Driver Speeding Down Highway Shoulder Gets A Slice Of Police-Flavored Karma

Highway shoulders serve a number of important purposes, none more so than acting as a space where damaged vehicles can pull over in the event of an emergency without disrupting traffic.

However, some impatient drivers believe they can use highway shoulders to skip through traffic, just like this driver.

We’re not sure where in the United States this video was filmed but it shows a black SUV, which appears to be a Hyundai Tucson, speeding along the highway shoulder as traffic ahead starts to bank up. Not only is driving on the shoulder like this exceptionally dangerous but it is also illegal, as the Hyundai motorist soon found out.

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Shortly after coming into view on the shoulder, the Hyundai driver slams on the brakes and quickly merges back into traffic. It’s initially unclear why the driver did this but it becomes obvious just a few seconds later as a white Chevrolet Suburban police cruiser comes into view. The officer quickly turns on their lights and pulls over the Hyundai driver, making for a truly hilarious video made even funnier by the laugh of the driver with the dashcam.

As readers of Carscoops should know, we love watching videos of drivers being served their fair share of karma and this clip is just the latest example of how drivers often run the gauntlet and risk being caught whenever doing something illegal or a little dim-witted.


  • DetrinKD

    Ha! That’s literally along my daily route to/from work! I can’t stand left lane squatters and hate traffic, but shooting down the shoulder like that is just crazy! That woulda made my day to see them get pulled over! Lol

  • Chandrasiri

    Based on the GPS coordinates displayed in the video it is Rt 10 west of Houston, TX.

    • DetrinKD

      Its Beltway 8/Sam Houston Tollway on the west side near the I-10 interchange.

  • Escalade Navy✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Quickest way for me to commit suicide at listening to that music for 2 minutes. I cannot deal!

  • Jorge Acosta

    Amazing how many of this videos are from Houston or Texas for that matter…

  • Socarboy

    Typical, I see moronic behavior on the roads like this all the time. I say “where’s a cop when you need one” this time the idiot was caught red handed.

  • Ron

    Always a Hyundai. They are the worst drivers on the road, but why?

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