Chevrolet Trailblazer Returns To America As A Small Crossover

It looks like GM is gorging on Chinese takeout as Chevrolet has introduced the 2021 Trailblazer just hours after Buick unveiled the 2020 Encore GX.

Originally shown at the Shanghai Auto Show, the Trailblazer is the bowtie brand’s newest small crossover. It will arrive in the United States early next year and slot in between the Trax and Equinox.

Looking virtually identical to the Chinese model, the US-spec crossover has a Blazer-like front end with a prominent grille that is flanked by stacked lighting units. Moving further back, we can see plastic body cladding, a flowing character line and a relatively flat roof. Chevrolet didn’t say much about the crossover, but confirmed plans for an RS variant which will feature a contrasting roof.

Moving into the cabin, drivers will find analog gauges which are separated by a small digital display. Elsewhere, we can see an infotainment system, minimalist switchgear and metallic accents. The model also has red flourishes and gloss black trim, but those could be exclusive to the RS variant.

Regardless, the Trailblazer will come loaded with an assortment of standard safety features. Among them are automatic emergency braking, front pedestrian braking and lane keep assist with lane departure warning. Customers can also order additional safety and convenience features such as adaptive cruise control and rear park assist.

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Performance specifications will be announced closer to launch, but we can likely expect a four-cylinder petrol engine.

Chevrolet also failed to mention pricing but, since the model slots between the Trax and Equinox, it should cost around $22,000. That puts the model in a tough spot as the larger Equinox starts at just $23,800.

  • designer_dick

    The glasshouse was obviously inspired by the Ssangyong Tivoli… 😬

  • Christian

    So this GM is the missing Mokka from opel?

    • JRP

      Hate to break to you man but Opel is no longer rebadging new cars with GM.

      • Christian

        AS Long they don’t make shlt boxes like they do in france or Russia , i’m all good. 🙂

      • Thutmosis Ankhra

        The same… this car is designed by Opel, as well as new Buick Encore 2020 and the GX is also technically developed in Europe by Opel as being the new Mokka.

        In the US it is not known how much work Opel actually did for GM and how much of what everyone thinks is genuinely American, which is actually “Made in Germany”.
        50 % of the entire Opel business consisted of performing design and technological development for the US market.

        Att the same time only 20 % of the components in Opel was shared with other GM vehicles, so the widely spread belief that Opel was just a disguised GM car, is simply not true, It is much more precisely the opposite.

        Chevrolet Volt for example, only the design was American, the technology below the surface was Opel to 80 %, the famous “Voltec” was in fact entirely Opel… a disaster for American self-esteem, therefore, so much effort was put down to hide… this.,,

        The reason why GM never sold Opel in 2009 was that they figured out that GM would not survive without Opel, after that GM started copying Opel and build up their own technical expertise, It took them six years and when it was completed, the sales were carried out.

        And there is the whole story.

  • eb110americana

    I wonder what the Trailblazer and Encore GX mean for the subcompact Trax and Encore. Both models sold around 90K units last year and are on the rise. However, if these are priced competitively, they may eat into margins enough to cause GM to shy away from the small vehicles–something American makers have been doing plenty of lately, although usually with cars and not CUVs.

    • Benjamin B.

      The Trailblazer and Encore GX are larger vehicles. They slot between the Trax/Encore and the larger Equinox/Envision.

  • Lloyd Anthony D Peters

    I’m hard convinced that GM is just trolling us at this point. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Yea. It’s fine. But to call this a Trailblazer? WHY? I seriously seriously SERIOUSLY hate this car and the new “Blazer”.

  • Brian Regan

    That actually isn’t bad. Much better than the Blazer that inspires it. I’d probably give it a look if I was in the market for something this small.

  • SpongeBob99Swell

    If this was the new Trax, it would’ve been even better.

    • Benjamin B.

      It’s bigger than the Trax and will probably have an IRS setup like the Equinox. The Trailblazer is basically the “sport” variant of the Equinox in much the same way as the new Blazer is the “sport” variant of the Traverse also. I’m disappointed. What will the Chevy SUV based on the GM midsize trucks be called now? The GMC SUV will be the new Jimmy.

  • no25

    so they’ve ruined the Blazer name and now the Trailblazer name? great job, chevy!

    • Benjamin B.

      Wasn’t the Trailblazer originally a bigger version of the S-10 Blazer with a third row of seats? Also you could have a V8 engine.

      • Brian Regan

        Originally Trailblazer was just a trim level for the Blazer (2001). Then in ‘02 it became its own model.

    • Brian Regan

      I agree about the Blazer. GM blew it putting that name on that car. The Trailblazer nameplate doesn’t have nearly the same cache.

    • Dennis Scipio

      I’m curious to know what will happen to the Chevy Colorado-based Trailblazer since that was based on that truck. Also, it’s just a name, get over it.

      • no25

        it’s just a comment; how about you get over it?

        • Dennis Scipio

          I’m not the one being offended, so I have nothing to get over, thank you very much, sir or madam.

          • no25

            I’m not offended dummy. You’re the one who went out of your way to comment nonsense, sweetie. have a good day too, sir or madam.

          • Dennis Scipio

            bite me.

          • no25

            lol dont know why you’re asking me when youre the one who went out of your way and made the comment not understanding that everyone has different opinions. I’m the one who is expressing exactly what youre saying, hun.
            stay in school. you need it.

    • performante

      “But muh body on frame!!”

  • Rocket

    I’m still not a fan of that massive family mug, but this thing is downright handsome compared to the milquetoast Equinox.

    • Benjamin B.

      Every new Chevy vehicle will be a Camaro.

  • Benjamin B.

    Front is undeniably Chevy, but the back looks like a Toyota RAV-4.

  • Paul

    .I don’t like the front end very much. I’m trying to decide which looks better now, this or the Trax, It’s almost like going from bad to worse.

  • Nick099

    Little show and no go.

    Just great.

  • Dennis Scipio

    So, is this replacing the Trax in the United States, or is the outgoing Trax going to stick around?

    • Matt

      This is much larger than the Trax.

      • Alduin

        And smaller than the original Trail Blazer.

    • Arct1c

      It will arrive in the United States early next year and slot in between the Trax and Equinox

      Reading the actual article isn’t that hard – guess it is for you.

      • Dennis Scipio

        I know how to read, you jerk, I just thought this was the replacement of the Trax due to the spy shots of the car.

  • Alduin

    Is this going to be built in China too? LOL Chevy is awful. The only good car they make is the Corvette the rest of their vehicles are just plain garbage.

    • Ben

      I would say the Camaro is a solid sports car now. If you’re looking for quilted leather and french stitching no, but the numbers back up the claim its a well rounded sports cars.

  • lapirk

    bumblebee’s next pc eco friendly avatar

    • Ben


  • performante

    What a handsome little CUV.

  • Tumbi Mtika

    Oh you have got to be kidding me…Christ…

  • GiorgioN

    When in the European market ???
    All the fault of Merkel for the opel …

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