These New C8 Corvette Renderings Have Us Overflowing With Anticipation

Another day and yet more renderings of the upcoming Chevrolet C8 Corvette have come across our radar. If these images are not enough to get you excited about the long-awaited mid-engined Corvette, we’re not sure what will.

Both of these renderings come from Chazcron over at the Mid Engine Corvette Forum. The first of the renderings provides a detailed look at the front-end of the new American supercar while the second rendering shows off the vehicle from a front three-quarter angle.

Starting with the rendering focused on the front-end, it shows that the new ‘Vette could feature a bold hood complete with no less than four aggressive lines which run diagonally along the hood from the tip of the front bumper. The rendering also previews what the headlights of the car are expected to look like, including the daytime running lights which give the vehicle a sharp look.

As for the second rendering, it is based around an image of the new Corvette which Chevrolet published last week featuring GM chief executive Mary Barra. The supercar in this rendering has been finished in a bright shade of orange and could be the best look we’ve had yet of the C8. Not only do the body panels of the supercar look the part, but the silver and black wheels also provide the car with a very sporty look.

While Chevrolet has said the C8 Corvette will premiere on July 18th, it is remaining tight-lipped about the car’s technical specifications. However, we’re told that the entry-level model will feature a naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 with upwards of 500 hp while a range-topping twin-turbo hybrid V8 could pump out 1000 hp.

  • charlotteharry57

    That super-pointy beak still looks unrealistic.

    • Bob

      Doesn’t look any more pointy than the last generation Firebird/Trans Am

  • ErnieB

    Looks good.

  • Mike anonymous

    Having actually taken a look at this vehicle there are a few things;
    #1: So to start the headlights are completely off apart from the DRLs
    If you inspect the vehicle closer you will realize that this shape of the actual headlamp is not akin to the shape shown in the renderings here.

    #2: The entire front lower facia is completely off (There’s no opening in the middle front, only 2 air intakes on the sides)
    I don’t understand who continues to push this same renders design as it is clearly not what the vehicle will be featuring as we’ve already seen the teased prototype. The winglets are off, the sides are off, etc, etc, etc.
    Expect what you see below to be what we will actually receive on the production model variant.

    #3: Door & Mirror Materials & Design aspects Are Also Incorrect.
    Again, as you will notice above, the mirrors will be trimmed in metal and carbon fiber, in addition to the beginnings of the side air intakes.

    I’ve done quite a bit of research in regards to this vehicle, from it’s history, development, and more (which has been at work for over 10 years to be exact). There are going to be a lot of details from older corvettes of the past unclipping a great deal of the chrome trim shown on the sketching and shading image above (which is actually derived from a real image of the vehicle, not from what one may believe or wish it to look like without proper examination).

    Hopefully this helps clear things up from what seems to be a ‘push‘ of mis-design or mis-information. Enjoy 👍 : )

    • Matteo Tommasi


    • Not A Sore Loser

      Because it was not done as an actual factual render but as a quick clickbait from the team over at GMauthority which runs MidengineCorvetteForums…And the one blogger there is crazy obsessed with Mary “Machete” Barra that every second article on GMA is about her accompanied by some staged photo of her. Hence picking the only photo with her in it to do a bs render.

      Other rumor is “Brad” is a pen name for Sean Symkowski at GMA. Ooops, did I let the cat out of the bag?! 😘

    • Nordschleife

      Mike you clever man. You have stepped up the commentary to a whole new level with the overlay. This is fantastic .

      • Mike anonymous

        Thank You! @craigdoss:disqus it always means a lot. : )

        P.S. The biggest changes one may see on the production vehicle could be the side pillars which may be body colored, the chrome bits which I still think will be chrome, but their could be an option for Carbon fiber, and lastly the headlights. The reason I haven’t added the proper headlights and BC-Roof is because; the color-shading I had done within the animation shown is something I made/had done, a little over 5-6months ago.

        With that said, again, thank you! Nord buddy! The positive support and love is truly always appreciated.

  • Jason Panamera
    • Ricki Boo

      do you even spale bro

  • john1168

    Can’t wait for the C8!

  • BlackPegasus
    • Nordschleife

      LOL you almost got me fired for laughing at this meme. LOL


  • Bash

    From where the lady is standing, this would look better as a convertible!

    • Not A Sore Loser

      That is a lady? 😜🤪

  • Smith

    That front end looks almost exactly like the Lotus Hot Wheels concept from 10 years or more ago. Not very original …

    • VSD 奥け遺

      I loved that thing, still have one in blue and yellow.

    • Not A Sore Loser

      Update, heard there was a Mary “Machete” Barra fanboy over at MidengineCorvetteForums named Sean Symkowski that has a bit of an obsession with Mary. Explains the simplistic bright orange Windows Paint “render” with the Wal-Mart greeter hanging off the door.

    • Bryan Lee

      I don’t think so. It has none of the vents, character lines, or width of the Vette. It only shares the color to me

  • SteersUright

    Why so many angles and lines everywhere? The front hood looks wrinkled. The wheels look cheesy. Overall any low, wide, mid engine car will have a cool silhouette. But, it appears GM really messed up when it came to the details. Hopefully real car is better resolved than all these renderings we’ve seen.

    • Not A Sore Loser

      Now if only the second rendering could get rid of that ugly woman who is more interested in selfies than running a company properly, it might be interesting…

    • Enter Ranting

      General Motors NEVER sweats the details.

  • diska

    looks so chinese

    • Bob

      It definitely does not look Chinese.

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