Next Nissan GT-R Might Just Autonomously Take You For A Ride Around The ‘Ring

We have lost count on how many times we have reported on what form the successor of the Nissan GT-R might take. Now, nearly 12 years after production of the R35 kicked off, we have a few more bread crumbs to feast on.

So, could it be that the next-gen Japanese supercar is close to making its long-awaited debut?

From what we know, the answer is a disappointing “no” – and that was recently confirmed by TopGear, who cite the absence of any concepts whatsoever that would preview the next GT-R as proof that its replacement is still some way into the future.

Still, they did speak to Philippe Klein, Nissan’s board member in charge of planning, about it, and he said that a new GT-R is indeed coming and will, in all likelihood, feature some kind of electrification without losing any of its fun-to-drive characteristics.

“Yes, you should keep the faith, because we do”, Klein stressed. “The driving experience is very high on our priority list. EVs are very fun to drive. And we’re moving our petrol powertrains to electrification with hybrid e-power. In the end, we would like the regulations to take nothing away from how fun the car is to drive.”

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We gather that this means that the R36 (as we guess its internal code will be if Nissan keeps up its naming scheme) shall be electrified? “We’re still working hard on different options. I can’t give you an answer just yet”, Klein commented. “The regulations bring a lot of concerns, so the question is how to answer these constraints and still offer a car that’s fun to drive. There are different options and we’re working on them. We’re defending the sports car.”

That’s a “neither confirm nor deny” answer, but it does point to it being a hybrid. Perhaps more surprising, though, is the fact that it will feature autonomous driving. You might be asking why in the world would anyone want a supercar that can drive itself, but Nissan seems to be taking a novel approach.

“I like to think about turning up to the Nurburgring in your GT-R, and being able to select one of the famous laps and the car just taking over”, Richard Candler, engineer in the Global Advanced Planning Department, explained. “The latest Nismo did 7 minutes and 8 seconds with Michael Krumm at the wheel; you could just select the Michael Krumm setting, and you’re launched round the track. Something that most people could never achieve suddenly becomes very accessible.”

Thus, instead of actually driving, you’ll be driven around, say, the ‘Ring. Which will surely minimize the risk of getting up close and personal with the barriers, making it much safer – but is it really fun? Unless, of course, Nissan also allows you to actually helm the car, with the system intervening only to improve your driving instead of just taking you for a ride.

Note: 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo pictured

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  • Howfarr

    No mules, no concepts, no confirmed drive-train…
    I wonder if I’ll see another GTR in my lifetime

  • Six_Tymes

    they already announced (Nissan) years ago that the target year for concrete details and POSSIBLE launch date is 2022. how did this site miss that? maybe you cant count, that’s 3 years away before we actually know solid details

  • Dark Rebel

    Yea that is the main reason I want to own an expensive sports car is so it can drive me around not! People are better off going to an amusement park for a thrill or never owning these future vehicles. I get that these companies need to stay in the game and not get behind for autonomous technology but at the same time their business model is selling cars. Unless in the future one only rents from people. I see a huge demand for cars made before 2020 in the future because people will want simple.

    • Bo Hanan

      The smart thing is to offer autonomous versions of regular cars. Make autonomous “an option” for people to choose, or not.

  • Craig

    Isn’t that wonderful. A sport car that YOU don’t have to drive!! What next? Shoes you don’t have to walk in? Food you don’t have to eat?! The future seems like so much fun!

  • GobbleUp

    Won’t hold by breath. Nissan seems to have no desire or finds to make great products. The gtr is over a decade old and irrelevant.

  • Zed68


  • LouInPA

    People who want to go to the Ring, don’t want to be a passenger.

    • Trackhacker


    • exeptor

      If I have to be honest I would like to be both – driver and passenger. The ring taxi if driven on its limit might offer an experience and sense of speed I will hardly achieve by myself.

  • exeptor

    Although it sound like a really odd idea – having a GTR and not driving it by yourself, I think that it might be quite an experience. Imagine being driven by a computer with a normal speed – even this will generate a massive adrenaline rush and then imagine flying on a track (quite dangerous one if I have to be honest) and no one (if they allow it and you have the balls) on the driver seat.

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