Building Housing Porsche Ingram Collection Damaged In Fatal Durham Gas Explosion

Bob Ingram’s Porsche collection is the stuff of dreams as it includes approximately 80 different vehicles ranging from a 918 Spyder to the third oldest 356 in existence.

Porsche highlighted his collection a few years ago and said “Few if any collections can compete with the quality of the Ingram collection.”

Unfortunately, it appears disaster has struck as multiple outlets are reporting a massive explosion in downtown Durham, North Carolina. According to The News & Observer, a contractor was “burrowing under a sidewalk” near 115 N. Duke Street when they hit a 2 inch (5.1 cm) gas line. Durham Police spokesman Wil Glenn told the publication that this “caused an explosion and a partial building collapse.”

The building’s address is important to note as the Ingram is located at 111 N Duke St. This means the collection was located in the building   to where the gas line was hit.

An overhead photo from The News & Observer confirms the building next to the Ingram collection was mostly destroyed in the explosion. It also shows the building containing the Ingram collection sustained significant damage.

While nothing is official at this point, it appears the roof of the building housing the collection caught on fire and partially collapsed. There are also visible cracks on the roof and video from ABC11 suggests the front part of the building also collapsed.

There’s no word on the status of the collection, but the officials have already confirmed one fatality and at least 15 different injuries. The situation is still unfolding and we’ll update this post if we learn more about the status of the collection.

Update: The number of injured has increased to 17.  Officials now say the explosion didn’t happen immediately and instead occurred during their evacuations following a gas leak. Five building were damaged in the blast and one fire fighter was “seriously hurt” but their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

Opening image screenshot ABC/Youtube

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  • Stigasawuswrecks

    Sheesh How was the area not surveyed? This is a sad tragedy.

    • charlotteharry57

      Communications company subs installing fiber cable never do. It’s not right.

  • charlotteharry57

    Contractors in mush-brains NC (I live in Charlotte) hit gas lines all the time. We have AT&T in our neighborhood right now installing fiber lines and they’ve already hit several gas lines. Fortunately, not with the result in Durham.

  • Paul

    How many cars were killed or injured is what I want to know?

    • charlotteharry57

      Too soon to tell. May be tomorrow or the next day. They don’t have access to the area until the debris is cleared.

  • charlotteharry57

    The latest on the news is that it was a communications company sub installing fiber cable that did it. Sounds all too familiar around here. Is this a national issue or just an NC thing? I don’t know. The biggest problem in my neighborhood is not only the gas line hits, but they destroy your driveway and continue on as if nothing happened. And refuse any sort of payment for damages, whatsoever. Something is VERY wrong with this picture…

  • Bash

    What a devastating blow!

  • Jo Bo

    This prooves that hoarding cars is a bad idea;)

    • Stephen G

      I just guessing, but I bet a car “collection” is some kind of tax scheme to keep from paying property taxes on cars and buildings or at least claiming losses while waiting for car values to appreciate.

  • Eagle By Singer

    Should’ve driven them, or at least sold them to those that would.

    • robotlogic

      Why so some uninsured driver could take them out instead? Many of these cars are museum pieces and driving them would damage their condition and devalue the car.

      • Eagle By Singer

        F*ck that. I, and I’m sure many others, would prefer to drive them instead of ‘potentially devaluing the car’ even though they’ll appreciate regardless.

        And than uninsured driver part is just twisted logic…

        • robotlogic

          And that logic is why you don’t own any million dollars cars.

          • Chris Taylor

            I’m with you both on this. IMHO the 918 Spyder should be driven as two of my brother’s friends have them and are regular drivers. The 356 should be locked away in a vault. My Aston is apples and oranges to the value of these cars, however, I put about 8-10k miles per year on it as I enjoy driving it but it was only about $200k USD new. I don’t understand people that purchase an exotic and only put 5,000 miles on them in five years BUT, the bottom line is if you own the car, do want you want with it!!!

  • Aldo Maria Sica
  • There are millions and millions of people but only a few thousand truly special cars

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