Only A Third Of New Toyota 86s In The US Were Sold With A Manual Last Year

Even though we love a crisp stick shift, we are fully aware that the manual transmission will go the way of the dodo. Which is inevitable, given the take rate of three-pedal cars against their automatic versions.

Toyota shared some interesting sales stats with Carbuzz, showing just how few manual models it sells in the USA. Some of them are less surprising than others, but the numbers show just how increasingly difficult it becomes for automakers to justify a manual option in their models.

The lowest take rate for manual transmissions in Toyota’s lineup belongs to the Corolla, at less than 1 percent. This means that out of the 280,000 Corollas sold in the US during 2018, less than 2,800 of them were ordered with a manual gearbox.

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“It’s not very high for the Corolla as a whole, but it is better if you just count the hatchback,” spokesperson Nancy Hubbell commented. Toyota offers the hatchback with a new six-speed unit and the take rate for that sits at 15 percent, but the sedan is by far the biggest seller between the two body styles.

Other Toyotas offered with a manual include the Tacoma and the Yaris, with just 5 percent of buyers dishing the auto. This is one of the reasons the company decided not to offer the 2020, Mazda-built Yaris hatchback with a manual option at all, and it makes perfect sense.

What doesn’t is the 86. The lightweight rear-wheel drive coupe has been praised by everyone for its fun-to-drive and genuinely involving character and comes with a sleek, and character-appropriate, six-speed manual. According to Toyota, though, only 33 percent of 86s sold last year were manuals. And that’s not a supermini of family saloon, but a sports car that’s aimed squarely at those who put driving thrills at the top of their list. Sure, Americans don’t really fancy a third pedal, but this is totally disappointing.

The manual transmission will be a thing of the past in the future, but when even in cars like this it is shunned by two thirds of its buyers, then that future could be much closer than we thought…

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2020 Toyota 86 Hakone Edition pictured

  • Bo Hanan

    Because girls (females/girly-men/ non-car enthusiast/dullards) do not like to shift.

  • Mr. EP9

    We all know the reason why the 86 isn’t selling well with a manual these days, it’s because the people buying them aren’t enthusiasts. Any interest this car had has died out some time ago and now it’s most likely being purchased by hair dressers or given to teenagers.

    • jesterking

      besides the styling, the 86 is pretty lame. It’s under-powered, and not at all functional as an every day driver. It’s comparable to the Miata, but I’d rather have a Miata… **Shudder**

  • Zandit75

    A third? That’s actually pretty impressive considering the whole market normally only shows about 10% of any particular model is sold in manual.

  • Dude

    That’s pretty good sales percentage wise but a little weird given the car. Though I’ve heard the AT isn’t too bad for how cheap the car and given the current trends it’s not surprising. I bet the MT sales percentage for the BRZ is higher.

    • MDL

      This exactly! No mention of sales numbers for BRZ. When I got my 2013 I had to wait 4 months for my MT to arrive from the plant in Japan. I don’t see many careless, impatient, american car buyers doing this with a Toyota, let alone a Scion. I personally do not even understand why the 86, brz, or frs are even offered in AT. It defeates the purpose of the car, to drive it! Alas, sales numbers drive everything.

      • Loquacious Borborygmus

        The Japanese love their autos too.

      • Dude

        If they didn’t offer an AT it wouldn’t sell at all and some people just don’t like MTs enough to get them. Plus it’s still a great car with the AT.

  • Jason Miller

    I’m curious how much this has to do with dealers (who purchase the cars initially from the manufacture) are just not equipping them with the MT so there are very few on lots for the public to purchase. This in turn creates low sales. Someone really wants the car but only the auto is available, they will tend to give in.

  • moosearebrave

    It’s a brand issue. The BRZ, over 2/3 sold are manual, same for the WRX.

    • jesterking

      It’s toyota trying to justify their Z4, I mean Supra, not having a manual option.

  • Toronado_II

    Crazy world…

  • FlameWater

    In Toronto your insurance basically goes up $1000 if you get a 2 door manual. Paddle shift is pretty much the next best thing.

    • haha no its not.

      not even close.

      • FlameWater

        So your insurance doesn’t go up?

        • jesterking

          its a driving tax. If you like to drive, you live with it. Paddles are lame, and not at all the same as a manual. The the contrast, my insurance dropped because I have a manual. Most likely due to the lower theft rate on manuals.

  • Lucius

    Toyota is really going out of their way to make excuses over the Supra’s lack of a manual.
    These days, 1 in 3 being a manual is pretty good and supports the fact they should remain available.

    • brn

      Agreed. I wouldn’t use the word ‘only’ to describe a 33% take rate on manuals. That’s a nice number.

  • AJ Schatz

    Why does anyone need to be a car enthusiast with a manual just to have a sporty car with a body style they like? What point is a manual for heavy stop n go traffic? Besides, the 86 auto has the manual paddle shifter option for when one wants to shift gears without bothering with a.clutch. Even your exotic sport cars have semi-auto manuals which practically feel automatic.Tired of car snobs telling people which car they should enjoy.

  • jesterking

    interesting. Now do the numbers for the WRX/STi, and ST/RS. I’ll wait.

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