Mercedes Aims To Inspire A New Generation Of Women To Love Cars

The automotive industry has been largely dominated by men, but that’s changing as women have been making significant impacts on design and engineeringMercedes wants this trend to continue so they’ve come up with a unique way to inspire the “next generation of female trailblazers.”

As part of the effort, the automaker has teamed up with Mattel and the Dream Gap Foundation to give thousands of girls a Matchbox die-cast replica of the Mercedes 220SE that Ewy Rosqvist drove to victory in the 1962 Argentinian Grand Prix.

Rosqvist’s story is interesting as she was dismissed by nearly everyone. They reportedly told her should couldn’t finish the race, let alone win it.

However, they were proven wrong as she finished the race three hours ahead of the competition. Rosqvist also won all six stages of the race and set a new average speed record of 78 mph (126 km/h).

Mercedes wants Rosqvist’s story to resonate with a new generation of women so the company released a short film highlighting her victory as part of International Women’s History Month in March.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with toy cars. The answer is simple as Mercedes says “from a surprisingly young age, gender associations begin to shape our choices.”

The company demonstrated this in a short video where first grade girls were asked to select a toy to play with. They were given a number of different options, but they all selected traditional ‘girl toys’ such a unicorn, a doll, a princess and a tea set. When asked why they didn’t choose the car, many of them dismissed the replica as a ‘boy’s toy.’

The girls were then shown the video featuring Rosqvist. After watching the clip, they no longer considered the car a ‘boy’s toy’ and started playing with it. Mercedes says this experiment “mirrors research suggesting that when young girls are exposed to strong positive messages about their gender, it helps to reduce the impact of stereotypes.”

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According to Mercedes-Benz USA general manager of marketing services, Mark Aikman, “Through Ewy’s story, we saw an opportunity to inspire young girls to ‘play outside the box’ and imagine all the different opportunities open to them without the restrictions of traditional stereotypes.” He went on to describe the program as a “tangible reminder for girls that there are no restrictions on their tomorrow.”

While Mercedes and Mattel will be giving away thousands of replicas, they will also be available to purchase at stores next year. Proceeds from the sale of the replica will be used to fund other cars which aim to inspire the next generation of women.


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  • europeon

    It was only a matter of time till the SJW regressives infected the automotive industry.

    • Six Thousand Times

      I guessed you’d be easily triggered by this one. Missed you whining about BMW Dubai.

      • europeon

        They censored my comments.

        • Six Thousand Times

          You gotta admit that we’d kinda heard you already.

        • Six Thousand Times

          And I’m not saying you weren’t wrong. “Look, here’s a green one!” How about one in purple?”

      • Dark Rebel

        Every self respecting Man should be tired of all this pandering going on these days. Its bad in the USA and its not better for my European brethren.

        • Alduin

          Introducing the all womens Tampax Pearl 500 nobody won the race because they all crashed.

        • Six Thousand Times

          You guys are such crybabies. Everything just hurts your little feelings.

    • Cobrajet

      If it makes women like more cars and not be drab sourpusses that hate fun & drive badly. I have no problem with it.

      • europeon

        Huh? Women LOVE cars. Look how the entire industry changed in the past years to accommodate their preferences. Crossovers with perfume dispensers and fashionable interiors, just to give an example.

  • Dark Rebel

    How about we allow people to grow up naturally and let them decide what they like. So what if boys tends to do X largely and girls tend to do Y largely. Besides Mercedes already caters most of their products to women these days with their bland round designs. Just my opinion but I prefer most of their products before 2014 because they were sharp and masculine.

    • Ben

      Because pandering to women is trendy right now. Notice how most commercials are filled with women, people talking about “women’s rights” on the news and apparently we men are disgusting pigs. Oh, what a time to be alive.

      • Dark Rebel

        Its been going on for a while my friend! Its just so annoying that almost every place now has this type of social pandering towards women because men have had it so easy over the ages. NOT

      • Alduin

        Without a man to procreate with there wouldn’t be any women around.

  • Kagan

    İn this days even boys need it!

  • kachuks

    How come girls always want to do what boys do? Doesn’t seem to go back the other way. Is our stuff better?

    • Ben

      Some people are scared of hard work, they want the respect of men, but don’t want to earn it. That’s a generalization, some women are about their business, but overall, many don’t want to work for it.

      Ask for more female CEOs, creates affirmative action to do so, doesn’t increase the amount of female owned businesses.

      Ask to be included in Hollywood, kicks males out of their franchises for female only cast (Fast and Furious, Ghost Busters, Ocean’s 8, etc)

      Complains about ‘toxic masculinity’, all female lead roles beat up men (Wonder Woman, Girl with the dragon tattoo, Battle Angel, Atomic Blond)

      Says they wish to stand on their own merit, rides the wave of male success (Batma’am, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, Jedi Rey)

      Says they’ve been excluded, starts female only race events, concerts, female only learn to code courses, etc

      Says male specific items or services are sexist, gets rid of Boy Scouts, complains to Pampers about male muppets on diapers, forces Kleenex to stop selling ‘man sized’ tissue boxes, yet tampon commercials, female shampoo commercials and makeup commercials, birth control commercials are rampant.

      Says classic Christmas song “its cold outside” is sexually offensive, has no problem with the wicked witch in Narnia being a child predator.

      These particular women see feminism as a free ride to get more stuff, clout, position, etc. On the other hand, there are women that work and hustle for everything they’ve earned, never been handed nothing.

      • Dark Rebel

        They just largely want to be at the top without doing work. I highly doubt women were complaining about not being forced to work making the great pyramids or the great wall of China. Did not hear about any equality back then. No sir. We only hear it now because all the hard work has been done by men and they want the A/C office jobs making the big bucks. So basically straight to the top. It would be one thing if they started from the bottom then worked their way up in LARGE numbers.
        Lets face it many western countries are basically for women now.

    • Cobrajet


    • Dark Rebel

      Short answer yes. Just look at all trends, sports, and hobbies that are popular. These were all largely created by men. Different groups of men I might add. Oftentimes women hate on these new groups but Men don’t care because we are going to do what we want anyways. For instance growing up, girls used to make fun of gamers. Now there are Gamer-girls. I could go on and on about it. Women ultimately do not like being excluded especially when others are having fun. On average they are more about being inclusive than the average man. Besides women largely don’t set the trends or innovate, they follow since the beginning of time. Nothing wrong with that it is just our nature and it is what it is.

    • europeon

      They don’t, and that’s perfectly fine. Just as boys don’t want to do what girls do. It’s hardcoded in our DNA. It doesn’t make girls better than boys or the other way round, just different, and equally valuable for the human race.

      It’s just some SJW heads that push for the equality of outcome and we end up with s**t like this.

    • Bill Nguyen

      Guys stuff have always been better… We can improve girl’s stuff too though. Just strap a rocket launcher onto Barbie’s Vette and we’re good!

  • TheAmerican2point0

    Did a study a couple years ago for one of my classes on something similar to this. It is natural for boys to go for wheeled toys, and natural for girls to go for dolls. Why are people trying to change this? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    • Cobrajet

      So to sell them more stuff. They can still play with their dolls. They already put them in toy houses, why not in cars too. Nothing will really change as long if it’s in pink or purple.

    • Dark Rebel

      Any person who is being honest who has witnessed young people growing up can attest to this. This has worked for ages and now people want to change nature. No wonder why there are so many problems when common sense is attacked with some type of “ism” word.

    • Rzrlf

      you literally would have to isolate children away form any gender norms since birth to prove this though

      • TheAmerican2point0

        Yeah… that’s what they did.

  • Cobrajet

    Good on them. If women don’t become car enthusiasts. Mediocrity will just prevail.

  • Cobrajet

    Does actually mean Mercedes will make toy cars.

  • Some ol’ bloke

    Hmmmmm. You Have to be careful about what you comment on this….

  • Exotics

    Not if they burn stinky toxic cavewomen era fossil fuels

  • Knotmyrealname

    Discrimination in the name of equality.

    • Dark Rebel

      Guess they need to like cars more now because it is not like women in the west have kids anymore these days. So they need to move them into their SUVs into cars.

  • Howfarr

    Funny how women need trinkets and inspiring to be passionate about cars…

    • Dark Rebel

      They need it for a whole lot of things really. Just look at all the programs designed for them to get them involved in [insert typical male hobby/field here].

  • EyalN

    Are they talking about women that are born as women or another gender?

  • Ben

    You’re looking at that from a male perspective. Maybe most girls aren’t interested in lights and rockets. Maybe she’s more interested in the Barbie house, the vacation home, the full barbie wardrobe, pink convertible and most importantly, the context behind it all. I remember my sister would literally have so much context behind her toys and why they had the vacation home and why certain barbie wasn’t friends with another. Why? Because that’s what women are better at then men.

    I was just the boy “flying” my toy F-16 around the house, landing on counter tops and imagining my balled up socks to be tanks I was bombing. I didn’t have a context of who was flying the jet, what was the war about, the plight of the people in the socks tanks, or anything remotely in-depth as girls do about dolls.

    Not everything needs to be neutral or the same. Genders specialize. That’s because everyone has a role to play. Can women do things a man can do? Sure and vice versa, but why not focus on what each does best? Men are more cut throat, competitive and usually enter jobs where that pays off. Women are more nurturing and patient, they enter jobs that take advantage of that.

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