Cyclist Haphazardly Crosses Busy Intersection Diagonally, Lives To Star In A Future Video

As an occasional cyclist, yours truly is more than sympathetic to people who ride bicycles to get around.

Let’s face it, riding a bike is probably the only way of going from point A to point B that’s 100 percent harmless to the environment and the people — besides walking, obviously. However, that doesn’t mean that all cyclists behave as they should – far from it.

The best example is this guy who decided it was a good idea to cross an intersection diagonally between cars traveling at significant speeds. He just left it to the drivers to be concerned with avoiding him as he drew a diagonal line with his bicycle from one corner to another of the intersection with complete disregard for traffic lights, common sense, or his own life.

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Looking at the dashcam video, you can’t help but wonder whether anyone can get luckier than this. Mind you, this guy emerged unscathed from a situation that would normally result in many broken bones at least 90 percent of times — and that would be the good scenario.

The strange episode happened in Hunter Mill, Virginia, at the intersection of Centreville Road and Coppermine Road. If you hit pause just as the reckless cyclist appears in front of the dashcam-equipped car, you’ll see that he didn’t even bother to wear a helmet. Not that a helmet would have made a difference at the speeds the cars were doing, but that says a lot about his mindset.

Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that he seemed unfazed by the entire thing, as if he had a death wish or, more likely, was completely distracted by something.


  • Six_Tymes

    mental case, sad

  • McFly

    But to be fair, if you have 8 lanes for cars and just a tiny shared sidewalk for bikes and pedestrians, people are bound to get “creative”. Maybe just not that creative.

    • salamOOn

      or you can wait for the green light and use the crosswalk…..

  • dumblikeyou2

    Fake news. This was obviously set up by the liberal media. Or maybe I’m just trying to make this more interesting than it actually was.

  • KAG25

    Wow, he is just riding like no big deal

  • Dylan Wentworth

    What is the most surprising about this video is that it didn’t happen in Florida.

    • salamOOn


  • Vassilis

    haha the title

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