2021 BMW i4 Has 373+ Miles Of Range And A Parts Bin Interior

BMW kicked off the teaser campaign for the 2021 i4 last month and now we’re finally getting a glimpse of the interior.

While the i3 and i8 have unique cabins, the i4 will eschew this trend and adopt a parts bin interior that follows in the footsteps of the 3-Series. This is a bit disappointing, but it isn’t too surprising as the i4 is essentially an electric 4-Series Gran Coupe.

Getting back to the cabin, drivers sit behind a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a digital instrument cluster which presumably measures 12.3 inches. To their right is a familiar center stack with a 10.25-inch infotainment system and stylish air vents with metallic accents. The switchgear carries over from the 3-Series and so do a number of other components.

The exterior is heavily camouflaged, but the model is expected to have a fully enclosed twin kidney grille and an aerodynamic front bumper. The car also has a sculpted hood and sweptback headlights.

Moving further back, the i4 has a rakish windscreen which flows into a sloping roof. The latter will likely impact rear seat headroom, but it helps to give the model a sporty appearance.

The curvaceous bodywork continues at the rear as we can see a rounded bumper and an integrated spoiler. Since the i4 is fully electric, the model lacks an exhaust system. However, BMW’s camouflage team added two rather unconvincing decoys.

BMW hasn’t said much about performance specifications, but the company has previously confirmed the i4 will be able to accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in four seconds and hit a top speed in excess of 124 mph (200 km/h). More importantly, the model will have a range in excess of 373 miles (600 km) according to the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP).

The i4 will be built in Munich and BMW has already said the four-door coupe will be positioned in the “premium midrange segment.” The company has also said the car will have a dynamic design, inspiring performance and a high level of ride comfort.

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Picture credits: CarPix for Carscoops

  • Dude

    “While the i3 and i8 have unique cabins, the i4 will eschew this trend and adopt a parts bin interior that follows in the footsteps of the 3-Series. This is a bit disappointing…”

    Hardly. The i8’s interior is mostly the same as other BMW interiors. I would’ve liked an interior like the i3’s eco chic cabin.

    • Jason Panamera

      i8’s interior wasn’t ,,that much” the same when it came out in 2014. Of course it was BMWish but but looking at 5 series or X5 interior you could easily tell that it has different character.

    • i8 wasn’t anything like the other models. Of course it shared the same design language and that is completely logical, but it was a unique interior. In the case of the i4 interior it doesn’t just share the design language, but the parts are one to one the same as the 3 series and the future 4 series.

  • I wonder how they’ll brand this compared to M Series models – a 0-62 speed like that puts it firmly in M territory?

    • I think the new M3/4 are going in the middle 3 seconds considering they are getting the m-xdrive system as the M5

  • erly5

    Dilutes the uniqueness of the ‘i’ brand. Disappointing if this is BMW’s electric future, just electrifying their standard range.

    • It will be a mix, they are going to electrify some models under the i brand. The i brand will be something like the M brand with unique versions of normal vehicles, but there will still be i specific flagship cars like the i8.

  • fathornyblackandjoe

    2021 model year (meaning 2020 launch)…?

  • Ofentse Letsholo

    BMW is boring as hell, I love this brand but it’s just a disappointment. So we are waiting for interior and probably exterior design that we know of to be released in 2021??? Adrain Van Hooydonk must be fired this is pure kak. Now “iCars” are no longer exciting.

    • TheAmerican2point0

      Have they ever been exiting?

  • TheBelltower

    The i3 had a really sleek interior, and I liked the originality of the exterior. This looks really dull. But 373 miles of range is outstanding. Though it’s clearly a range number chosen to match Tesla’s newly announced range, and not likely going to be the actual EPA number.

    • the need normal looking cars to sell them. The i3 is a love it or hate it design.

    • TheAmerican2point0

      The i3 interior may look good, but the quality is trash. I’ve been in one. Horrible

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