Tesla’s Norway Success Proves To Be A Double-Edged Sword

Tesla has been reportedly fakking victim to its own success in Norway, showing signs of not being able to scale up its local operations to match the increased demand there.

Bloomberg reports that Norwegian customers have started complaining about bad service as a result. The recent sales boom of the Model 3 is proving troublesome for Tesla, as it became the car maker with the most consumer disputes per car in Norway.

The total number of complaints is likely to rise this year due to many Model 3s being delivered with dents and sloppy paint jobs, always according to Norway’s consumer watchdog.

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However, the ratio of complaints per vehicle is expected to drop as the number of Teslas in the country has increased by more than 25 percent, to almost 40,000 vehicles so far this year.

Tesla has acknowledged the problems but also pointed to a recent survey saying that its customers are overall satisfied. The car maker has already doubled its customer service staff and is opening new service centers, runs double shifts and offers mobile services.


Norway’s consumer watchdog has taken 51 disputes between Tesla and its customers so far this year, meaning that the annual total will most likely exceed the 86 cases registered last year.

Most of this year’s complaints are related to small issues on the Tesla Model 3, showing that the car maker is still facing capacity problems, according to Thomas Iversen, a senior legal adviser at Norway’s Consumer Council.

“There’s a lot of small things that Tesla isn’t able to resolve and that creates frustration,” he said.

Satheesh Varadharajan, president of the Tesla Owners Club Norway, also said that the company rushed to deliver on its targets for the year, leading to issues like poor paint jobs, scratches and dents on some Model 3s.

There might have been some haste in completion and inspections from Tesla’s side,” he said. “They’re very focused on meeting their delivery targets. But that can unfortunately come at the expense of quality.”

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  • Zandit75

    Just another nail in the coffin showing that they are fakked!!!

    • Exotics

      Oh yeah. Bankwupt 2019. Just like every year prior. Bankwuptcy in 2020 as well

      • Zandit75

        Re-read the first sentence in the article…..

        • exeptor

          This sounds like e temporary issue. I guess in less than a month all will be fixed. Plus – the complains are not that the cars are undrivable or the range doesn’t match the official numbers, but small things (I guess that the actual cases of dents and scratches are bigger, but most of the customers doesn’t really bother). As stated in the comment above – we are 2019, so bankrupt 2019, then 2020, 2021, 2022, etc. Tesla will probably goes down only when someone creates mass produced evs with at least the same range, same charging time, lower prices, same tech, faster production, better charging network, better referral program, etc. Till then it will be backed every time when it looks like it goes down.

          • Zandit75

            I’m sorry, but when I’m receiving my BRAND NEW car, I will not accept any blemishes, poor paint work, or any other issue for that matter. That is ridiculous to even suggest that this is acceptable, regardless of brand.
            Fix the issues at the factory floor first, and watch the rest of the process take care of itself.

      • Jason Clairmonte


    • Haven’t heard this yet!

  • Mr. EP9

    What does fakking mean?

    • Exotics


    • McFly

      I totally don’t get that first sentence.

    • LouInPA



    • PhilMcGraw

      While I do think they’re innovative, I also believe they’re overhyped in certain circles.

      For example, you mentioned on the other article about how bland the Kia SUV concept interior was but have you seen how bland a Model 3 interior is? It’s just one giant tablet stuck to the dashboard. Now for some people that’s seen as beautiful but for others they would rather there be buttons for climate controls or volume controls. Sometimes I think Tesla tries to change everything, even the stuff that doesn’t need to change.

      Also how innovative is it that the new Model Y is just a lifted up Model 3 that shares about 85% of the parts? Or that the Model S has the same look to it for the past 10 years?

      I do think they’ve done great things with the autopilot and are the EV leader, but I do think the hype is a little overboard.

      • Exotics

        Model 3 interior is absolutely perfect. True minimalism. I can tell you are afraid of change and are comfortable in your ways. Typical human tendency. No unnecessary things in the Model 3. Everything you’ve ever had is gone. All those garbage buttons and knobs, all gone caveman. Those are ancient relics that are no longer necessary. The screen is all you need and is stunning.

        The Ultra White interior option in the Model 3 is the most stunning interior I’ve ever seen in a vehicle. It is designed after SpaceX’s Dragon V2 interior. True simplicity and is space age.

        A cars interior designed after a spaceship. Model 3 is a ground based rocket to drive on Earth using sustainable energy. There is nothing better.

        • Shobin Drogan

          You lost me at “Model 3’s interior is absolutely perfect”

        • Matt

          You can love the brand, but you are a certified cultist.

      • Harry_Wild

        Model S was released in 2012!

        • PhilMcGraw

          It was announced in 2009. Hence it having a 10 year old design.

          Just because deliveries happened in 2012 doesn’t mean that counts as when the design was first seen.

          Even if you count it as being released in 2012, that’s still 7 years with no redesign for a company that lauds being “innovative”.

  • europeon

    Tesla has been reportedly fakking victim


  • Exotics

    Carpoops loves a Tesla article. They get satisfaction talking down on the most innovative American company company.

    Everyone is afraid of the disruptor. But your digital text articles don’t do anything to change the amazing product which exists and is taking over the road.


  • Mike Sinyaboot ©

    It is well known that Tesla has had issues with Model 3 production and quality control. These issues have been consistently improving as Tesla has ramped up production. That being said, 51 disputes for sales of 40,000, or 0.13%, does not seem very significant. I would like to see the numbers from other automakers to see how Tesla compares. I have always been fairly critical of Tesla but I just don’t think a tenth of a percent of vehicles is anything to worry about.

  • arnita

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  • Fukking?

  • DanSemering

    Tesla is new to the game …scaling is Europe is hard since there is no factory here. They are trend setter for sure but would I buy a car from them right now ….no…I will wait few more years till they figure it out . 35k for a car that you can’t get service within 2000 miles…

  • Harry_Wild

    Love Model 3 instrument cluster gauges display! Tesla is rumor to make all their cars have that type of dash and center stack! LOL!

  • Enter Ranting

    Worst car interior in automotive history.

    • Thando_Gqabaza

      Yes , but don’t tell the Californians

      • helloWorld

        i am a california and I agree. other than hype, I don’t get the appeal for these monstrosities

    • alexxx

      Yep…1st 2nd and 3rd place

  • Jason Clairmonte

    This is clearly a big ‘fakking’ problem. Anyone think they know what the ‘fak’ they’re gonna do?

  • Peter Bota

    Don’t worry tesla will be broke by end of the year. Maybe a company that actually knows how to build cars will buy them

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