Carlos Ghosn Released On $4.5 Million Bail, But He’s Not Allowed To See His Wife

Former Renault and Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn was released from jail for a second time, after a Tokyo court granted him a 500 million yen ($4.5 million) bail.

The court also set another condition for bail: that Ghosn can’t meet or communicate with his wife Carole without prior permission, according to Reuters. For the record, Ghosn’s wife was questioned after his re-arrest earlier this month and has appealed to the French government to help her husband.

Prosecutors have appealed the bail decision, but if their appeal is rejected, then Ghosn will be released from jail and wait for his trial later this year. Following his release from jail, Ghosn will be closely monitored and not allowed to leave the country.

The latest charges against the former Nissan CEO accuse him of illegally receiving around $5 million from the Japanese car maker for personal use, temporarily transferring personal financial losses to the company’s books and understating his compensation.

This is the second time Ghosn is released from prison on bail, as well as the latest turn from the scandal that exposed the tensions between Renault and Nissan that, apparently, had been going on for quite some time. Nissan is, reportedly, going to reject a management integration proposal from its partner, Renault, which owns a 43.3 percent stake in the Japanese car maker.

Ghosn is denying all charges, claiming that he’s the victim of a coup from Nissan’s board and accusing his former colleagues of “backstabbing”.

  • Six_Tymes

    “He’s Not Allowed To See His Wife”

    that is so messed up… shame on the A-holes that are ruining this guys life. I might not buy Nissan anymore because of this

    • Rzrlf

      i dont see why you would buy one in the first place

      • LJ


      • Liam Paul

        lol right why even consider buying their junk but I get what six-tymes is saying

    • drc

      Are you kidding? Now he can hang out with high-end call girls and drink $ 3,000 a bottle Scotch!

  • charlotteharry57

    This fiasco might never end, or so it seems. Between this and the Elon fiasco, makes me dread the news – some days.

  • Giannis Antypas

    Now the next one who dares to become his successor at Nissan Motor Co,
    he will think twice as much before he even stutters the word ‘merger’…

  • ErnieB

    But are we getting a new Z?

    • illogicalPotato

      Probably.. not at the top of their list. After the 370z I really hope they take it easy and wait a while before releasing another bloated sportscar.

  • LJ

    Why would Nissan go through the trouble of framing Ghosn to avoid a merger when they could just fire him? Seems like a really convoluted way to get rid of someone.

    • Liam Paul

      because they could not fire him

      • LJ


        • illogicalPotato

          Renault owns 43.3% of Nissan. They are the majority shareholder and Ghosn was the appointed CEO. Who’s going to fire him? Himself? The board mostly would support their french national (Ghosn) and know he’s being railroaded. Nissan doesn’t want to be completely absorbed so they pull this garbage.

          • LJ

            I think you guys are being paranoid.

          • illogicalPotato

            Wrong. If the second half of my answer is too subjective for you; the first half is factually sufficient enough for your question. If it’s not clear enough then go read a book on “Why I can’t fire my boss.”

          • LJ

            What evidence is there that he’s being framed?

  • Mr. EP9

    Guarantee you the Japanese prosecutors will find a way to throw him back in jail the moment he opens his mouth. Damn, is that legal system a nightmare.

    • Liam Paul

      I know I love to travel but Japan will never be a country I will visit with such a corrupt law system that would help frame a innocent man to stop a merger. I am liberal and I hate ceos and such cause their values are not mine but man even I can see he was done dirty and want to defend him

  • Mr. EP9

    Unfortunately he can’t. He was barred from leaving the country and if he tried they’d nab him and throw him back in jail.

  • Liam Paul

    Carlo Ghosn and greg kelly families need to consider finding a small group who can get them out of Japan anyway it can be done, because clearly japan is not going to ever admit what their so called court system is doing to help save Nissan from a merger. These are 2 innocent men who are being held hostage by a country’s court system to help one of its companies avoid a meger, its sad!

  • LJ

    So, there’s no evidence then.

  • blunt-o

    Believe it or not. Many of us in the market for a car have decided consciously or unconsciously to not consider buying a Nissan. Choice wise? nothing to loose. Subaru, Honda, Mazda, Toyota etc…
    Very badly managed scandal by Nissan CEOs…. Heads will roll…..

  • LJ

    Because I ask for accusations to be backed up with evidence? That seems like common sense to me, something sorely lacking to today’s society.

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