Tesla Sold A Record 4,600 Model 3s In Norway Just This Month

The Tesla Model 3 hasn’t just been a hit in the United States since deliveries kicked off but it is also proving to be particularly popular across Europe too, as recent numbers show. But the country that’s definitely in love with Tesla’s baby EV is none other than Norway.

Sales details reveal 4,609 units of the Tesla Model 3 have been delivered so far across the country just this month (through Mar 29), with 792 being sold in February, according to Teslastats.

Norway has been lapping up electric vehicles so much so that in 2018, one-third of new cars sold across the country were EVs. The Nissan Leaf was the best-selling car in the North European last year, shifting 12,303 units, but it seems likely that the Tesla Model 3 will breeze past that figure this year and, if demand continues at that rate, it could prove to be 2019’s overall best-seller.

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The Model 3 isn’t Tesla’s only popular model currently on sale in Norway as in March, approximately 400 units of the Model S and Model X were delivered.

These impressive delivery figures will play a significant role in helping the electric car manufacturer achieve its delivery goals for Q1 2019. Earlier this month, Elon Musk emailed all Tesla employees asking them to prioritize vehicle deliveries. The automaker revealed it wanted to deliver 30,000 vehicles globally in the final 15 days of the month.

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  • realjjj

    As of right now, there are some 4.6k Model 3 registrations in March in Norway and some 800 from before. March will reach about 5k Model 3 units in Norway alone.

    • danno

      All paid for by taxpayer subsidies on borrowed money. Norway is in deficit now – right?

      • I see you have no idea about Norway.

      • realjjj

        The way you talk, total lack of respect for self, others and facts, you must be American/

        In the US, a Model 3 base at $35k without factoring in any tax credits, is as cheap to own as a $22k mind-size ICE sedan competitor so cars like Accord or Camry. While Model 3 is a much better car, better performance, technology, safer and the list is long.
        The fact that some people are not sufficiently educated to know how to buy a car, that is unfortunate.
        Your primitive and irrational emotion driven behavior is not exactly great either.This is how racism works too and it is typical for cowards, afraid of new, afraid of change.

  • Bash

    Don’t they know anything about China latest EV offerings. Li Xiam and all others!!

  • Kagan

    I hope most people by now know that it is tax incentives that keeps sales going in Norway!

    • McFly

      True, but a Tesla is probably still cheaper in the USA than in Norway.

      • danno

        What isn’t cheaper in the US than in Norway?

        • McFly

          Education and health care, probably. 🙂

          • Super Rob

            Only costs 70% off your salary for the rest of your life.

          • MarketAndChurch

            Yeah but its free because of free oil money. We have free oil off the coast of California but nobody’s going to let us drill in those waters.

  • mist

    March 2019 sales in Norway
    Audi E-tron 638
    Jaguar I Pace 404
    Tesla model x 309

    • Daniela Wolf

      Woe the E-tron rocks it’s segment.

      May I ask u for the source?^^

      • mist

        elbilstatistikk . no


  • Arthur Burnside

    This sounds like it came straight from Tesla’s PR dept. Tesla did NOT sell those cars this month, They went to Norwegians on Tesla’s Model 3 waiting list, people who bought the cars mostly years ago. These are NOT sustainable sales – wait until all of the Norwegians on the waiting list have had their cars delivered. THEN, and only then, will you have a clue as to how may Model 3 cars Tesla can sell in a month in Norway. This is not rocket science, people. Articles like this mislead stock investors into making really dumb moves.

    • stockinbug

      …Tesla did NOT sell those cars this month, They went to Norwegians on Tesla’s Model 3 waiting list…

      What on earth are you talking about?? A waiting list is the equivalent of people lined up outside a store, waiting to get in. They didn’t buy their product while waiting in line. They buy when the doors open and they go inside.

      A sale, since you don’t seem to know this, is when money is exchanged and a car is delivered. Nobody has to buy a car to be on a waiting list!! That’s not how it works. They are waiting for their turn to order.

      These same people would still be buying cars if the waiting list never existed!!!

      The “doors opened” for Model 3 a long time ago. And Tesla has been selling “off list” since at least last summer.

    • Jørn-tommy Skjellnes

      im norwegian , and yes this is cars registred on road in norway, my cusin got his car 2 day ago. The norwegian waitinglist is 30-40000 Tesla model 3. so in 2019 Tesla could easy sold around 50000 model 3 in a year in Norway.

    • jmrd

      With the generally amazing review given by its owners, ¿what do you think will happen when others get in contact with the Model 3, and when the standard version became available?. People who think that there is no demand, forget how great the product is.

  • Mr. EP9

    Given how Norway gives free charging, parking, and other generous benefits for EVs is that a surprise?

    • jmrd

      sure, those benefits applies to all brands and EVs. The news here is how the Model 3 is performing

      • Nick099

        No, they tax the snot out of ICE engine cars.

    • Nick099

      True and that Norway’s main source of revenue is petro dollars.

      • MarketAndChurch

        Maybe most of Scandinavia’s free money is petro dollars.

        • Nick099

          Not sure how many nations lay claim. It has to do with ownership of the North Sea and the oil found there. They are rolling in cash.

  • MarketAndChurch

    Norway was already a given. I hope the Model 3 conquers Germany EV sales. That would be quite the feat.

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