Porsche Cayman Driver Trolls BMW Owners With M 318i Badges

The Cayman is not just a Porsche, with all the status that exudes, but also one of the best-balanced sports cars on the market. Apparently, a few owners do like to take a dig at other German car owners, and in particular wannabes.

This photo was recently posted on Reddit and shows a red Cayman waiting at a traffic light. Initially, it appears to be just an ordinary, non-S model, but a closer look shows that the Porsche badge has been replaced with a BMW one and that both an M and 318i logo have been affixed to its derriere.

Taken on face value, this might seem strange. However, as a number of users on Reddit have noted, the owner of this Cayman is simply making fun of BMW drivers who affix their normal models with M badges.

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No matter where you live in the world, we’re willing to bet that at some stage you’ve seen a 3-Series with an M badge and other fake M accessories. It happens all too often and quite frankly, is pretty embarrassing. It’s also not uncommon for many Mercedes-Benz drivers to stick AMG badges onto their non-AMG vehicles as a way to suggest they have a more impressive car than they really do.

While we appreciate the joke the Cayman driver is trying to make, we probably wouldn’t put BMW badges on a Porsche though…

  • salamOOn

    new zealand (?)

    • Craig Berry

      yes indeed NZ

  • Six_Tymes

    at least caymans don’t have canted drivers seats. lol

    • Bash

      Oh please.

    • ksegg

      lol, I feel like you’ve been seriously mentally scarred by “canted seats”.

  • Adam

    The Cayman driver taking a joke on BMW driver but he became the joke himself.


  • Couldn’t find a 316i badge…

    Nice touch of humor but on a Porsche, a high end sports car (even its entry model)… needless, pointless.

  • Bo Hanan
  • Major Lee Gassole

    I’ve never really noticed it until now, but that is a hideous rear end. It looks like a VW Beetle that’s been squashed.

  • Smith

    How stupid can you get. But it doesn’t look like a southern US license plate!

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