Nissan GT-R “Custodian” Vows Next-Gen Will Be “What The Customers Want”

Nissan GT-R chief product specialist Hiroshi Tamura doesn’t appear to be in a rush to replace the current model and is the latest in a line of execs claiming that both electric and autonomous technologies could be featured in the Godzilla’s successor. That, however, is hardly news anymore.

Tamura-san is one of the men responsible for bringing the R35 GT-R to life, and during a recent interview with Digital Trends, he didn’t seem bothered by criticisms that the sports car is now rather long in the tooth.

“In 1989 we launched the car, R32 Skyline GT-R. Then the R33 Skyline GT-R, which started in 1995. Then we have the 1999 R34 Skyline GT-R. But they all used the same RB26 engine, twin-turbo, and all-wheel drive system. From 1989 to the end of 2002 – 13 years – we didn’t change anything about this platform except the wheelbase length. From 2007 [when the current-generation R35 GT-R launched overseas] to now is 13 years. So it’s not so long,” he said.

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Quizzed about the importance of developing all-new vehicles to incorporate new technologies, Tamura-san indicated that it all comes down to what customers want. If they want a high-performance EV, then that’s why that will get.

“It all depends on the customer’s voice. If a customer wants an EV, I say “why not?” But don’t write that Tamura-san said, “The next generation of sports cars will be EVs.” I didn’t say that, but why not study all of the solutions for customers? So if customers really want to have an EV, I will do that. If customers want an internal-combustion engine, I have to do that. I have to think about the customer’s voice, real customers. Meaning buyers. That’s it,” he stated.

Tamura-san is similarly open to incorporating self-driving technologies into forthcoming sports car models. According to him, autonomous systems could be used to drive a vehicle to a track before the owner takes over for a track day.

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  • sidewaysspin

    Code for won’t have any character of its own.

  • Lucius

    “autonomous systems could be used to drive a vehicle to a track before the owner takes over for a track day.”
    Uhh…if you can’t be bothered to drive your “sports car” to the track yourself, you aren’t the kind of person that would track a car in the first place. Why are manufacturers turning cars into Disney rides? Fast, but sterile…no involvement. What’s the point?

    • dolsh

      That’s the part that jumped out at me too. Why even bother?

  • Mr. EP9

    Yeah, whatever.

  • Six_Tymes

    Not as Heavy as the current. Maybe 200lbs less?

    • CBV2020

      I agree, he is very wise to follow the desires of those financially impacting Nissan with purchases of this model. It’s always interesting to read comments that are ignorant of the information provided in the related article. It could be understood that his choice is a great one. Besides, if the majority of people buying and driving the vehicle believe its the way to go after exeriencing the vehicle, what’s the value of the lesser and specifically onlookers?

    • Lucius

      The details you’re not considering:

      1) “what people desire” … Talented drivers desire the engagement of driving; NOT electrification, autonomy, “hero buttons” or any type of automated gear selection. Just as golfers desire to golf rather than have a gizmo that golf’s perfectly for them while they just stand there. The “sport” is in the doing.

      2) “direction of the automotive industry” … The industry, which is one of the most highly regulated in all the world, is largely directed by bureaucratic dictates. As such, we’re increasingly being offered what the bureaucracy wants us to have. Notice there are no subsidies for the cars the broadest sector of society wants, but there are subsidies galore (and in some places lane privileges) for the cars the bureaucracy wants us to have.

      3) More of “what people desire” … I work my tail off in real estate so I can have the privilege of owning 4-5 cars at a time. Mostly cool cars because I’m an enthusiast. I AM THE VERY PERSON HIROSHI TAMURA IS SOLICITING AN OPINION FROM!!!! I’m not negative…I’m the customer. My thoughts are exactly what he’s asking for!!!

      Mr Tamura, electrification, autonomy and whatnot are fine for a crossover. As for a sports car…if it does 0-60 in 1 second, has enough downforce to drive on the ceiling, tops out at over 300 MPH and does the 1/4 mile in 8 seconds flat…I DON’T CARE unless I’m interacting and engaged with it. Period.

  • Bash

    What does the costumers wants?! Hybrid?EV?Autonomous? please dont.

  • Ben

    How about you talk to the 370z’s “Custodian” and tell him to get back on the damn job!!

    • Matt

      No money for that…

    • SteersUright


  • Kendal Macer

    I’m surprised they would even think about adding things like that to a car like this. The people who love cars such as the GT-R most likely love driving. Why would we want a car that drives itself. I just think it’s time for a power boost and add carbon fiber to the alcantara steering wheel. I guess it’s also good he would listen to customers too

  • High Altitudes

    A hybrid like the Porsche 918 Spyder would be great but would price itself out of 90% of it’s market.

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