heated front seats, an upgraded audio, LED fog lamps and more. Tesla says that the Standard Range Plus, which is priced at $37,000, can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 5.3 seconds and reach 140mph flat out.

Tesla has managed to bring the $35k Model 3 into the market sooner than originally expected, as it will shift its sales worldwide to online only, enabling them to lower all of their prices by around 6 percent on average across its lineup.

A range of new over-the-air updates will be released soon for both new and existing customers, adding an average of around 5% more peak power to all Model 3 vehicles. The upgrades will also increase the range of the Long Range RWD version to 325 miles, as well as the top speed of the Model 3 Performance to 162mph.

The $35,000 version of the Tesla Model 3 is available now on the company’s website, with first deliveries expected to start as early as this month.


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    • danno

      bUt iTs cAp lOCKs oR nOt.

  • Nordschleife

    Well look at that. It finally came. Kudos Tesla Kudos

  • Merc1

    These things are EVERYWHERE now, so I can only imagine going forward. There is no such thing as a premium interior in a Tesla.


  • Craig

    It sounds pretty good to me. Still not a huge fan of the BIG screen only dashboard.

    • SteersUright

      same, would like to see some regular gauges.

      • S3XY

        No caveman.

    • S3XY

      I love it. Its amazing. It is all you need. Everything else is unnecessary.

      • ace_9

        You meant to say “until Tesla introduces some replacement for the screen” at the end…

    • rodriguez256

      I don’t mind the screen, my only gripe is that it controls everything.

  • PhilMcGraw

    It’s a huge step. Now if they can produce these Model 3’s with the reliability that people want then nothing can really stop it.

  • vvmdrf

    Looks like the Polestar 2 news yesterday scared them lol

    • S3XY

      Ya, Oldvo scared Tesla with their 2020 timeline production of their first $45,000 EV with no charging network.

      Very scary.

  • Richard Alexander

    (doors fall off)

  • Dude

    That’s nice to see. The EV race is heating up. Especially because this is a serious attack on something like the Audi A3.

    Also, Engineering explained just put out a great video on the misconceptions about gas savings in electric cars. It’s not because gas is expensive (it’s very cheap right now) but people save >~$1000/year vs comparable cars because electric motors are so efficient. Though versus a cheaper more fuel efficient car you’d save around $400/year.

    • Nick Hebert

      Basically a lot less drivetrain loss with less moving parts and the electric motor much being more efficient at transferring energy into motion. I think something like 80% of energy is lost in heat for ICE alone. So even though gasoline is much more energy dense than batteries, the losses in transferring that into kinetic energy are much greater.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Good job, Tesla.

    Like @Merc1:disqus said these things already clutter roads now , so I can only imagine what it will be like in a few months.

  • Mr. EP9


    I’m sure all those people who waited patiently for 3 years are ecstatic. Too bad they won’t get the 7500 tax credit, though. It could have been had for under 30k. Oh well, a day late and a dollar short.

    • S3XY

      You have to be making a certain amount in order to qualify for $7,500. People waiting for $35k model 3 most likely wouldn’t have qualified for that amount.

  • What are the depreciation levels like for a Tesla vehicle?

    • I hope big. Would love to buy a Model 3 at $20k with a few k miles in it 🙂 On a serious note, you can check Model S stats. It’s keeping it’s price better than the competition.

      • serge charles

        Yeah 35k used Model S would be a steal. No moving parts to break so less maintenance concerns

        • ace_9

          Yes, yes, no moving parts… it’s levitating using a solid state generator of anti-gravitational waves…

    • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

      They hold their value REALLY well for an EV.

      Check prices on Autotrader.

  • Bash

    Still not interested in it.

    • S3XY

      That’s okay caveman.

      You don’t have to like it, but you will be forced to accept it.

      Today is the happiest day for me. Tesla is more than just a car.

      This is a rEVolution. The switch to sustainable energy. Unprecedented times we are in.

      • Mike anonymous

        Sustainable means “of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged”.

        I am all for Sustainable methods (not just battery electric, but Flow-Cell, Water, etc), But in regards to battery electric vehicles; How does the battery (or electric tank) with b-memory last, and What exactly happens to ALL of these batteries once they’ve been used up?

        They are not exactly safe, and if anything are toxic for the planet itself. So while sustainability may be better, (note there are other kinds of EVs’, but) battery electric vehicles are not ‘Clean’ “free from dirt or pollution”.

        Forget simply Tesla, but most buyers of ALL Battery Powered EVs’ are not really aware that a Sustainable means of transportation, is not the same as a clean means of transportation.

        The difference between Sustainable energy, and clean energy is still huge. One (that one being sustainability) can (while refraining from using up natural resources, ) still leave unhealthy impacts on our environment. It should be noted that HOW one goes about Sustainability is just as important as sustainability itself.

        • serge charles

          This is an excellent point that I have never considered! We should switch to internal combustion cellphones!

          • Mike anonymous

            I am not sure if your being sarcastic, but I my point is towards battery powered EVs’. As stated there ARE other types of Electric propulsion systems for Vehicles (EV) opposed to those that use your typical batteries.

            You can have a clean EV,. but Battery EVs’ are not clean. That is the secondary point.

            The main point being; many people assume the word ‘sustainable’ is the same as ‘clean’. & That many people don’t consider what happens to the batteries AFTER they’ve been used. There are other ‘clean’ ways to create & store electricity apart from batteries themselves.

          • ace_9

            You also don’t know what sustainable energy means. Cars are consuming energy, not creating it. So what is sustainable on that? Do you really think that all the energy from oil is going to be replaced by batteries that will somehow be magically recharged during night?

          • Mike anonymous

            “Do you really think that all the energy from oil is going to be replaced by batteries that will somehow”… whoah now, I never said that. But there are alternative means to creating & holding energy (not just electron energy).

            I do understand its’ meaning (I stated the definition previously). My point is; There are different ways to obtain & create clean energy that exist, as well as to point out & not to confuse Sustainable with Clean, as many people do.

          • ace_9

            And still ignoring the fact that no sustainable way to replace all the oil energy… Do you really think wind, sun and water is going to replace all the energy from oil and all of us will be happily driving around in electric cars? Plus the energy needed to built additional infrastructure for actually charging these cars.

          • Mike anonymous

            I am not ignoring it, I am simply not talking about replacing oil. I certainly didn’t bring up anything regarding oil itself. My point has nothing to do with oil remember.

            Also charging (as you stated) would require a ‘battery’ electric vehicle. I also already stated I am referring to battery vehicles being ‘not clean‘, because they are batteries. In regards to clean vehicles I am not talking about ‘battery’ electric. Electric vehicles that don’t utilize a standard battery.

            With Companies refer to Sustainability as if it were the same thing as clean. My overall point being: Sustainability Energy is not the same thing as Clean Energy

            You didn’t seem to be getting (or carefully assessing) what I am writing… Hopefully you understand now. 👍? (and I don’t mean that in a rude way, I am actually asking if you got it as there seemed/seems to be a misunderstanding in what I am saying).

          • ace_9

            Yes, I understand. I wanted to change the topic to the thing that everyone is ignoring with electric cars, but it will eventually come up anyway.

          • ace_9

            So battery cellphones are generating sustainable energy for you? Oil itself is a HUGE source of energy and it is not sustainable energy. So, please, let us all know how battery powered cars are going to create the amounts of energy that we are now getting from oil.

        • ace_9

          You’re quite wrong, but it does not matter since you completely ignored the fact, that there is no energy generated by the adoption of electric cars, much less sustainable one…

          • Mike anonymous

            I don’t believe so, but I will be willing to share a opposing perspective if you’d like.

            Also I am not sure if you had noticed, but the generally used type of electric car, is a Battery vehicle. As I stated previously; Other types of electric cars exist.
            I think your missing completely missing what my point is. There is a difference between Sustainable energy, and Clean energy. (You can look up the meaning to both if you need to, but I don’t believe you do. You clearly understand what it means, but are simply missing my point due to misunderstanding, it seems.).

            I am specifically talking about Battery powered EVs’, not EVs’ in general (which again there are many different kinds if you do your research, and not all EVs’ have ‘batteries’).

      • Bash

        So you gonna celebrate this day every year crazyman. 😆😆😆

      • ace_9

        The switch to sustainable energy? So, Tesla’s are generating electricity or other forms of energy? You don’t even know what sustainable energy means. But I don’t blame you, since most of the people are similar. There are currently no feasible ways to replace all the energy from oil used in transportation, construction, various industries, everywhere. But you say that a massive fleet of electric cars around the world, sucking the electricity by gigawatts will solve that?

    • benT

      Toyota Yaris ?? ,

      maybe ??

      • Bash

        No, i left that for you, I’m gonna take the polestar.

        • benT

          Pole dancing in your future ?

          MISTA POLE STAR _ GET..IT..OONNN !!!

          • Bash

            I’m gonna laugh just for you to feel good about your self and your comment. So, I guess what I’ll say now is,, hehehe

          • benT

            gosh, what a philanthropist.

          • Bash

            Yea I’m a good person. 😃

          • Mike anonymous

            “gosh, what a philanthropist.He’s on to you Bruc*cough *cough! BASH,.. he’s on to you BASH.

  • Maisch

    I wonder how long it will take to sort the build finish, even the cheapest Dacia i can find is better built. It cant be impossible to find the right people in such a big car building country. It will be interesting to see how the 2019 finances will look like for Tesla, production volume sure is ramping up.

  • dougt

    They lowered the price by breaking out autopilot as a separate option

  • Blade t

    Not bad for 35k..

  • HaltestelleLuitpolthafen

    This is an amazing deal, especially with the fact that the “premium” package is only like $2,000 more. They’re going to sell a ton of these.

  • EyalN

    What happened to all the half a million people that put deposit on it? Did they get the car or they are still waiting?

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