Choose From Over 100 Colors With The New BMW 3-Series Configurator

The online configurator for the new 3-Series is now available online and it allows users to play around with some of the special parts and finishes offered by BMW Individual.

The configurator first prompts you to select your desired 3-Series model and whether you want the standard Sedan, the Sedan M Sports Package, Sedan Sport Line, or the Sedan Luxury Line. Variants on offer include the BMW 320i, 330i, 318d, 320d, and 330d.

When speccing out the car you see pictured, we opted for the 330i M Sports Package. In terms of paint options, there are no less than 18 different standard colors and shades on offer. “Our” car is painted in Sunset Orange, but others available include Melbourne Red, Tanzanite Blue II, Vermont Bronze, and Blue Ridge Mountain. If these colors aren’t enough, you can browse through the BMW Individual palette which has no less than 84 options. Some of these are very eye-catching, particularly the likes of Signal Green, Sakhir Orange II, Mint Green, and Fire Orange III.

For the 330i M Sports Package, there is a single 18-inch wheel design available as well as three different 19-inch designs.

Inside, the configurator includes more than a dozen options, ranging from dark brown leather across the seats to white leather, dark blue leather, black leather, and red leather. Whether you want a sporty cabin or a sophisticated one, BMW has something perfect for everyone.

The G20-generation BMW 3-Series premiered in late 2018 and sales commenced last month from $40,200 in the United States for the entry-level 330i. Compared to its predecessor, the G20 is 85 mm (3.34-inches) longer, 16 mm wider, and 1 mm taller.

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    Built mine in Tanzanite Blue II over Mocha leather and Aluminum tetragon trim. The article wasn’t kidding about those BMW Individual colors too.

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