Toyota Will Consider Manual Supra If Demand Is “Overwhelming”

Given it’s a shared project with BMW, no one really expected the Supra to be very different from the Z4.

The mechanicals and interior design are strong reminders the 2020 Supra has more genes from BMW than Toyota. To its credit, Toyota has managed to make the Supra look significantly different on the outside than the BMW Z4 Roadster but everything else could be described as a compromise. Would it have been better if Toyota didn’t bring back the Supra nameplate at all?

Of course not, but the car is getting mixed reactions from fans. For example, many enthusiasts are asking why there is no manual transmission option for the 2020 Supra. After all, its predecessor offered that.

Well, Toyota Supra chief engineer Tetsuya Tada says a manual transmission is still being considered for the A90. “If the mass market demand is there, it would be something that would have to be considered. It depends on the right timing,” Mr. Tada said at a roundtable with reporters at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

However, the engineer stressed it would only happen if there was “a persistent, overwhelming demand” for a manual transmission. Emphasis on “overwhelming”: a bunch of people whining on forums that the Supra needs a stick shift might not do the trick.

Tada-san added that he was “very satisfied” with the performance of the 2020 Supra’s standard eight-speed automatic. “It is completely different from any other automatic transmission that has been released,” Tetsuya Tada was quoted as saying by Auto Guide.

The chief engineer reminded journalists that manual transmission Supras have been in “test development phases.” While that’s a fact, previous reports said the manual was developed for right-hand-drive markets only, which would include countries such as Japan, the UK, Australia, and South Africa.

During the same discussion, Toyota North America’s Executive Vice President, Robert Carter, added that the company would respond to consumers. However, he did stress that sales of manual transmission cars are insignificant in North America.

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  • charlotteharry57

    So, for fun, let’s start counting the number of daily articles on the Supra. Go for at least a dozen!

  • D3X

    The amount of Supra news is already overwhelming(or underwhelming depending on what you’re looking at), and if you don’t do something more to appease the fans in more positive ways( like offering frickin manual transmission! ), this Supra Z4 BMW thing will be a dud.

    Funny how the FT-1 concept is shown, and that looks stunning, this is a shadow of that.

    It looks alright in white and silver and hides all the extra bulge.

  • ksegg

    I refuse to call this “thing” a Supra.

    The last Supra was the Mk. IV.

    To me this thing is forever the ALL NEW CELICA Z4.

  • Lucius

    Uhhh… there will hardly be any demand for this car at all. Especially after the first year. So how will they know if anyone wants a manual whereby they make their decision?

    • assassingtr

      There will be demand, trust me. Toyota isn’t stupid, they aren’t the worlds largest car company for a reason. For every person on the forum whos hating on it because x reasons, there is someone new to sports cars that will be into it.

      • anthony801

        Yep. Perusing the supramkv forums, it is overwhelmingly positive.

  • ErnieB

    It will be Suprasing if they sell enough to keep it around after 5 years.

  • GobbleUp

    Toyota will consider an immediate face lift of the car also if demand is overwhelming.

    • Da Only Skid

      Demand over 10-12 years for a new Supra led to this. Assuming demand for an MR-2 led to the MR2 pos of years gone buy. No car company cares about enthusiasts or customer input, it’s the bottom line. Hell, the Supra may end with the launch edition, LOL.

  • Kwikcilva

    It is completely different from any other automatic transmission that has been released? The only way to achieve this is to release the worst auto box ever else he can keep the blatant lie to himself. He can be satisfied with the performance but fans don’t want the manual due to performance. They have missed the point completely with this car, such a shame. This should have been the next gen gt-86

    • Da Only Skid

      Wait for the MkVI co-op with GAC. For my personal reasons, yes Toyota severely missed the mark and though not impossible, highly doubt a manual will ever show.

  • getoffme

    These so called “enthusiast” are pretty much a bunch of whiny haters who have no money to shell out. I get it, there is a Toyota badge on it. Haters gonna hate.

    • Kwikcilva

      not necessarily mate, I can only speak for myself but I was holding off on getting an M2 but looks like that is the way to go for a modern manual coupe after this let down

      • ksegg

        This was the let down of the century, next to the NSX.

    • ksegg

      This seems to be a bizarre blanket statement made by various people I’ve seen so far on here.

      Why do so many people here make the false assumption the ones who dislike this new Celica Z4 have no money to spend on an enthusiasts car?

      • getoffme

        And your false assumptions about this product are for real? Hypocrite much? Swallow it.

        • ksegg

          Dude. Take a look around. Do you see a ton of praise for this car?

          It’s almost unanimously negative because this product took way too long to get to market, was dragged on for years, and was a massive disappointment for people who were actually looking forward to it.

          • getoffme

            “almost unanimously negative”- Oh I can not wait for sources on your BS claim.

            So you want a Supra with a V8 engine in a HEAVY platform and at the same time charge you more than it should. Since when a Supra had a V8 again?

            You just basically said that you are NOT in the market for one of these and a Supra you hope to want is really not a Supra. Good job whiner!

          • ksegg

            Go buy a Supra and enjoy it. You seem to be its biggest fan.

          • getoffme

            Oh It is definitely in my short list and nope, it did not matter Toyota called it a Supra.

  • Shahul Usman

    its a bmw and bmw makes the vastly superior M2 competition w/ a manual if you want or a DCT for around the same price and gets discounts vs paying more for this and maybe markups..

    • Kwikcilva

      exactly as you said, furthermore BMW just revised the tech specs for the z4 m40i and it does 0-62mph in 3.9 secs. Faster than the Supra! Ouch! What is the appeal for the Supra now?

      • getoffme

        You are just another a reason why people are driving more SUVs nowadays. Whine some more please.

        • Kwikcilva

          haha, how does this translate to people driving SUVs? If you didn’t know, the z4 m40i is a convertible and the M2 is a coupe. Maybe you should understand better why enthusiasts are complaining.

          • getoffme

            Way to edit your post. Whine some more, why don’t you?

  • Blade t

    They need to see how many people are willing to pay 55k for this car first. .

    • Kyle Newberry

      Well that’s the launch edition. People will buy it, otherwise it’s under 50k. It’s far nicer and up to date than the 370Z. Cheaper than a M2, Z4 with the 6, and legit looks likes a sport car. I think the TRD/Gazoo version will be the same specs as the Z4 top of the line one. Then maybe the active aero we saw on the FT-1 with the wing. How is having a very capable sport car a bad thing?

      People will hate it because we are negative people.

      • Blade t

        I actually have no hate towards this car. I just really dislike that Toyota wants to rebadge a z4 and say it’s the new supra. .

        • Krisnadi Imam

          i hate the looks of it… i thought nsx redesign was bad, this was way worse…the shape of it needs to exorcised… exorcised with fire, mountain load of molten lava probably would do the job

    • Bo Hanan

      The idea it was designed without a manual just seems stupid in a sports car.

  • baofe

    weird flex but ok

  • BlackPegasus

    BREAKING: Toyota will consider renaming it the “Celica” if demand is strong enough.


    • Krisnadi Imam

      they will rename it back to BMW if enough demands it

  • assassingtr

    I think both arguments are dumb. It’s a new sports car, glad to have it. More options the better for consumers, don’t like it? There are 5 more in that price bracket to choose from. Enough with the bitching.

    • getoffme

      Exactly. The so called “enthusiasts” are bitches nowadays. Thank you, someone actually said it.

  • assassingtr

    That’s like saying RedBull F1 when they were champions if they really wanted to win all these years would of built their own engines. They won many years in partnership with Renault. I know the bubble of these auto news sites of older more conservative buyers/readers probably hate on it more but I’m seeing a lot of positivity in other areas (Like the aforementioned supra forums) I think the price is good and if the performance is good people will buy it. Personally to me, the 370z not so great looking car subjectively yet, performance is solid and there is a good base for it.

    Hell, people buy Hyundai Genesis coupes. Just be happy there’s another sports car on the market for consumers.

    • Lucius

      Bad analogy…a racing team on a budget is not analogous to a mega-corp making decisions they know aren’t likely to be profitable.

      At $40-45k with a manual, this car is on my radar. But it manages to be on almost nobody’s radar…

      Too expensive for the young
      No manual for the purist
      No Toyota reliability
      Too cramped for the old
      Mid-pack performance

      Instead of making a car that impresses everybody, they made a car that disappoints everybody. Though I suspect you’ll disagree…

  • Giziclown

    There won’t be a big demand, sadly.

  • Trackhacker

    Auto fail.

  • BlueCorsair

    About to retire my Mazda RX8 and definitely looking for a replacement. I was excited about the new Supra, but if there is no stick shift then it is a no go for me.

  • agent_rock

    No manual transmission? Why bother? Next!

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