Hyundai Wants To Trademark Pavise Name, Could A New SUV Be On Its Way?

Hyundai will soon unveil its new Venue crossover at the New York Show, but the South Korean automaker’s SUV and crossover plans could grow with the arrival of another model, which may be called the Pavise.

A search on the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office website reveals that Hyundai filed an application to trademark the name ‘Pavise’ on the 3rd of April, 2019. The application remains “under examination”, but the description shows the name being trademarked for use on “Automobiles; vans [vehicles]; trucks; motor buses; electric vehicles.”

While Hyundai hasn’t yet, to the best of our knowledge, applied to patent the Pavise name in the U.S. or Europe, it is possible that it has plans to do just that after making the initial application in New Zealand.

Hyundai loves SUVs and crossovers

It has become customary for SUVs and crossovers from Hyundai to be named after specific places. For example, you have the Santa Fe, Palisade, Tucson, and soon, the Venue. By comparison, Pavise was the name given to shields used from the late 14th century through to the early 16th century, but the name is thought to come from the Italian city of Pavia. This might be the reference Hyundai is trying to make with the new moniker.

It’s impossible to say with certainty that a new Hyundai crossover dubbed the Pavise is in the works, but the upcoming the Venue speaks volumes of the automaker’s intentions to grow its presence in this market.

Be sure to stay tuned as it’s possible additional details about the Pavise will come to light.

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  • Maykel

    That dual exhaust is irritating. You always separate them Hyundai, or mount them centrally.

    • Matt

      Maybe for the ‘proper’ N variant, but this is only a N-line – which is really just a glorified trim package with a few chassis tweaks. The design is certainly not exclusive to Hyundai, anyway.

  • charlotteharry57

    I hope this wouldn’t be destined for the States. We have too many Hyundai crossovers already, if you include the soon-upcoming Venue, which is totally unnecessary, IMO.

    • .. EL CHAPO THA GREAT 🤴🏻

      5 is enough. If they add another Full size SUV, then it could be for the middle east and russia

  • NoFear

    LED DRL shape/form looks like copy-pasted from Buick/Opel cars.

  • Super Rob

    No hurry Hyundai. I can guarantee you that no other manufacturer is wanting to use the name Pavise for one of their vehicles, children or pets.

  • bd0007

    Considering the trademark is for NZ, very likely is for the BoF SUV or pick-up Hyundai has in development.

  • Paul

    What a strange name.

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