Police In Nebraska Still Have A 1993 Ford Mustang SSP In Service

While many police forces across the United States use boring Ford Explorers and Dodges, the Nebraska State Patrol has a stunning 1993 Ford Mustang SSP in its fleet and continues to use it.

An image of the car was shared on Facebook and according to the Nebraska State Patrol, it is driven by a trooper and is in service. While it is primarily used by parades, shows, and school visits, it does occasionally go out on patrol and is pictured with a Dodge Charger Pursuit and a Hyundai Sonata.

The Foxbody Mustang Special Service Package (SSP) was built by Ford between 1982 and 1993 as a high-speed pursuit vehicle. The car was fitted with a Windsor V8 engine delivering 225 hp and 275 lb-ft (372 Nm) of torque. Those figures may not seem like much today but at the time, the Mustang SSP was promoted as chasing “Porsches for a living.”

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The Mustang SSP was differentiated from the 5.0 Mustang it was based around thanks to its new oil and transmission coolers, strengthened floor pans, heavy-duty alternators, 8.8 rear end, beefed-up suspension components and a top speed exceeding 140 mph (225 km/h). While the Nebraska State Patrol probably no longer uses the car for police chases, the car would probably keep up with most criminals in 2019.

Ford built approximately 15,000 examples of the Mustang SSP and ever since production ended, the cars have become sought-after collectors’ items. While it’s unclear how much the Nebraska State Patrol’s example is worth, it could probably make quite a lot of money if it ever decided to sell it.

  • Six_Tymes

    amazing how long those last. I still see them on the road once in while where I live.

  • performante

    Looks like it’s in good shape. Once the drivetrain gives up, LS swap that boy!

    • Jason Miller


      • performante


        • Mr. EP9

          No. Keep it a Ford.

          • performante

            Nah. LS swap the world.

    • KAG25

      He that car looks good, lets stick a crappy motor in it because you can’t figure out how to tune the original motor.

      • performante

        >Crappy motor.

        You’re either extremely ignorant, or a Ford fan boy. I’d believe either.

        • KAG25

          you really can’t modify motors, all you can do is put a Chevy motor in it, does you truck have a ton of go fast stickers also

    • disqus_CRkG23jjbo

      yea lets put in a motor that is no better than a boat anchor and sounds like crap.

  • Robert Eller

    I don’t see why GM, Ford, and FCA don’t market their muscle coupes as police options for highway patrol.

    • Christian

      OMG… Gasseathing V8’s… Destroying our earth… Think for once… This is way they use the ecooboost engine…

    • TheAmerican2point0

      FCA does. California has dodge chargers. Too bad they have the v6 though. Really slow with all the police equipment

  • LJ

    The LX 5.0 notchback was always one of my favorite Mustangs as a teenager.

  • jacquelin

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  • kachuks

    Even the lightbar looks original.

  • KAG25

    Looks clean in that picture for a 1993 car

  • SP1966

    Google Seal Beach Police Saleen Mustang, they’ve had a couple and they’re awesome!

  • SteersUright

    Nostalgic, but damn, that is like the least good looking Foxbody I’ve seen. The hatchbacks were better looking.

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