China’s 2020 Ford Escape Has Unique Face, Heralds Massive Product Offensive

Following yesterday’s announcement of new products for Europe, Ford is now revealing its latest plans for China.

Under its “330” Product Plan, the company aims to launch more than 30 new Ford and Lincoln vehicles in the country in the next three years, more than 10 of which will be electrified.

The first in the long list of new models is the all-new Escape midsize SUV, which in China gets a unique front end designed specifically for the world’s largest car market.

The Chinese-spec Escape features a bigger grille that widens toward the bottom and blends into the headlamps for what Ford calls “a sleek and majestic look.” Also different from the model sold in the United States (and in Europe as the Kuga) is the “Nebula Shield” hexagonal grille mesh with a chrome finish and black highlights.

“After considerable research, we found that Chinese consumers favor ‘subtle and dynamic’ aesthetics – they prefer designs that are understated yet powerful,” explained Ford’s vice president of Global Design, Moray Callum. The automaker says the 2020 Escape’s distinct front styling reflects “the aesthetic preferences and particular needs of young urban Chinese” and demonstrates the company’s ambitions to launch more products with customer-centric design in China.

Besides the new Escape, Ford product offensive will include many products designed specifically for the Chinese market. To accomplish that, the automaker is setting up a China Innovation Center and a China Design Center to complement the existing Nanjing Research and Engineering Center and Nanjing Test Center.

The locally-developed products and advanced technologies will also be shared with the global Ford team, while the China team is also leading the design and development of a global model.

Additionally, the Blue Oval’s local joint-venture partners Changan and Jiangling Motors will be involved in the development of future products. Changan Ford will design and develop the next-generation Escort, while Ford and Jiangling are developing the Territory BEV that will launch later this year and will be Ford’s first all-electric model in China.

As for the Lincoln brand, the new Aviator will debut later this year, followed by an all-new SUV scheduled to enter production before the end of the year — likely the Corsair. The Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition was also showcased at the event but the company didn’t say if, or when, this limited edition model will become available in China.

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  • Darius Fontenette

    CN-Spec Escape – Porsche/Kia Sportage headlights
    US-Spec Escape

    We have the ugliest version. Frog on wheels.

  • roy

    I think this version is the best of the lot….. Although that doesn’t say much

  • jason wu

    Not sure about the grill but the headlight is Porsche like which is a good thing.

  • ME

    Maybe order the front fascia kit from China if your planning on purchasing one of these.

  • Matteo Tommasi

    He misspelled… chinese prefer overstiled huge chrome parts that look way too big for the proportions of the car

  • trina

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  • Baeyoung ❂

    The picture of Lincoln Continental reminds me, that is every time Ford fails elsewhere China is always there to save them.

  • Mr. EP9

    So basically they all look the same. Wow. Ford has gotten lazy.

    • Mr_Fanta_Pants

      Umm, they’re all the same car. Just different grilles. Big woop.

  • Karl

    This grille is so much better that the U.S version! Bloody shame if you asked me..

  • Maykel

    Ford escape did a better job copying the Macan than Kia Sportage.

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