Tesla’s Latest Model 3 Has A Range Of Just 93 Miles – But There’s A Catch

Electric vehicles incentives are a hot button issue as some critics claim they unfairly benefit the wealthy.

Canada tried to level the playing field by requiring electric vehicles with six or less seats to have a base price lower than $45,000 CAD in order to be eligible for a $5,000 CAD incentive. That’s pretty restrictive, but the program also allowed these vehicles to be offered in higher trims costing up to $55,000 CAD without losing the incentive.

While the rules were designed to prevent luxury car buyers from taking advantage of the incentive, Electrek discovered Tesla found a way to effectively circumvent them. As they noticed, the company has quietly introduced an entry-level Model 3 that starts at $44,999 CAD and has a “software-locked” range of just 93 miles (150 km).

The range is pathetic by today’s standards, but that’s not the point and Tesla doesn’t want anyone to actually buy the car. Since it starts at $44,999 CAD, it makes the more expensive Model 3 Standard Range Plus eligible for the $5,000 CAD incentive even though it starts at $53,700 CAD. It delivers a more traditional Tesla experience as it has an estimated range of 240 miles (386 km).

In an apparent effort to ensure customers don’t ‘accidentally’ order the wrong car, the 93 mile (150 km) variant is only available for purchase at dealerships. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus, on the other hand, can be ordered online and is shown on the company’s Canadian configurator.

The move will probably anger politicians who crafted the rules, but it’s totally legit. It also helps consumers as they can now get a $5,000 CAD incentive to purchase a Model 3.

  • robotlogic

    Canadian politicians thought they were going to outsmart a billionaire businessman, now that’s funny!
    This another good example for why each Canadian dollar is only worth 74 US cents!

    • D3X

      Guess all that smarts can dig you all out of the $22 Trillion debt eventually.

      • robotlogic

        Yep, and yet it’s the Canadian dollar that’s only worth 74 cents US how odd.

        • Smith

          You must be an economics professor. Why go on about the value of the US dollar, when the country is a laughing stock of Canada and he rest of the world. Just relax.

          • robotlogic

            And what exactly does Canada have to be proud of?? Let me see, Innovators?? No, Manufacturing?? No, Technology?? Nope, Space?? Naaaa, Powerful armed forces?? Not even close. Wait!! Maple Syrup, Lumber and Purple Haired pot buds. Great job guys!!

          • iddqd

            chill, without the petrodollar power grip on the world, only defended by illegal and sadistic invasions of about ANY country holding petrol ressources, the US of A would be a third world country.

          • Toronado_II

            Sea-doo, Ski-doo and Bombardier C-Series. All innovatives products !

          • robotlogic

            That was 30 years ago. What have they done lately????

          • Toronado_II

            C-Series is brand new ! Sea-doo and Ski-doo improve their product and put some new innovation each time they launch a new model. They lead their market.

        • D3X

          remind me why 74 Cents has any significance to this article?

    • Smith

      Are you referring to Elon when you say billionaire businessman, you are joking, right? And you are from the country where they voted in the “smartest” President in the country’s history, and that’s outsmarting yourselves.

      • robotlogic

        Yeah, the guy that owns SpaceX that Elon. Oh by the way how is Canada’s space program doing???? Oh, yeah ehh, you don’t have one.


  • salamOOn


    • Six_Tymes

      thanks Hillary for that lesson that many follow. Obama isnt far behind

      • Smith

        Wow, another smart American voter, this is why you have the dumbest President in history!

        • We all thought Bush was the leader in this field…

      • Enter Ranting

        Still can’t stop thinking about Hillary, huh? Maybe it’s time you sought professional help.

    • Another example of government legislation having no grip with reality. Are you seriously saying that a Hyundai SUV with lower range should get incentive but a longer range more efficient sedan shouldn’t? This is just plain stupidity, that Tesla is rightfully trying to correct.

      • TRB0T0Y

        The lower range Hyundai is more likely to be bought by an environmentally-minded family, who’s maybe stretching their wallet to get an electric vehicle. That family genuinely needs the tax break.
        The person who least needs the tax incentive? Stephan Skinnyjeans in his ‘it’ car Tesla. He’s just buying it to be cool and flip through Instatwitter continuously without paying attention. It is absolutle nonsense to think tax payers/government should subsidize his luxury Tesla purchase by affording him a tax break.

  • Kash

    I’m gonna laugh if they decide to enact a stipulation requiring a percentage of the sales be of qualifying trim levels to private parties. That would be the best way to do the incentive.

  • danno

    If it wasn’t for the Clean air EV credits paid to Tesla by other car manufacturers, Tesla would have lost $1.1 Billion.

  • danno

    Say after me…”Mueller report”.
    Time for a therapy session?

  • William Maxwell McKinley

    The range is only “pathetic” because Tesla set the standard for and advanced electric vehicle ranges so much that other manufacturers were forced to catch up. Tesla set the bar for other manufacturers to follow regarding range, if Tesla hadn’t done it, we probably would still have *only* the Nissan Leaf with 83 miles of range. Look at the big picture.

    • Matt

      Uh… nobody said Tesla aren’t the leaders in long-range EVs. This article is about using a loophole to circumvent legislation, that’s the ‘big picture’ here. We all understood the article and didn’t need to hear an essay on the brilliance of Tesla.

    • getoffme

      A ford F 150 has 600 miles of range. Tesla is so behind.

    • Sadaharu

      At 44999 dollars I cannot think of anything less pathetic with 90mi range.

  • Bash

    Those smart a$$ Lawyers and law benders that musk pays large amounts are sure can come in handy!

  • TRB0T0Y

    Looks like Tesla is taking a page from the ol’ UBER playbook. Government regulations getting in your way? No worries ‘Lon! Tesla can find crafty ways around laws, or simply feel above the law, just like UBER.

  • Sadaharu

    “prevent luxury car buyers from taking advantage of the incentive”

    Yeah ‘cuz a presumably rich $140000 car buyer cares $5000 of incentive more than anything. Sounds right.

  • Jason Clairmonte

    Guys and gals, if a company can maximize it’s sales in a given market by making a slight alteration in its strategy to give it any conceivable advantage in selling it’s products and services, are you telling me it shouldn’t? If there’s a way to attract the incentive, and it makes business sense and does not compromise the brand, product or service offering to the customer in any way whatsoever, but actually BENEFITS the customer, please tell me why Tesla should not attempt to use it!!!!

  • Sovereignty

    Stupid tax breaks for stupid cars. No wonder Elon and Trudeau are involved.

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