The World Would Be A Better Place With A 2025 Ford Crown Victoria Like This

For two decades, the iconic Ford Crown Victoria was one of the most recognizable cars in America, thanks primarily to its proliferation in police departments and use among taxi services. The car was retired and effectively replaced by the Taurus.

While it’s unlikely that the car will ever be revived, artist Karan Adivi has created a modern-day interpretation of the Crown Victoria which could see it morph into a super sleek and aggressive four-door sports car.

Adivi first dreamed up his Crown Victoria Concept in 2016 and has only now been able to imagine the car in 3D. The car shows no commonalities with the Crown Victoria but considering the Crown Vic’s lackluster and outdated design, that’s no bad thing.

The front of the Crown Victoria Concept includes an aggressive front fascia with C-shaped headlights, a bold and aggressive split front grille, and an aggressive hood. As impressive as the front of the car is, it’s perhaps the sides which are the most remarkable thanks to huge wheels, thin wing mirrors, and tapered side windows.

When designing the rear of the Crown Victoria Concept, Adivi took inspiration from the 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe. Consequently, the car features an angled fascia with a small trunklid lip spoiler. There’s also a bold diffuser to help suck the car onto the pavement.

The world could be a much better place if Ford built a four-door sedan like this. Unfortunately, the company’s focus on SUVs and crossovers means it won’t happen.

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  • Bash

    I like it.

    • Jay

      I like it as well, but I’d hate for it to have the name ‘Crown Victoria’

      • Danny Boy

        That’s what they said about the Dodge Charger when it debuted as an unknown sedan, and its selling very well to this day! Maybe the name Crown Vic needs a makeover…

        • Jay

          You do have a point.

          • Danny Boy

            Thanks Jay!
            Im just saying, we gotta think differently if we want to save sedans.

  • Alexandro Pietro


  • TheBelltower

    That’d make quite an interesting taxi

  • Kash

    Even if Ford was still building sedans, this still wouldn’t be anywhere near the realm of possibilities.

    • Danny Boy

      No, but it could be watered-down to greatness! 40% of this cars design would be greater than any Taurus, or Fusion that this company has developed! They build the Ford GT for God sake…
      Innovate, Create!

  • Ron

    I believe there will come a day when SUVs will be untrendy. The generations of kids growing up in the back seat of a Honda Pilot will not want a Honda Pilot. Its why wagons went away in the 80s and why mini vans went away in the 2000s.

    • Bill Nguyen

      Don’t worry, when that day comes, they’ll just come up with even more monstrous SUVs for us to drive! Maybe by then rednecks will all be driving semis!

      • Enter Ranting

        Actually, by then everyone will ride around in autonomous pods owned and operated by the state. Wheeeee!

    • Cobrajet

      They will want a X7. They won’t be untrendy when better non-American brands make them.

  • Bill Nguyen

    Hate to be a dick, but what does this have to to with a Crown Vic? It doesn’t resemble it in any way, as far as I can see. It’s a nice render though.

  • kachuks

    Switch the front and rear fascias and this could be a descent GT-R concept

  • Adilos Nave

    Modern interpretation? Has this guy ever seen a Crown Victoria before???


  • paulgdeaton

    A Fisker and a Ford spent a drunken night together….

  • CBV2020

    I want to see the flesh of this!

  • JP Sawyer

    WHen I hear words “Crown Vic” I immediately jam my brakes on and look in the rearview for flashing red lights. This looks more like the 2022 DeTomaso Pantera. Btw the dude who drew this lovely design now works in the Dearborn MI Ford cafeteria

  • Six Thousand Times

    The roofline is a little bit ’70s Ford.

  • MarketAndChurch

    This thing has so much potential. It just needs a few changes and a bit more refinement.

    • Danny Boy

      Thank you for saying that man. These folk are acting as if they plan to produce this as-is tomorrow! This is so far fetched that it actually could be watered down to something phenomenal! Im just glad to see that their seems to be some young energy flowing, instead of that same old man, stale way of design. This could be soooo dope!


    • Ten Count Toronto

      Yeah, I think the name alone would be a drag on it.
      Scorpio maybe?

    • Danny Boy

      Agreed, but maybe it’s time for a makeover? Remember Charger???? Ha They could market it as “No longer your grandpa’s car”! Lol
      I feel you tho….

  • Jerry Hightower

    The back is almost an exact copy of the GR-1.

  • Danny Boy

    If Ford were to grow some balls and build something so awesome, they wouldn’t need to build all these damn SUV because they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand. But remember, this is Ford we’re talking about, a company thats controlled by a bunch of old rich men with zero innovation running thru their veins. Why don’t they go retire and play patty cake with the grand babies????? Remember the Ford 500 concept? Killed by an old fart

    For this crap!

    • Smith

      Yeah, but the problem is all these damn car buyer who only want SUV’s. No one wants a Crown Vic, modern or old, they are dead and buried. That’s because the old rich guys are smart enough to know not to build something that no one wants, that’s why they’re rich, because they’re smart.

      • Cobrajet

        They still modernized their other sedans.

      • Danny Boy

        Tell that to Tesla! They cant build enough sedans to satisfy the demand, in fact, the 3 is the number 1 selling vehicle in Europe only after a couple of months. The old white men are rich because they are greedy! Yes, no one wants trash like Fusion, Taurus, we want innovative, greatness. What about the 4 door version of the Mustang that the public has been asking for? No, they are more concerned about stuffing their pockets, tho they have more than they will ever need, instead of broadening their brand. Same thing that American manufacturers have done for decades, hence, our last place desirability in automobiles, except for Trucks.
        Retire and spend time with your grandchildren! Now, that’s smart!

  • Matteo Tommasi

    Looks like a kid decided to draw a soap bar on wheels.
    Also, Crown Vic is the exact opposite of this, in terms of type of car in general

  • Smith

    What has this got to do with a Crown Vic, it is a really bad sports car rendering with an Aston rear end and a corvette front end and is not a 4 door sedan so has nothing to do with the Vic. And as for the inspiration of a Shelby, that is just a massive insult. What rubbish, my 3 year old grandson would do better.

    • Cobrajet

      No one is able to design a normal car, it will always end up like some thing stupid like this.

    • Danny Boy

      I see 4 doors! I remember this same “rubbish” when Chrysler decided to resurrect the Charger nameplate,and to do so as a sedan. Well 13 years later, that SEDAN is selling very well. That was the result of a fresh mind being innovative and challenging the normal thinking. I associate CrownVic with old grandpa cars, so maybe this designer thinks the name needs a makeover and a modern, far out design to associate it with? Just saying, Ford needs a modern way of thinking and I welcome anything that they do differently! This would be great sold next to a Ford GT. They currently make nothing that looks like they’re family with the GT, otherthan,,,,,,,,the Mustang .I do love that car!

  • Tumbi Mtika

    That’s a Falcon, not a Crown Vic. Maybe.

  • Cobrajet

    Thar shouldn’t be a Crown Victoria. Four door Thunderbird maybe.

    • paulgdeaton

      Torino was my thought, too.

    • Danny Boy

      That’s fair!

  • Danny Boy

    Sorry, but its not always about money!! Take Mazda for example, they prioritize performance over anything, even if that means that they won’t be in the top sells. As the market discovers the greatness that is each of their vehicles, they will move up in sells and desirability, as they are currently doing. You shouldn’t just play follow the leader and do what everyone else is doing. IMO…

  • Danny Boy

    No Ford DNA is what’s actually refreshing to me!

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